CBS “Experts” Are Uncanny Prognosticators

The experts over at CBS, including Notre Dame fan favorite Dennis Dodd has a list of their Heisman rankings available online.  Seems the geniuses over at the Columbia Broadcasting System think Brady Quinn is not even worthy of being in the top 7 candidates.

My personal favorite is Dodd’s listing of Jamarcus Russell as his runner up.  Dodd doesn’t list Quinn in his top 7 but does list Colt Brennan third.  Dodd further shows his insightful analysis by ranking Mike Hart ahead of Darren McFadden.  Hart is a fine back, but please, McFadden has been down right dominant and without McFadden, Arkansas’s offense simply does not tick.

The best part of CBS’s rankings are their top three – Troy Smith, Colt Brennan, and Ian Johnson.  When the Heisman finalists were announced earlier today, only Smith was on the actual list of invitees to the Downtown Athletic Club.

Their writeup on Quinn is another gem…

Brady Quinn had a very good season and is one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, but failed to lead his team to victories against Michigan and USC. With Troy Smith being the top QB and Colt Brennan getting a late push, Quinn will probably finished third among QBs.

From the looks of things, Quinn will finish no worse than third overall.  What’s even more amusing about this list is that a few weeks back, there was quite a bit of chatter on the boards about CBS doing more to promote Quinn for the Heisman during the Navy game than NBC did all season.  I wonder if those sentiments still ring true throughout the Notre Dame faithful?

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  1. Experts in sports, as far as I can tell are self proclaimed. Rarely is there and expert in sports analysis who truly is one. And that rare one who is knowledgeable doesn’t toot his own horn just to hear it sound. SO when I read these guys or hear them on ESPN and the like, it’s immediately clear their lack of knowing and I disreguard them. Most of these self-proclaimed know-it-alls have bullied their way to the pulpit and now there, they feel it necessary to say anything hoping it will stick. Dennis Dodd can’t even carry the Water-boy’s Cup.

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