Highlights: Notre Dame Basketball Knocks Off #20 Michigan State

On heels of disappointing loss to St. Bonaventure, Notre Dame jumped all over #20 Michigan State early and cruised to an easy victory.

The Fighting Irish took down the 20th-ranked Spartans, 70-52.  Notre Dame jumped on Michigan State quickly with Cormac Ryan outscoring the Spartans team 19-16 after the first 16 minutes of the game. Ryan finished the game with 23 points and went 6-7 from three-point range. Freshman guard JJ Starling had 14 points, four rebounds, and two assists. Dane Goodwin added 12 points and five rebounds. 

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  1. It seems the last few years ND basketball has taken a step back. They have been really inconsistent. They’ll have a game like they did against Michigan State. Then lose to a team they have no business losing too. Kind of like the football team this year LOL.

    I thought basketball really turned a corner after 2014. But now they seem to have stagnated under Brey. I just wonder, when is it time for a coach to move on? Has Brey been at ND too long now? They just don’t seem all that inspired to me anymore. I feel like ND’s best years are behind us now. ND has shown it can compete with the elites. There is some advantages to having uperclassmen on the court with their experience, instead of all the one and done’s a lot of schools have at the elite level. But they just haven’t done much lately.

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