Notre Dame Looking for Additional Strength/Conditioning Coach?

One of our readers based along this job listing from the NCAA’s “The Market: Careers in College Athletics” website to us today.

Design and implement sport-specific speed and skill development programs for all student-athletes in conjunction with the Director of Strength & Conditioning. Conduct training sessions for the development of speed. Assist with various strength training workouts and conditioning sessions for the student-athletes as assigned. Responsible for maintaining all equipment associated with speed, skill and conditioning programs. Oversee general activities of the strength and conditioning department and assist when needed.

The employer listed is “University of Notre Dame” under the Category “Football, Strength/Conditioning.”

There’s been some rumblings throughout the Notre Dame forums the last few weeks about the strength and conditioning program after Notre Dame offensive linemen under performed in the bench press portion of the NFL Scouting Combine the last two years, but this is the first we’ve seen anything about any possible changes in the strength/conditioning department.

Reuben Mendoza has been the strength and conditioning coordinator for the football team since Charlie Weis arrived at Notre Dame and has gotten some praise from Weis during press conferences in the past. The listing describes the role as working with the Director of Strength & Conditioning so it sounds like ND is just looking for additional help in the department.

Getting anyone in the department who can get our OL to put up 225 more than 25 times would be a nice addition.

UPDATE: The position being filled is a replacement for Michael Joseph of left last month to be the head strength and conditioning coach at West Virginia. From the Times West Virginian:

At Notre Dame, Joseph worked with the head strength coach with football, assisting with workouts, testing, conditioning, speed and agility training in-season and off-season. He also had the same responsibilities in baseball, volleyball and softball.In addition, his duties included supervision and maintenance of the facility and equipment and scheduling of all student-athletes for the school’s 27 sports.

Thanks to commenter “Shadow of the Dome” for the update.

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  1. Casey: I was thinking he same thing lol. B-Mac haha. I didnt realize ND listed jobs in the “Help Wanted Ads” either. Odd

  2. Mike Joseph, one of ND’s assistant strength and conditioning guys, recently left to take the head strength and conditioning job at West Virginia. That’s who they’re replacing.

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