Charlie Weis Wanted Jim Mora Jr for DC?

Peter’s Kings MMQB was just full of Notre Dame related news this week including this little nugget about Notre Dame’s search for a defensive coordinator…

“Corwin Brown got the Notre Dame defensive coordinator’s job, but the guy Charlie Weis really wanted was Jim Mora.”

Jim Mora? Wow. That little bit of news shows that Weis really was looking to hit a home run with this hire. Mora’s defenses in Atlanta were pretty good and prior to trying to win with a punt returner with a rocket arm at QB in Atlanta, he was the defensive coordinator with the 49ers.

Part of me likes that fact that Weis though about going after someone like Mora, but another part of me likes that we’ll be getting someone who will probably be sticking around for a while like Corwin Brown.

Mora is going to want to be a head coach again after having some great success in his first year in Atlanta when he took the Falcons into Philadelphia for the NFC Title game. A game he lost to my beloved Eagles :-). Mora would probably have been able to turn the defense around pretty quickly, but he also would have probably been here for a year or two before bolting for a head coaching gig somewhere.

Side note on Mora, personally, I haven’t liked him since his Falcons lost to the Eagles in 2004 for his rather snide “I hope it doesn’t take us four tries to get to the Super Bowl” post game comments, but I digress…

Back to Corwin Brown… Brown is a young coach who is will be looking to make a name for himself and will have to prove himself with the Irish before he is considered for a head coaching gig. Brown has also risen through the ranks of the coaching world very fast and who knows, maybe he grows into a great defensive coordinator and Weis grooms him to be his eventual replacement. Some people might be leery of that since the last time a successful coach left Notre Dame and recommended his defensive coordinator for the head coaching position, it didn’t exactly work out too well.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here, Brown should probably be officially named DC before any speculation about his future with Notre Dame is really considered. Details. Details.

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  1. Chris I understand your points and they are legit. The idea of a proven leader does would work as long as the DC will stay around. The problem with people like Moor or Barry Alverez is that they were once head coaches an almost always will want to be head coach again. Is that a bad thing no. Look at it this way Minter when he was the DC the first time only hung around for about 2 years, Alverez hung around for about 3 yrs and through that time frame I believe that there were too many changes to the coaching staff that it makes it diff. to recruit the players because the coaches are coming and going. ND has for too long been used as a stepping stone for alot the coaches you see now and I for one would like to see stability in the staff. I truely beleive with that stability you can recruit better players because they know the coaches will be there. Is it always possible hell no and who can blame the coaches for moving on but in this case I beleive even though unproven that Brown is the right choice.
    Chris in my line of work almost everyone is very young but when given the chance to prove themselves they’ll almost always take the chance. I’ve been in the Infantry for about 16yrs and if there is one thing I’ve learned is give the young men the chance. They either succeed or fail and I don’t have to tell you what happens if they fail. In alot of ways football is like a platoon of infantry and when lead by quality leaders they begin to beleive that they can’t be defeated and the Brown just might be the man to do just that. There is one way to find out and that is let him have the chance. He’ll either sink or swim.

  2. Frankie / Garvo –
    All I am saying to this point is the guy is simply unproven. With the offense clicking pretty much – ND’s best bet at this time is to bring in an impact defensive coach – a proven winner and motivator. My first choice would be Barry Alvarez – retired from WI but probably already itching to get back into the mix – a proven leader and motivator and ND experience to boot! I dont think it is a stretch that he wouldn’t consider rekindling the D in South Bend.

  3. I think Frank got it right. Mora, if he came to ND would be gone in a heart-beat. Is Brown the answer? I like Garvo’s thoughts on that. What I do know is that Minter didn’t show up for the Sugar Bowl. No, I’m not an expert in this matter of X’s and O’s however it was clear to the blind the defense for ND was on their own and lost. So a change at the defensive helm I believe was wholly called for. Good luck to Mr. Brown and GO Irish.

  4. Chris I have to agree with Frankie V that this is a good hire. Brown has a good idea of what he’s getting into and what he is getting in terms of talent. If anyone is going to understand ND football I believe that Brown will even though he played for Michigan.
    The fans have been quick to turn on Coach Weis and also out of the blue become self proclaimed experts on the how,when ,where and whys of football but when it really comes time to step up to the plate I’ve found that most of the fans will shy away when asked how would they fix it. I’m by no means an expert but I also know that if you need to fix a problem and in this case 10yrs worth it won’t happen over night. I guess what I’m saying get over what has happen in the past and let Weis do his thing. He hasn’t made any excuses for what’s has happen and he knows what has to do.

  5. Need some help to settle a bet….. goes anyone know ND’s home/away revenue splilt with teams ( ie How is ND’s contract to play Michigan State set-up ?)


  6. Chris… Brown is the guy, the only thing missing is an official announcement from the University.

    Brown is a good hire, he’s coached under some good defensive coaches and from all accounts, he can recruit. The current defensive staff has simply not been able to recruit and get the top notch defensive talent in here. Brown is an up and coming coach who was just starting to become a hot commodity – this is a good hire.

  7. Gee – Corwin – a DC who has to learn as he goes just like the ND defense in 07′. I for one am hopeful Brown isn’t the guy. ND’s D needs fixed immediately! We need an impact coach for the D in 07′ – if the rumors are true – it’s a poor call on Charlie’s part based solely on this guys history – or lack there of.

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