David Wolke to Transfer from Notre Dame

(UHND.com) – For the past two seasons David Wolke was the backup quarterback for Notre Dame, but after losing his backup position in the spring decided to transfer from Notre Dame in hopes of finding playing time elsewhere.

Wolke came to Notre Dame in Tyrone Willingham’s final full recruiting class and has joined six of his fellow classmates from that disappointing recruiting season in transferring.

The difference between Wolke and most of the other transfers among the players left by Tyrone Willingham is that Wolke left because the talent level has risen around him. Some players left for personal reasons, some because they may not have liked the new staff, but Wolke’s transfer is a clear indication of what we already knew – Weis has raised the talent level at Notre Dame.

Wolke was very classy in his departure from Notre Dame even though he could have some sour grapes left from an entire wasted year of eligibility under Willingham for three straight handoffs. Instead, Wolke leaves with his head held high and has had nothing but praise for Notre Dame and the new staff.

With Evan Sharpley improving this Spring and two very talented quarterbacks in Zach Frazer and Demetrius Jones enrolling this fall, the writing was on the wall that Wolke would probably never see any real significant playing time for the Irish.

Wolke doesn’t know where he will be transferring to, but the South Bend Tribune has reported that Illinois was the first school to contact him. One thing we can be sure of based on Weis’s track record is wherever he goes, they won’t be on Notre Dame’s schedule while Wolke is still there.

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