Month: June 2010

  • Here Come the Irish 2010

    This year’s edition of Here Come the Irish is hitting newsstands in early July and once again delivers the best Notre Dame season preview on the market. I was lucky…

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  • Some Recruiting Catch-up

    A lot has happened in the world of Notre Dame recruiting over the last 10 days. Unfortunately I picked a really bad time to get pretty busy and we’ve fallen…

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  • Irish Stewed: Waking Up the Echoes and Shutting Up the Idiots

    Chicago Tribune sportswriter David Haugh recently penned an almost obscenely ill-informed editorial on Notre Dame football that I feel requires a slightly more informed response. His article rehashes the same…

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  • Thank You Texas

    The University of Texas announced on Monday that they would be staying in the Big 12 after flirting with leaving the conference for the Pac 10 last week.  Oklahoma, Texas…

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  • Big 12 Making Last Stand

    ESPN reported on Sunday that the Big 12 is making a final stand by trying to convince Texas and other schools looking to leave the conference to stay in the…

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  • Dominoes Begin to Fall, Notre Dame Not Affected… Yet

    The dominoes have begun to fall in the seismic shift in the conference landscape of college football many have been predicting for months, but so far none of the moves…

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  • Freshman Numbers Assigned

    The numbers for the incoming freshman class have been assigned by Notre Dame.  Here’s a quick look at the history behind each number for the Notre Dame Class of 2014.…

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  • NCAA Drops the Hammer on USC

    After years of investigating alleged major violations that took place at USC under Pete Carroll, the NCAA announced Wednesday that the alleged violations were indeed real violations serious enough to…

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  • Notre Dame, Boston College Extend Series

    The Notre Dame – Boston College series was set to expire after the 2010 season before the two agreed to the extend the series until 2019 according to the Boston…

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