According to Weis, Clausen is Just Fine

jimmy-clausen-2.jpgDespite wide spread internet rumors over the summer about the severity of Jimmy Clausen’s injury status, Charlie Weis told the media on Monday that his prized freshman quarterback’s health is just fine thank you.

“People want to talk about procedures and being gone for the year, okay, he’s out there practicing today like I said he would be. Would I say when we’re teeing off on September 1st, would Jimmy Clausen being capable of being our starting quarterback and slinging it 30 or 40 times? The answer would be yes.”

Weis’s words should be comforting to fans after rumors lingered all summer that Clausen would have to miss considerable playing time due to the mysterious elbow “procedure” which he under went after the conclusion of spring practice. A fully healthy Clausen could very well be lining up under center for the Irish September 1.

Speaking of the quarterback race, Weis did not offer much insight into where things stand right now, but he did make a comparison between the three finalists for the starting position:

That’s the easiest way for me to say it. Let’s just say that Evan is kind of a cross between Demetrius and Jimmy. That would be the easiest way for me to explain it because I’m not looking for a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of none. I’m looking for somebody that can actually do enough stuff where we can win.

This struck me as a bit odd since most people considered Clausen to be the more mobile of the two between he and Sharpley. Regardless of who is faster, knowing that Clausen is healthy and capable of starting September 1 is definitely good news.

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