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brady-quinn-workout.jpgTo anyone who complains about the unfair advantage that Notre Dame receives from the NBC contract, I point out another one of those “unfair advantages” from today’s NFL coach unimpressed with Quinn’s workout article on First off, its interesting that this was the only article I could find that was not positive about Quinn’s performance Sunday, but whatever, I’m fine with that. What annoys me is the accompanying video which sounds like a bad political commercial shown during the nightly news in November. Take a look. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they stopped just short of fading a color picture of Quinn to black and white and ending with a closing line “Do you want Brady Quinn quarterbacking your team?”

For those not interested in the video, here’s an excerpt from the article mentioning what was so unimpressive about Quinn’s performance.

He did not have a great day in terms of accuracy,” the coach said, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to not put his team’s plans at risk. “He didn’t have a great day in terms of that. He missed a few throws. I mean, you usually don’t see the ball on the ground that much, but it was hitting the ground. He missed on some wide and really didn’t show great touch.”

Quinn completed 58 of 63 passes and of the five incompletions four were catchable according to Weis (where have we heard that one before?), and an article backs that up.

“On two occasions, former Irish receiver Matt Shelton got his hands on passes but couldn’t pull them in. Rhema McKnight couldn’t catch a 35-yard pass or a 20-yard pass he dived for. Quinn also overthrew tailback Darius Walker on a 25-yard pass.”

That does should rather unimpressive… why wasn’t Quinn there to catch the ones that his receivers couldn’t haul in?

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  1. There is now and will always be anti ND coaches and fans. If Quinn would have had a 100% completion rating that coach would have said it’s because of easy routes and hand picked receivers. Brady is a high quality person and player…GO IRISH!
    P.S. ND is playing Duke this year correct? the future schedule for 2007 doesn’t show it.

  2. I don’t know Frank.
    I just saw the clip of Brady’s NBC Pro Day and the commentator seemed more interested controversy than how the facts were. Is it a swiftboat campaign against Quinn? This sounds more like a rookie reporter trying to invent a story and he doesn’t sound like he knows much about football or what being a top level athlete is. This reporter is just another “duh…” in the sports biz world; like we need to hear from more of those. The unfortunate part in all this is he’s reporting on a national level where viewers will take what he says as Gospel thinking he knows what he’s talking about. This reporter probably thinks the Raiders will win the Super-bowl this coming season and that Ted Williams was just a Root Beer.

  3. It has always been my policy that when someones has something t0o say but hides behind the, speaking on condition of anonymity coop out, that I don’t bother to read the rest of the article. This guy??? is either an anti ND/Catholic person or is afraid of his job. Quinn will do VERY WELL in the pros.

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