Freshman Media Day – Defensive Backs

Here are some highlights from the freshmen defensive backs available which can be seen on’s All Access. If you have the time, definitely take a look as it’s always great to see how well spoken Notre Dame’s athletes are – especially for freshmen.

Harrison Smtih

  • On hos the coaches are preparing them for the season, “We face a lot of teams with good receivers and I just think our coaches are going to have us ready to do whatever we have to do to stop them.”
  • On defensive backs coach Bill Lewis, “He’s a really good coach.  He’s very detailed oriented and he takes his job very seriously.  He’s a great guy to learn from.”
  • On Corwin Brown, “He’s firey.  He’s an intense coach. They’re both students of the game and they just love trying to teach us all of the little things that we can do to get an advantage.  They’re both great teachers.”
  • On Corwin Brown’s past playing experience, “Just knowing that he was there – he played at Michigan, he played in the NFL.  It’s just another thing that adds to his teaching skills.”
  • On making an impact this year, “Nothing’s set in stone or anything so I’m just trying to help the team any way that I can.  Get on the bus, the plane, the train, anything.  Just trying to help the team.”
  • Smith is another player who doesn’t need to worry about getting the bus. He’ll be there and he’ll be making a contribution at least on special teams./

Gary Gray

  • Gray’s interview did not have many football related questions and he wasn’t asked any questions on the portion of the interview that was shown on
  • One interesting note from his interview was that he told a story about some guy bringing his kid to he and Clausen’s dorm last semester to ask for an autograph, which Clausen gave him.

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