Brady vs. Jimmy By the Numbers – Part 2

Here’s an update from last week’s statistical comparison between Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen after this weekend’s Duke game.  One more game will give us a nice statistical comparison since both will have had 9 starts under their belts.

brady quinn small5 jimmy clausen small5
Brady Quinn (2003) Jimmy Clausen (2007)
Starts 9 8
Comp-Att-Int 157-332-15 119-213-5
Completion Pct 47.3 55.9
Att/INT 22.1 42.6
Att/TD 36.9 30.4
Yards 1831 1,058
QB Efficiency 93.53 103.74
Avg Yds/Att 5.51 4.97
Agv Yds/Comp 11.66 8.89
Touchdowns 9 7
Times Sacked 13 29
0 INT starts 2 (USC, Navy) 4 (MSU, UCLA, AFA, Duke)
2+ INT starts 4 (Pur, BC, FSU, Syr) 1 (BC)
3+ TD starts 0 2 (AFA, Duke)
0 TD starts 2 (FSU, BYU) 5 (PSU,.Mich, MSU, UCLA, BC)
300+ yard games 1 (BC) 0
<100 yard games 1 (Pitt) 4 (Mich, MSU, UCLA, BC)
Fumbles-Lost 6-2 4-2
Team Rushing 174.6 63.75
Record 4-5 2-6

Some comments on the updated numbers

  • Jimmy improved his yards/att and yards/comp this week with the best downfield passing he has displayed all year.
  • Clausen’s att/int improved to 1 interception every 42.6 attempts which is now almost half the rate at which Quinn threw picks as a freshman.
  • With 3 TDs this weekend, Clausen is now throwing one touchdown every 30 attempts which pushes him ahead of Quinn as well.  Another 2 or 3 touchdown performance this weekend should improve those numbers even more.
  • The Duke game was Clausen’s 4th start this year in which he did not throw an interception and his second consecutive start in which he tossed three touchdowns.

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  1. Like it or not, I do see hope for the Irish future!
    I live in Columbus, Ohio -so called home of Ohio State.
    I wonder if Notre Dame were to play an equal schedule to Ohio State’s almost laughable schedule in September if ND would not only find breathing room but incredible stats and when the BIG games come–ready to face and be COMPETITIVE with this opponet.
    ONe shoud hear the media here in Columbus. It is pathetic!
    Beating Youngstown State, Akron and Kent in one season is reviewed as if it is a colossal victory in Buckeye History. Inflated wins and egos abound here–and they bash Notre Dame each and every year–acccusing the Irish of having a “1960’s type schedule” ( 1460 WBNS Am in Cowlumbus) As if the many Mac teams ( with all due repsect) are on the cutting edge of the fb world.
    Clausen and company have talent. What they and the fans need is the enthusiasm of a Holtz and Ara-and Charlie CAN do that if he chooses not to be brash and anyalytical. It can be done.
    Refine player and coach and one day, once again , face the Buckeyes and WIN and make the media here beg for mercy from ND whose traditions and difficulty of schedule surpasses that on 2 or 3 big games a year and and a non-conference schedule which is 90% of the time a scrimmage.
    The Irish media is objective, the fans have class and a “bad ” day with ND is FAR better than the sun in Tallahassee, Pasadena and certainly Cowlumbus!

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