Practice Notes from the Past Couple Days

  • The Irish wrapped up two a days today with a couple practices in the Loftus Center due to overnight rains and then more rain throughout the day.
  • The 2007 season will be the last year Weis can hand out multiple scholarships to walk-ons.  This year’s walk-ons who were given a scholarship for the year are JJ Jansen, Thomas Bemenderfer, and William David Williams.
  • Weis also named John Sullivan as a the fifth captain for this season.
  • The order of wide receivers through the drills is still Grimes, West, Parris, Gallup, Hord, Jackson, Kamara, Tate.
  • He hasn’t been talked about that much this summer, but Barry Gallup is a guy who I think could find his way on the field more than people think this year.  He’s looked very quick and has been the forgotten man at the position this summer.
  • Robert Hughes has had some trouble running through the gauntlet drills at times this spring because he hasn’t been bending his knees when running through.
  • Armando Allen just looks a little more comfortable running through drills every day.
  • Jashaad Gaines could be a very physically imposing safety with a little bit more weight.  It looks like he has the frame to accommodate it as well.
  • Put a #83 jersey on Robby Parris and it would be like watching Jeff Samardzija all over again.

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  1. It’s an achievement and an honor for a walk-on to win a scholarship at Notre Dame. Congratulations to the players named above, and to Wade Iams, who was also awarded a scholarship.

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