LSU to the Rose Bowl? Notre Dame to Sugar? reported earlier today that the Rose Bowl is going to select LSU to face off against Michigan or USC should the Trojans lose to rival UCLA this weekend and not play in the national title game. The report stated…

“LSU is heading to the Rose Bowl, according to Baton Rouge television station WAFB. Citing a member of the Rose Bowl board who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the station said No. 5 LSU will play either No. 2 USC or No. 3 Michigan on Jan. 1 in Pasadena, Calif.” (LINK)

Should the Rose Bowl indeed select LSU, the Sugar Bowl would most likely jump at the chance to pick the Irish. The Sugar Bowl returns to New Orleans this year with the way Notre Dame fans travel, having the Irish in the Sugar Bowl makes a lot of sense.

The Irish would face the winner of the SEC Championship game between Arkansas and Florida this weekend. Most Notre Dame fans would love to face the Urban Meyer led Gators after Meyer spurred the Irish two years ago for the Gators. Personally, I’d rather face the Gators so the Notre Dame defense, which has sprung some leaks again this year won’t have to stop Darren McFadden who has been impressive over the last couple months.

The CEO of the Tournament of Roses was quick to respond to the report…
“But Mitch Dorger, CEO of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses (the Rose Bowl’s organizing committee) said WAFB is jumping the gun.

“They are prematurely reporting that,” Dorger told The Advocate.”

However, as they say, where there is smoke, there is fire…

One thing to consider, however, is that there is still some speculation that Michigan is not a lock for the Rose Bowl. As Eric Hansen wrote for the South Bend Tribune today..

“”One of the other things you have to think about is Michigan will be here potentially for the third time in four years. So breeding enthusiasm in Michigan has got to be a big consideration. You can fill in the blanks.”(LINK)

Still, odds are the Irish land in the Sugar Bowl against the Florida/Arkansas winner.

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  1. Yea yea yea… you bunch of queers nd sucks all of you know it… especially when they play usc… Dwayne Jarret killed yall… im a graduate from usc and they are the best team to ever play in college football… Charlie Weis isnt shit compared to Pete Carroll… he has no national championships and just wait to you play usc they will beat yall like a drum… my point is that anyone that pulls for notre dame is a queer and everyone that has left a comment in here is queer except for me… Brady Quinn is a douche bag… John david booty shouldve won the heisman and Dwayne Jarret shouldve came runner up… anyways nd sucks and USC is the best… yall are a bunch of overated queers

  2. What about LSU in the sugar? Are they a lock because of the Arkansas loss tonight? They are higher ranked than ND.
    I agree with Irish realist on Florida. If they are ousted out of the national titel( something the SEC will yell foul play)
    they Irish may find a deflated Gator team! Hmmm–
    This whole thing is a mess. Question is, are we lovers of the Irish a lock into the BCS due upset city tonight?
    My brother-in-law who is an avid Buckeye fan says yes because of the fan base and the money ND can bring. I say let’s bring a fan base and the dollars AND a victory-for a change. Quinn and company particularly the graduating seniors deserve this!
    OSU-Michigan Title Game
    LSU-USC Rose Bowl ( now THERE’S a matchup!)
    Oklahoma-Wake Orange Bowl
    Louisville-Boise Fiesta
    ND-Florida Sugar ( ah remember the Lou Holtz coached 39-28 win? Do you remember ANY bowl victory as opposed to a blowout courtesy of Clueless Ty and Vanilla Bob Davie?)
    Is Nd better off in the Gator or some such thing
    Money is nice – I just want a win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t all ND fans and players???
    Go Irish!!!!!

  3. I have to agree w/ Frank, I’d rather have the Gators than the Hogs. McFadden may actually outgain Quinn in the Heisman votes as they compete for a 2nd place finish to Troy Smith. McFadden will be in the same position going into next year that Quinn had going into this year. The trophy is his to lose in ’07.

    As far as breaking the losing bowl streak, I don’t see it happening this year b/c they’ll be in another bowl where they’re outmatched athletically & be lucky to keep it w/in 2 scores regardless of BCS opponent. It’s just not ND’s time….yet. But I’m confident (unlike w/ the past 2 regimes) ND will be there soon.

  4. ND in the Sugar and LSU in the Rose, despite ABC’s wishes. Better matchups- LSU has speed on offense that should give Michigan fits (a good preview of what USC’s speed could do to Ohio State), and a solid defense. ND would match up well with Florida, which has little offensive firepower, or Arkansas, which has the passing attack of a bad wishbone team. Good chance ND could outscore either team in a shootout.

    Come on down and enjoy the French Quarter in New Orleans; despite national media’s coverage, it isn’t Baghdad!

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