Note the New York Media, No Means No

This is really starting to get old.  What else must Charlie Weis say to have his name stop being floated around in head coaching rumors in the NFL?  Weis signed the huge extension last year to let the NFL and media know he is not leaving Notre Dame.  That didn’t work.  He’s stated over and over that he indeed has his dream job coaching at his alma mater.  That hasn’t worked earlier.  As proof, here is a little gem from the New York Daily News

Charlie Weis, Notre Dame: Two months into his first season with the Irish last year, the school extended Weis’ deal five years through 2015. By the end of the deal, he will make a reported $30 million-$40 million at Notre Dame, which obviously struck quickly to fight off suitors from the NFL. When he signed the extension, Weis said he plans to retire at Notre Dame. So it may not be easy to get him to leave – and it could be costly, depending on any buyout provisions – but the Giants might be the only team that could entice the Jersey guy to leave South Bend. He desperately wanted the Giants job three years ago, but finished second to Coughlin. The other candidates interviewed then were Romeo Crennel and Lovie Smith. Weis developed Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn into the likely first pick in the 2007 NFL draft after helping turn Tom Brady into a three-time Super Bowl champion with the Patriots. If Coughlin goes, the Giants would salivate at the prospect of Weis straightening out Manning. The Giants have always been Weis’ dream job. (LINK)

First off, I find it very funny that of the four candidates the Giants interviewed before hiring Coughlin, they probably made the worst decision possible.  Smith has the Bears headed for home field advantage,  Crennel looks to be making some progress in Cleveland, and Weis has Notre Dame in back to back BCS games.  Coughlin meanwhile has one of the most talented teams in the NFC, on the verge of missing the playoffs.

As much joy as the Giants blunder brings me, the New York media really needs to stop floating Weis name out there just because they think Weis would be a good choice.  Stuff like this is exactly the kind of ammunition opposing coaches dream about down the stretch in recruiting and with plenty of spots to fill in this year’s class, Weis doesn’t need anything like this getting in his way.

Part of me actually hopes the Giants do indeed put on the full court press for Weis, should they fire Coughlin.  Maybe Weis turning down a fat contract from the Giants would put an end to all of the speculation and rumors that keep popping up.

One last thing that amazes me about this… for all of the college football media who constantly say Weis is overrated and what not, its amazing that the NFL media in major markets still float his name out there.

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  1. I agree.

    But why no comment on Pete Carroll??
    SEems like his situation; with the rumors about ARizona; are similar.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. It’s the NY Daily News. Being a NYC native, that’s really all I need to add. The Daily News is a tabloid, not a real newspaper. They thrive on contraversy. . . Nobody I’ve read in the “NFL media” is saying Weis is overrated. The only people I hear saying that are rivals, and that’s only to be expected. Irish fans say that about just about everyone, including a guy in LA who’s done extraordinary things with a program that was just sort of hanging around. (I’m not a fan of PC; I’m just being objective.) I’ve yet to hear, or read anyone in the media saying that. Weis has made it abundantly clear that he’s not leaving Notre Dame. I’m pretty sure that message has gotten to the front offices of the New York Giants, who should just hire someone like Seifert. He’s not doing anything these days.

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