Practice Notes: 8/16 & 8/17

It gets harder and harder to make any sort of observations based on all of the videos out there on a daily basis, but here’s a few points from the past couple of day.

  • Mike Ragone runs through some of these agilities drills quicker than some of the running backs. He’s clearly got the speed and athleticism to play early.
  • Barry Gallup dropped a pass in the one four cone drill on Friday.
  • Duval Kamara looks more and more comfortable out there running through these drills every day.
  • John Ryan had to redo a back pedal drill Friday because his footwork was not very good.
  • Golden Tate appears to be running through these drills with a lot more confidence as well. Early in camp it looked like he was thinking too much about his cuts. Lately they’ve been looking effortless. He’s still got to parlay this into other drills, but he is definitely progressing nicely.
  • George West has looked very smooth in almost every drill this summer and he looked particularly good in one drill where the receivers run up to a cone, back pedal behind it, then run to another cone and do that again before sprinting to the end of the drill and catching a pass.  West looked better than Grimes in this drill IMO.  Maybe Sporting News was right about West having a breakout year.
  • Toryan Smith destroys the blocking sled when they work on working off blocks.
  • Scott Smith was told he had better footwork on the same blocking sled drill.
  • It looks like Darrin Walls was working as the nickel back with the linebackers being Smith and Crum.
  • I said it the other day, and I’ll say it again, Taylor Dever is a BIG kid.
  • In almost all of the practice videos, Michael Haywood is seen instructing the RBs on how to carry the ball and has them run through a “human gauntlet” where the ball carrier has the ball swiped at by all of the other backs.

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