Maurice Crum Coming Back for a 5th Year

87774692rrvowsobusc 28425According to a report in yesterday’s Observer, Maurice Crum will be coming back for a 5th year at least as far as Maurice Crum Sr. knows.

Maurice Crum Sr. said Wednesday that his son, Notre Dame’s senior middle linebacker, will return to Notre Dame for a fifth year.

Maurice Crum Jr., a defensive captain, and Notre Dame’s other true seniors met with Irish coach Charlie Weis Sunday to discuss their futures.

On Monday, Weis said he received good news from the seniors with whom he discussed possible fifth years, but Weis did not disclose details.

I’ve said for a while that Crum is not the prototypical inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, but I love the fact that he’s coming back. The UCLA game showed us what kind of playmaker this kid can be when this defense works as it should. With a little more depth and bulk along the defensive line next year, Crum will be free to make more plays.

Having Crum back will also help the leadership of next year’s team as Crum will be returning for a 4th season as a starting linebacker for the Irish. His numbers might be off a little bit this year because it took some adjusting of the scheme to free up Crum, but he’s come on late and was sorely missed in the Boston College game when the Eagles attacked the Irish in his absence by utilizing their tight end.

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  1. frank,

    1. for anyone who doubted our seriousness and our abilities to bring down the thnder on the crooked coaches,players, refs, and football programs which infect college football and make it impossible for the schools like notre dame which play the game with integrity, take a look at the latest from yahoo sports on bush/carroll/usc gate.

    2.the coverups, the conspiracies of silence, and the cash payoffs for silence have finally fallen apart for reggie bush, pete carroll, and the current crooked usc football program.

    3. we are proud to claim a lot of the credit for these things happening and for other things that will soon happen on the ncaa and crooked ref fronts.

    4. sure, the battles have been tough and vicious and we have taken some real dirty hits. however, we are all seasoned warriors and never back down from a fight for any good cause.

    5. yes, we have a lot of good friends who are notre dame graduates. however, for obvious reasons, we have kept them out of these battles.

    6. contrary to popular belief of some ignorant people, we have never hated usc as an insitution and we have many friends within the usc community who have fought these battles with us.

    7. now, the fine and honest people, who have always been the vast majority in the usc community, have an opportunity to kick their trojan horses off their campus before the school suffers the same fate( only in the economic arena, of course) as the city after which some people, unfamiliar with history, named their school.

    8.we wish our trojan friends the best in doing what they know they have to do.

    9. after all,the usc football program never had to break the rules to win. that was a decision made by a very small minority in the usc community.

    10. usc football will be back playing and winning with integrity in football and in life.

    keep up the great work,

    bob gilleran

  2. frank,

    1. how about a big cheer for ryan grant of notre dame, who was not drafted by the nfl, but had the courage and dedication and intelligence, with some help from charlie weis and corwin brown to make the green bay packers team and, monday night at denver, when green bay’s starting rb was injured, came off the bench and became green bay’s 1st 100 yard a game rusher in a very long time?

    2. ryan is just one of the fine examples of what playing at notre dame and getting a real notre dame dedication can do for any talented student athlete who meets notre dame’s stringest academic and character requirements.

    3. reggie bush has not had stats like ryan grant’s all season.

    4. ryan grant is just one of several notre dame grads who were not drafted by the nfl to find homes and success in the nfl since charlie and corwin and their staffs came to notre dame.

    5. no other school in the us looks out for its graduates like charlie and corwin and their staffs have, and always will, even if players like ryan grant never played at notre dame while charlie and his staff were there.

    6. these are things that the type of very talented, intelligent, and high character recruits whom charlie and corwin and their staffs have brought to notre dame, and will continue to bring to notre dame every year, have seen and will see that the doom and gloomers and the nd coach and player bashers are blind to or simply do not want to hear about or want the public or recruits to know about.

    go irish!!!

    bob gilleran

  3. frank,

    1. that really was a gutsy performance by fredo, boston college, and matt ryan against vtech.

    2.our sincere congratulations to our jesuit cousins in their quest for their 1st national title in football.

    3. they can never replace notre dame, but they play the game with integrity, as very few schools do these days.

    4. this bc season and the flutie hail mary bc win over miami will always be dear to us.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  4. Hey, Mike Reilly…how about next time before you post something you a) know what you’re talking about and b) use spellcheck.

  5. frank,

    1. we are extremely happy that mo will be back.

    2. whoever mike reilly really is behind that internet identity, we object to any ignorant doom and gloomer using the maiden name of our sainted grandmother and of our cousin ruth riley, who brought notre dame her 1st national championship in womens’s basketball and has added on an olympic gold medal and 2 wnba championships, along with a fine live to come after she finishes with basketball with her fine notre dame education.

    3. if your name really is mike reilly, you are not a real notre dame fan, but an enemy to be treated as your vicious ignorant attack on mo crum deserves.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  6. Hooray, the king of the arm tacklers is coming back. This kid tackles like a place kicker. He is the main reason every team can throw lob passes over the middle on us. Noone is afraid to get hit by this pound cake. And his stats are WAY over inflatted. A middle linebacker should not get credit for a tackle if he makes in 10 yards down field (as it appears those are the only takcles he makes). He should do the squad a favor and not come back.

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