Notes from Weis’s Presser: 8/7


  • The players were a bit gassed 2/3 the way though the second practice yesterday after having the conditioning test in the morning.
  • Weis will be watching more of the positions on tape after practice ends because of the quarterback race – “I used to be able to go from position to position and spend more time there, but I’m spending almost the entire practice analyzing the quarterback position.”
  • “I think that they all showed some promise. They threw it ok in relation to how they are, they ran the team ok. “
  • Weis had a meeting with Ron Powlus and his quarterbacks to discuss the importance of some of the nuances of the quarterback position. “That whole meeting is going to be about how you carry yourself as the quarterback in the huddle, at the line of scrimmage. Bottom line is when you’re an offensive player an d the quarterback comes in the huddle, ala Brady for example, and comes in with a presence about him, it gets everyone’s attention both in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage I think you can’t take those little nuances for granted.”
  • Weis commented on the process of dealing with off the field issues when players get in trouble. “You try to look at it more like you’re the dad than you’re the head football coach.”
  • “Fortunately I have a bunch of intelligent kids and usually they do the right which leads to having a minimal amount of problems.”
  • Weis addressed the Derrell Hand situation directly and said that Hand has to take care of his issues first before he can do anything. “He’s suspending indefinitely which is a very subjective term because I can’t even deal with anything till he takes care of business both legally and with the school.”
  • In regards the Hand, Weis said he has spoken a lot with him and his mom and they are all on the same page, but that there isn’t much Weis can do until Hands legal problems are dealt with legally and through residential life within the university.
  • For the second day in a row Weis stated that he won’t start a quarterback who can just manage a game, but can’t win it on his own. “When you’re playing with a more inexperience lot like we are this year, you can’t just count on a guy just to manage the team because then the only games you are going to win are the games you were supposed to win.”
  • There is little doubt as to where Trevow Law will be playing this year – left end. Weis completely ruled out a move to nose tackle for the fifth year senior. “Trevor is our left end and that’s the one position we know. We talked about some starting jobs that are open, that one is closed. You can pen that one in.”
  • When asked about the health of Asaph Schwapp who missed 11 games in 2006, Weis told the media he is healthy and ready to go. “Fortunately he’s no longer hurt. He’s been off and on for the last year and change with his knee so this is the first time in a while he’s uninhibited. “
  • Speaking of Asaph, Weis made mention of his strength Tuesday. “Pound for pound, he might be the strongest guy we have.”
  • Weis talked about all of the things the quarterbacks can do before the ball is even in their hands in the huddle and walking up to the line of scrimmage. “Play call comes in, I give it to coach Haywood, he gives it to the quarterback, he looks on his wristband, he knows what the play is, he goes into the huddle. Now, how he relays that information and the temperament he relays that information with and how he can look into your eyes with an air of confidence when he’s in there, all of those things, some of them subjective are what those players are seeing in return.”
  • When asked about how difficult it will be to change his mindset of coaching a quarterback who isn’t as experienced, Weis said it’s not difficult, but you have to adapt. “Too many coaches in this position where you go from an experience guy to an inexperienced guy let their ego get the best of them when it comes to calling plays. They like a play, but the quarterback doesn’t understand the play, but they call it anyway and usually it’s set up for failure. So, what you have to do is make sure you minimize the times you call those things, even eliminate those things so you can put them in a position where there’s things that they have more confidence in doing.”
  • Weis talked about how in 1999 when he was with the Jets, injuries forced them to start Ray Lucas who at the time was a scout team player stating that you have to adapt. “You can’t do the same things with the same guys. You have to look at one guy and the other guy and say ok, ‘Let’s tone it down.’”

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