Notes from Weis’s Presser: 8/20

  • On his dealings with Romeo Crennel with regards to the quarterback race in Cleveland: “I don’t want to be involved in anything that’s going on with the quarterback situation. The timing isn’t right.” “Even though we’re very close friends, that conversation could go somewhere I don’t want it to go so I’ll just try to stay out of that one.”
  • On Brady Quinn’s performance Saturday night: “If you look at every pre-season game, there’s always a few guys that are just better than everyone else out there when they’re playing and he was one of them.”
  • On the quarterback race: “We have three guys and that will be the case until Georgia Tech.”
  • On where they stand with dividing up the reps in practice at quarterback: “We’re right on track.”
  • Weis had the players practice outside in the rain yesterday to get them used to playing in bad weather since they have been indoors whenever its rain this summer.
  • The first half of every practice this week will still be focused on individual drills and first team offense vs. first team defense, but the other half will be show teams.
  • On the development of Will Yeatmen and Konrad Reland : “I feel a lot more confident at this time about our backup tight end situation than I felt last year at this time because you had two young pups at the time last year. Now they’re a lot more seasoned. They know what to do. They both have different strengths and weaknesses, but they both have shown they can play on the field.”
  • On the differences between Will Yeatmen and Konrad Reland:“Will’s a lot bigger. He’s a big muchacho.” “They’re different in their body types and they’re different in how they play, but they both are capable of playing any of the tight end spots that we’ve put out there. They’re smart, and that’s the one thing they have going for them.”
  • On settling in on a wide receiver rotation: “I think that there’s a lot of guys in the mix. The good thing about the skill positions, just like the tight ends, is that at wide receiver, running back, and tight end – all of them – we have more players than we’ve had before. You have to keep them involved in the game plan because if you don’t have them involved in the game plan, not that you lose their interest, but their psyche drops some because they don’t think they’re involved in the mix.”
  • On the competition at place kicker: “We are coming closer and the thing is, it looks to me like there’s a possibly that you might have a different place kicker then you might have a field goal kicker. Just like at every other position, if they’re too close to call you try to give them one job instead of two. That’s a possibility that might play out like that as well.”
  • On the development of Justin Brown: “He’s probably, of the entire team, the most pleasant surprise on the entire team during this training camp. It isn’t just his strength gains, it’s been his motor. That’s what’ really impressed me the most. He’s always shown flashes, you know, he’s always shown flashes since I’ve been here, but I’ve never seen him play with the motor he’s playing with now. It’s been very encouraging.”
  • On the development of David Bruton: “We put him with the first group, but you still don’t know what’s going to happen once he gets out there and he looks like a man amongst boys out there. It’s nice to see that tall rangy kid who’s now close to 210 that can run like a deer and hitting people and covering ground.”
  • On the development of Luke Schmidt: “He gives us some versatility because not only can he play fullback from the backfield, but he can play fullback from close to the line of scrimmage as well.”
  • On the development of John Carlson as a leader this year: “Not only is he a leader by example because on offense it was clear in the winter and in the spring that the two guys, well you could include Sully in there as well, so the three guys that really stood out during everything we did were Travis, John, and Sully. “ “In John’s probably the most pleasant surprise is how he’s become so much more vocal.
  • On how he has changed his coaching style with a very inexperienced team this year: “I’ve had to show easily the most patience that I’ve had to show since I’ve been here because you’re playing with some many guys that are stepping on the field for the first time in a true meaningful role. There’s some things that you want to say and you find yourself biting your lip. You pick and choose when to ride them and it’s not as often as you normally do.”
  • Weis addressed the status of Derrell Hand who has been suspended indefinitely all training camp: “He’s going through some things here soon in the next couple of days that will help clarify his status. Once that happens, I’ll have a better idea of where we’re going. I said at the time there were two things he had to do. He took care of one part of it and now he’s dealing with the other part of it and once that’s cleared up, then I can act accordingly.”

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