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Colin Cowherd fell off the ND bandwagon this morning.

Oh well. He is a good example of why fans should not pay much attention to pundits and broadcasters. He talked the Irish up preseason for much of the same reasons we, the fans, thought would eventually happen. And so far, against what Jeff Sagarin ranks as the toughest schedule in the country, the Irish have struggled, while still managing a 3-1 record. So as fast as the Irish have not lived up to expectations so far this season, they could possibly make their way back to the form they had last year. But don’t fool yourself. If that were to happen, everybody would then say it was because of the cupcake schedule the Irish now face until Thanksgiving weekend.

Speaking of the schedule, I couldn’t help but notice the headline on Drudge Report that said the Irish will now play the worlds easiest schedule from here on out.

Okay, it wasn’t on Drudge, but the play that this is getting is wide and far throughout sports bureaus in newsrooms across the country. If any of your friends choose to remind you that the Irish schedule softies and never play anybody tough, kindly remind them of the following blockbuster matchups.

  • West Virginia vs. Marshall, Eastern Washington, East Carolina
  • Ohio State vs. Northern Illinois, Bowling Green
  • Georgia vs. Western Kentucky, UAB
  • Michigan vs. Central Michigan, Ball State
  • Texas vs. North Texas, Rice, Sam Houston State

I was watching the Penn State vs. OhioState game on Saturday.

Bonnie Bernstein might be the best looking sideline reporter there is.

So I was watching Bonnie Bernstein on Saturday.

I was told there were a couple teams playing football on the same channel. Hmmm…

Am I the only one not bothered by Brent Musburger or Bob Davie?

Or Pat Haden or Mike Tirico or [insert play-by-play or color commentator]. I think most people agree that Kirk Herbstriet is across the board, one of the best at his job. But these other guys seem to really tick people off. Sure they might say some dumb stuff every now and then but so what. They have to constantly be in a conversation for anywhere between three to four hours. I don’t actually think they are intentionally trying to be negative towards our team or any others. With some, thrends are easier to spot. For instance, if you truly pay attention, Brent Musburger is a frontrunning broadcaster. If your team is up, he will talk you up and talk the other team down and vice versa. I don’t think he (and most for that matter) have an agenda. And Bob Davie, I think he automatically starts off with negative points to most Irish fans for obvious reasons. But I think he genuinely tries to be objective and honest. And sometimes we get very ironic statements like when this past Saturday, he spoke about, “how Spartan Stadium is a different place at night than it is during the day.”

During the commercials of ND/MSU, I switched over to ABC to catch USC/Arizona.

Is it me or should Dan Fouts stick to color commentary. He is HORRIBLE at play-by-play. However, if Dan Fouts doing play-by-play means that Keith Jackson stays retired, then Dan Fouts is the greatest play-by-play guy in the history of sports.

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  1. I’d definitely give the benefit of the doubt to most of the commentators and analysts out there (yeah, even Bob Davie) with the exception of Michael Wilbon, who has openly admitted that he hates ND on PTI before, and the intolerable Mark Mays. Mays, who reacts with more negative emotion and fervor than any other commentator/analyst everytime someone says something positive about ND, cannot be considered an objective analyst when it comes to ND or USC. At the same time, however, Lou Holtz obviously favors the Irish, but unlike Mays, he’s not an anal putz when someone makes a prediction that he doesn’t agree with. Down with Mark Mays!

  2. I have never heard anyone complain about Pat Hayden. I think he’s fine. I also agree that commentators must talk constantly for 3 or 4 hours and should therefore be given some slack if they say something less than thoughtful.

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