Freshman Numbers Assigned

As an early enrollee Tai-ler Jones has had his #7 for a few months now.  The rest of his classmates received their numbers this week.  (Photo - IconSMI)
As an early enrollee Tai-ler Jones has had his #7 for a few months now. The rest of his classmates received their numbers this week. (Photo - IconSMI)

The numbers for the incoming freshman class have been assigned by Notre Dame.  Here’s a quick look at the history behind each number for the Notre Dame Class of 2014.

  • #7 Tai-ler Jones – Jones is wearing the same number his father wore as a member of the Fighting Irish in the late 80’s.  The last wide receiver to wear #7 was converted quarterback Carlyle Holiday.   Other notable #7’s include John Huarte, Jarious Jackson, Joe Restic,  Joe Theismann and Jimmy Clausen.
  • #8 Kendall Moore – Moore takes over the #8 jersey after Raeshon McNeil donned the number for the past four years.  Quarterbacks have primarily wore #8 and to my knowledge, there has never been a linebacker wear it at Notre Dame before.
  • #12 Andrew Hendrix – Hopefully Hendrix, one of Kelly’s first QB recruits at ND, doesn’t have the same fate as one of Weis’s first QB’s, Zach Frazer, who also wore #12.  A few other QB’s have worn #12 for Notre Dame but none have had major impacts.
  • #13 Danny Spond – With two #13’s in the class, it looks like Spond will be on defense for the foreseeable future.  Kelly said recently he will start at OLB.  NFL great Bert Berry wore #13 at OLB for the Irish in the mid 90’s.
  • #13 Tommy Rees – Recent QB’s to wear #13 include Evan Sharpley and David Wolke.  Rees will hope to have a greater impact than his recent #13 predecessors.
  • #14 Luke Massa – Few quarterbacks have worn #14 for the Irish.  Heismann trophy winner Johnny Lattner was the most famous #14 for Notre Dame.
  • #23 Lo Wood – The early enrollee cornerback is taking over Golden Tate’s #23.  The number has been worn by a few different positions including wide receivers, running backs, and defensive backs.  Dave Duerson is the most notable defensive back to wear #23.
  • #28 Austin Collinsworth – Many felt Collinsworth was destined for wide receiver to follow in his father’s footsteps.  If that is the case, the younger Collinsworth will be the only Irish wide receiver to wear the number.  Notre Dame’s most recent #28 was 2009 captain Kyle McCarthy.
  • #31 Cameron Roberson –  Most recently by safety Sergio Brown, #31 has been worn fairly equally between running backs and defensive backs.  Robert Farmer and Darcey Levy were the most recent backs to wear the number.
  • #34 Prince Shembo – A few linebackers have worn #34 before including ’88 national champion Wes Prtichett and the hard hitting Ronnie Nicks.  James Aldridge wore #34 most recently for the Irish.
  • #49 Derek Roback – Roback will start out on defense for the Irish and his number is indicative of that.  Linebacker has been the position to wear #49 the most for Notre Dame over the years including most recently by inside linebacker Toryan Smith and Derek Curry before him.
  • #53 Justin Utupo – Hopefully Utupo has more impact than our last #53 Morrice Richardson.  Richardson had a ton of talent but the old staff just couldn’t find a way to tap into it.  Lamont Bryant also wore #53 as an OLB for the Irish in the late 90’s and turned in a very solid career.
  • #64 Tate Nichols – There should be very little doubt where Nichols, a high school receiver will line up.  All but two players to wear #64 played on the offensive line and one of them, Mike Brennan, ended up on the line.  DT Pete Duranko is the only other player to wear #64 at a position other than along the line.
  • #67 Louis Nix – Nix is going to be manning the middle of Notre Dame’s 3-4 defense in the future, but in the past only one other player has worn #67 previously and played DT – Robb Gagnon
  • #74 Christian Lombard – Lombard will take over the #74 jersey worn by Sam Young for the last 4 years.  For as maligned as Young was during his career, if Lombard turns out to be a 4-year starter like Young, few will be complaining.
  • #82 Alex Welch – Welch is one of the few incoming freshman in the class to get a number of a former great at the position he’ll be playing by wearing the #82 jersey previously worn by the great Mark Bavaro.  #82 was also worn by Heismann trophy winner Leon Hart who was listed as an “end” during his playing career.
  • #86 Bennett Jackson – Jackson is very quick wide receiver, but he’ll be wearing a number worn mostly by tight ends such as Derek Brown and Dan O’Leary.
  • #87 Daniel Smith – Only one other wide receiver wore #87 for the Irish previously, but he turned out to be pretty darn good – Lake Dawson.  Lately #87 has been worn by tight ends such as Jabari Holloway and Marcus Freeman.
  • #93 Bruce Heggie – Heggie will be wearing a number that has been worn exlcusively by defensive lineman for Notre Dame over the years including ’88 national champion Bob Dahl.
  • #96 Kona Schwenke – Aside from a few place kickers, #96 has been reserved for defensive players for the Irish – most recently fan favorite Pat Kuntz.

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  1. what about alex welch his uncle Steve Heimkreiter is the third all-time leading tackler at Notre Dame currently, he should have worn his number

  2. Only about a half-dozen of these players are likely to see the field this year. One of them is Tai-ler, and he has a number that a starter could wear proudly for four years.

    The rest will likely redshirt. It almost seems as if the best numbers have been held back. I wonder if promising players can earn better jersey numbers.

  3. Bert Berry wore #13 later in his career at ND, I seem to remember. I don’t know if he was technically a LB or a stand up DE, but I always considered him a part of the LB unit.

  4. Just to keep your up to date MR> LEON HART wore # 82 at Notre Dame through out his carreer!! Mr. Mulgrew

  5. I am so glad we don’t retire numbers at Notre Dame; always fun to remember past players numbers when i see new guys wearing them

    1. Agreed – Retiring numbers is a terrible tradition … but certain #’s should be reserved for the best players. Certainly don’t want be see a 3rd string DB riding the pines with a #3 jersey on his back.

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