You Can Wish in One Hand, and Take a Crap in the Other…

The wise old grandfather in Grumpy Old Men (played by Burgess Meredith) told his son he could wish in one hand, and take a crap in the other. I would like to give the same advice to Steve Serby of the New York Post after his column from today’s post where is openly pinning for the Giants to do whatever it takes to bring Charlie Weis to New York.

“Weis would be the closest thing to a young Bill Parcells, a tough, smart Jersey Guy disciplinarian and motivator who would have the best chance of anyone on the planet of saving Eli Manning, because Weis is a brilliant offensive mind with the interpersonal skills necessary to nurture and steady a developing young quarterback.”

These type of articles are really annoying because even though Weis has repeatedly said he’s come to Notre Dame to retire, it doesn’t stop these columnists from putting this stuff out there for opposing coaches to use as recruiting ammunition against Notre Dame.

Last year’s contract extension was supposedly supposed to put an end to this kind of speculation, but its clear that it hasn’t. Even the buyout clause in Weis’s contract doesn’t deter Serby in his article…

“The fly in the ointment for Big Blue ownership could be the reported $15 million or so it would cost it to buy out Weis’ contract, which runs through 2015, but nothing is impossible in this day and age.”

What these columnists don’t understand is that while Weis may be a Jersey native who grew up a huge Giants fan, he also attended the University of Notre Dame. John Walters from puts Weis’s ties to the Irish in great perspective.

“Charlie Weis is a Jersey boy, but he is also a Domer. Virtually nobody spends four years on the campus with the Touchdown Jesus and the Grotto and the Hungarian noodle bake in the dining hall and the “May I have your attention, please? This is Officer Tim McCarthy from the Indiana State Police,” at the start of the fourth quarter, and fails to come away thinking of it as their home.”

It’s flattering a coach that is so overrated who hasn’t beaten anybody according to the Mark May’s and Dennis Dodd’s of the world is so sought after by the media in the nation’s largest market. At the same time, I absolutely HATE these articles because its exactly the kind of ammunition that opposing coaches can use in recruiting battles with the Irish over the final stretch of recruiting.

Closing out this year’s recruiting class strong will be paramount to Notre Dame’s success over the next several seasons so the timing of this couldn’t be worse for Weis and the Irish and God help us if the Giants do actually fire Tom Coughlin next week.

I hope someone in the media does ask Weis this week about these kind of reports because I know what the response will be – the same its been since last year – “I came here to retire.” Apparently, however, it needs to be said again.

Serby does get one thing right…

“The Giants made a mistake when they passed on Charlie Weis three years ago for Tom Coughlin.”
Yes, the Giants did make a mistake by not hiring Weis three years ago.  Weis wanted the Giants job more than any other NFL job and would have done anything to be roaming the sidelines of the Meadowlands.  Since then, however, a funny thing happened – he landed another dream job coaching his alma mater.  The Giants had their chance to hire Weis and they said thanks but no thanks which is exactly what Weis will tell the Giants if they contact him about coaching the G-men.

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  1. He’s overrated. 0-5 against top ten teams. 5 first or second round picks on the team. Stupidest first quarter play I’ve seen in a long time- what arrogance on the 4th down play on your own 30.

  2. Did you ever notice how Charlie looks like Uncle Buck? Maybe John Candy will come back from the dead and ressurect ND football. Talk about the ‘last Supper’!

  3. To change the subject a little: I just read Avani Patel’s artical in the Chicago Tribune and his conclusion on points that ND would be a 20 to 17 victors over LSU didn’t make a whole lot of sense. However I do believe ND has a better than even shot at winning this evening, however my reasoning is different. For one, I believe in this team (as slow as they are afoot) but also I have never felt the way most sports analysts have stated that the SEC is the best conference in NCAA (Big 10 is)and had stronger schedules this season. Having watched these recent bowl games, ummm not so much. I didn’t see the same things that have been said of the SEC. Auburn for example had been said to be a jugernaut couldn’t score against a mediocre Nebrasca team and looked poor defending its less than tallented offense. Tennessee, although talented, again not so much, looked like Purdue with Orange outfits. Penn State if they had Quinn at the helm in that game would have scored fifty or more by the end of the third quarter. Bold I know but we forget that, though certain things look great during the season (and some of those SEC games looked great ie Auburn vs Arkansas) it seems sports analysts are so lousy that they get caught up in the one or two great plays of a certain game and then the hype is on. I believe ND can play with most in this country. SO therfore I believe they can win tonight. GO IRISH

  4. Yeah, and he’ll go there for 3 mediocre seasons, be fired & then where will he be? Maybe Spurrier will be retired by then & he can go back to South Carolina (if they’ll have him).

    Now that the major colleges are willing to pay close to pro $$ w/ less pressure & more power, the likes of Pete Carroll, Charlie Weis, Jim Tressel & Mack Brown would be idiots to grab the quick bucks when they can most likely be multi-millionaire legends in the college game.

    You can’t put dollar signs on legendary status. Power is the only thing that trumps cash & you get a helluva lot more power as HC (especially if you’re named AD, too)of USC, OSU or ND than you would being a HC in NFL who has to answer to GM & owner not to mention put up w/ overpaid crybabies like Jeremy Shockey and the like.

    And don’t forget, Weis at ND is on Nat’l TV more than he would be in the pros. As he said himself, unless you’re on Monday or Sunday nite f’ball, all your games are regional.

  5. “…Just when I thought I was out, – they pull me back in.” I’m sure we won’t be hearin the Steven van Zandt, Jersey Guy reenactment of the GF III montra from our Jersey Guy (Faith). The New York Post colmunists are some of the worst in the country, so if they’re saying it, more than likely it’s a foul ball off a slow bat. Although, as far as I know I read that idea first from the pen of Irish Realist. Hmmm. Do you have an in at The Post?

  6. You read my mind Frank, when you noted that such an “overrated coach who hasn’t beaten anybody” is being courted by the NY football Giants. I’m sure there are some Irish haters who happen to be Giants fans, I can only imagine what they’re thinking right about now. More interesting, I’d love to get Mark May’s reaction to such a courtship.

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