Notre Dame Women Celebrate First ACC Basketball Tournament Title

In its first season in the ACC, Notre Dame added a conference tournament title to its regular season championship. The Fighting Irish pulled away in the second half to beat second-seeded Duke, 69-53. Notre Dame was led by Jewell Loyd, who scored 26 points. At 32-0, the Fighting Irish extended the best start in school history, while Duke will take a 27-6 record into the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

Celebrate the Lady Irish’s first ACC title in their first year in the league with official hats and t-shirts!

Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team beats Duke for 1st ACC Tournament Title Highlights

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  1. Having the 2012 schedule up is sheer genius. It reminds us of the WAY WE WERE. It is also the last time we played on grass that was not an embarassment.

    Most sites are too prosaic. The whistles on this site are aimed for the subtle, sophisticated ears of those who read-and comprehend-Camus and James Joyce!


  2. Notre Dame women’s basketball represents Notre Dame’s institutional and athletic values. Back when Connecticut and Tennessee womens’ basketball were the standard bearers Muffet McGraw relished the rivalry with them, and passed the Vols as the biggest thorn in Uconn’s side. Let us not be disingenuous; the Huskies are still the best. And the Lady Irish play with skill trust and unity.

    and McGraw did it by bringing a program from obscurity (Rockne anyone?) recruiting ND type kids and being resolute in pursuit of excellence.

    This is in complete contradistinction to the sof tyranny of low expectations of Mediocre Mike Brey and his enablers, some of whom, or one of whom specializes in distracting attention from the frequent, fetid, futile failures of Mike Brey by criticizing any Notre Dame football coach who weighs less than 300 pounds.

    Notre Dame men’s basketball is not boring.

    It is ugly and stinks, like stale vomit.

  3. Women’s hoops… snooze.

    Let’s talk football! When can I get a preview of the Dublin opener against Navy?

    1. There you go again Jimmy with your witty banter and attempt at humor. I know you are hoping against all hope that someone will take the bait and bite on your shrewd observation.

      Would it make you feel better if I said hey Jimmy the opener is not in Dublin that is from the 2012 season. The site has not been updated.

      Ok, there you go. Now please give us the punch line so you can stop.
      Please, we are all waiting

      1. Yep. Some people forget ND is a university, not a football factory.

        There’s a lot more to ND than just football.

        And this site is still 90% football so don’t know why he’s complaining. They only bring BB stuff up when it’s a big deal, like the Lady Irish winning the ACC.

        Any good press about ND athletics can be good for the football program too.

      2. C’mon guys. You don’t really give two s**ts about lady hoops, do you? Be honest. ND is all about FOOTBALL. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. 😉

        In all seriousness though, I’m just yankin’ on Kyle’s chain. C’mon Kyle. Update the schedule on the sidebar. It’s 2014 for Gipper’s sake!

        Also please no more lady hoops talk! Men’s hoops is boring enough. 🙂

      3. Jimmy, you are an idiot. You may not like basketball and that is fine. They are far more exciting to watch these days than the football team. I hope Golson and the Irish offense change that this year but I have to say the ND offense has been dull and not very exciting lately. 2009 was the last time it was fun to watch ND’s offense but their defense sucked so it didn’t really matter. 2005 is the last time I thought ND had a great offense and defense. But to be honest, it has been over 20 years since ND was a dominant force on both sides of the ball. I hope that changes soon. I have had a lot more reasons to get excited watching the women’s bball team over the last 4 years than I have the football team. With Muffet as the HC, I think that trend will continue.

  4. Congrats to the Lady Irish? great season, as we’ve come to expect. the challenge now is get to the finals and beat UConn. It could happen. Go Irish!

  5. I’ve been following the Lady Irish all year and for the most part, outside a few games, they have dominated. Their road to the NCAA championship will go through Connecticut, however, and UConn is the only team I’ve seen this year that has dominated more than the Irish. Outside of UConn, though, the Irish could beat any team in the country right now.

    Unfortunately not so for the men. They have been a big disappointment. Maybe they should make Muffet the men’s coach :).

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