Practice Notes: 3/31

Here’s some thoughts after watching a couple of the practice videos out there from today.

  • The baseballers were at practice today for their first action of the spring.  Weis was busting on Sharpley during stretches saying, “football is the second sports around here.”
  •  James Alrdridge ran through the gaunlet with some authority a couple of times, but got caught up in it another and had to run through again.
  • Robert Hughes had to go through three times at one point as well.  Before the last one, Haywood said, “hit it like you hit two seven the other day.”  Hughes must have laid a pretty good hit on David Bruton as some point over the last week.
  • Ths goes without saying, but Tenuta is EXTREMELY vocal.  Tenuta could be heard in almost every clip shown on UND’s All Access – even when a different position was shown.  If players do indeed take on the personality of their coach, we are going to have some fired up linebackers this year.
  • John Ryan and Michael Turkovich wore green jerseys as an indicator they are injured.
  • Trevor Robinson looks like an absolute beast.  He’s already as big, if not bigger than some of the other linemen.  There’s certainly more to being an offensive lineman than just being big, but Robinson certainly looks the part already.
  • Ray Herring had a nice over the shoulder grab during the defensive backs’ back pedal drills.

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