Stewart Mandel Doesn’t Hate Notre Dame, Really, He Swears…

A few weeks back Mandel responded to emails that he hated Notre Dame saying he indeed had no ill feelings for the Irish.  His reasoning then was…

“If I really hated Notre Dame, why would have I voted them No. 2 in my preseason AP ballot? (Oops.) Why would I have devoted an entire column in August explaining why, amidst a sea of skepticism, the Irish truly were a legitimate national-title contender. (I guess those weren’t myths after all.) And why would I have voluntarily spent a highly enjoyable Saturday night watching football with members of the Notre Dame band?” (LINK)

And you know what, you almost have to believe Mandel, especially after his little write up on the Sugar Bowl…

4) Sugar (Jan. 3): LSU (10-2) vs. Notre Dame (10-2). The game should be a boon to New Orleans’ ravaged economy. Not only will Irish fans descend on the city, but there’s also a decent chance they’ll be hitting the Bourbon Street bars by halftime. (LINK)

Mandel thinks so much of the Notre Dame team, he thinks Notre Dame will be winning by so much at halftime that they will be celebrating in the streets of New Orleans during the second half.  You see, Mandel really does love the Irish.

Thanks for the show of faith in the Irish Stewart.

Wait, you didn’t mean LSU would be winning by that much at halftime that it would be over, did you???

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  1. I don’t think Mandel or SI are biased against ND per se, rather, it seems that ND is just highly overrated. This season has been yet another reaffirmation that this team does not belong with the big boys. They’ve been pretty much exposed against every ranked opponent this year (Michigan, USC, LSU). It’s time to face reality and stop giving ND invitations to BCS Bowls just because they are ND.

  2. SI’s anti Irish bias has been pretty well known for a long time. It was common knowledge when I was there, 92-96, so I’ve come to expect comments from this. Every time tOSU beat up on a patsy, Troy Smith was efficient. When ND did the same, it was Quinn throwing against an undermanned defense. I’m sure Mandel was trying to be funny (which he isn’t) but this comment got me a little PO’d. Why? Because now it’s not just about the team, but the fans. Irish fans DO NOT bail on the team at halftime. In the game against Michigan this year, the stadium was full until the end, which helped convince a major recruit, I think it might have been Gary Gray, to commit to ND. And there were quotes from the player in the press to back that up. He should save those comments for fans who actually leave the game early.

  3. The Irish are due for a statement win and LSU will provide the venue for it. Weiss’ game plans have been generally spot on – but execution has been the issue. Hopefully The Seniors can go out with a classic win.

    As for Mandel , Michael Ventrre and what appears to be a host of anti-ND Columnists out there these days – ignore them for the idiots that they are. I’m tied of these high and mighty low lifes who love to write about how inferior players and teams are versus applauding the competitors win or lose. As a close friend tells me – they couldn’t hold a regular job so they write.

  4. The Irish need to just bring it. The 4 biggest games in the last 2 years, they have lost. No one ever remembers stats, they only remember the score. So, let’s go out, score early, and score often. ND needs to dismiss the negative comments made from people that just don’t get it. And that is truly their loss.

  5. I don’t think that’s such an unreasonable position for Mandel to take. Our past 3 losses could qualify as blowouts. Maybe you can argue the Fiesta bowl last year was not entirely a blowout, but we were thoroughly dominated, that’s for sure.

  6. I read a lot of Mr. Mandel’s comments about Notre Dame, I just laugh at it, I think he is very jealous of Notre Dame and its rich traditions…so win or lose, it’s the spirit and nobody shows it more then the Notre Dame family and that includes the staff, players, students, alumni and families…go Irish…just have fun

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