Seantrel Henderson Officially Visiting

The USC weekend has been shaping up to be a big recruiting for a while, and it just got even bigger now that the #1 offensive line recruit in the country, Seantrel Henderson, is most likely visiting for the weekend as well.

Bill Kuerlic reported on Monday that Henderson had selected his five official visits and the top ranked tackle is looking to visit South Bend when USC comes into town for the Ocotober 17th showdown.

“I definitely know his five official visits,” Sean Henderson said. “He will visit Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida, USC and Notre Dame.

“So far he has Ohio State Sept. 12. Notre Dame will probably be Oct. 17. And USC is Nov. 28 tentatively.”

Seantrel will visit Ohio State the weekend the Buckeyes play USC. Oct. 17 is the weekend the Irish take on USC. The weekend of Nov. 28 the Trojans play UCLA.

For a while it seemed like the Irish were out of the running for Henderson making Monday’s report for Kuerlic excellent news for Notre Dame.  Notre Dame currently only has one offensive line commitment – Christian Lombard – and is need of signing a true left tackle.  Henderson would more than fit the bill.

The bad news here is that Henderson will be seeing USC in person at least four times – against Notre Dame, UCLA, and Ohio State on top of his official visit to Southern Cal.  Now, if Notre Dame were to say beat USC when they come to town they’ll give Henderson plenty to think about.

Notre Dame is going to have to put a strong product on the field in order to close on recruits like Henderson and it looks like Weis is putting a lot of his eggs in the USC weekend basket this year.

Some of the other uncommitted recruits visiting for the USC game are Devon Carrington (S), Joshua Shaw (CB), James Stone (OT), Cody Riggs (CB), and Gio Bernard (RB).

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  1. Lets not sell ourselves short yet. He may see U$C a few times… But,this guy is going to want to play. Between Sam Young and Paul Duncan being seniors, this guy could start soon.. He is allready a big guy. He is just going to get bigger as well… Look how soon Trevor Robinson started. We just have stay positive about this season and get behind our team and our coaches. A solid year WILL bring solid recruits. Look at Manti, and the coaching staff got Chris Martin for this year on D.. THESE THINGS CAN HAPPEN! And that was with a less then satisfactory year.. With this team, Notre Dame can be a power house this year.. Last but not least MARK MAY SUCKS.
    Keith in Omaha

    1. I try not to get too tied up in recruiting, at least until we’re closer to signing day. High school kids change their minds all the time, and who knows what they could be thinking 6 months from now.

      I’ll keep hope until he commits somewhere else.

  2. Slight correction – he’ll see USC 3x, not 4x. The USC-UCLA game is during his official visit to USC. He’s not (officially) visiting UCLA.

  3. Michael Floyd and Seantrel Henderson are good friends…both have said so. But I don’t think the fact that Floyd is already at ND will impact Henderson at all. CDH has been a nice pipeline of sorts for us in the past (Michael Floyd, Matt Carufel, Ryan Harris, Raeshon Powers-Neal), but their coach recently left the program for a job with the CFL…and he was a major ND supporter.

    I think Henderson is going to wind up either in LA with the hated Trojans, or he’ll remain at home with Minnesota (Brewster is quietly putting together a nice program).

    …if we do somehow manage to land him, he very well may start as a freshman (a la Sam Young).

  4. Great news, and added motivation to beat USC.

    Are Floyd and Henderson friends? If not, I can’t imagine the fact that they went to the same HS will have any bearing on Henderson’s decision.

    1. yea Sean said himself he considers Floyd one of his best friends even though he said that has nothing to do when he decides a school but i have a hard time believing that

      1. If they really are close friends, I can’t imagine it not having an impact. We’ll see.

  5. I hope Floyd can have a positive affect on Henderson, and I certainly hope the Irish can land this player. However, I have to wonder about him identifying three games for official visits which have USC as one of the teams. I don’t believe that bodes well for anyone other than USC. Combine that with the fact that USC will be his last official visit, and again the cards would appear to be stacked for USC. Let us hope the Buckeyes and our Irish can stick two losses on the Trojans.

  6. I think Micheal Floyd came from the same High school(Cretin Derham Hall)in
    Saint Paul Minn. And maybe one ot two others. Can’t remember for sure. Hopefully these guys will make Seantrel feel right at home and help purseude him to join the Irish.

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