Practice Report 4/5 – Wide Receivers vs Defensive Backs

Here are some observations on the WR vs. DB video posted on today.

Rundown – here is a play by play on all of the one on one drills between the WR and DB’s.

  • Grimes vs. Walls – Grimes makes the catch on a short out pattern.
  • West vs. Lambert – Great coverage by Lambert on a short in pattern.
  • Parris vs. Gray – Parris makes the catch on a comeback pattern.
  • Kamara vs. McNeil – Kamara makes the catch on a out pattern despite tight coverage by McNeil.
  • Gallup vs Eras Noel – Gallup makes the catch on a quick out pattern.
  • Hord vs. McCarthy – Hord makes the catch on an out pattern.
  • Jackson vs. Bruton – Great coverage by Bruton on a pass a little behind Jackson.
  • Grimes vs. Gaines (#29) – Gaines bit on a double move and Grimes makes the catch in stride for a score = looked like the same route Grimes “scored” that touchdown against Stanford on.
  • West vs. Gordon – West miss judged a fly pattern that was thrown pretty well.
  • Parris vs. Walls – Bad pass on an out pattern.
  • Kamara vs Lambert – Kamara fell down on the route.
  • Gallup vs. Gray – Ball was a bit behind Gallup but still went off his hands.
  • Hord vs. McCathry – Hord had trouble locating the ball and missed it.
  • West vs Herring – On a similar route to the one Grimes scored on, Herring stayed at home and had blanket coverage on West.
  • Grimes vs. Walls – Another catch on a short out pattern.
  • Kamara vs. McNeil – Looked like Kamara made a good move to get open, but couldn’t get to the ball.
  • Parris vs. Eras Noel – Nice catch on a slant by Parris.


  • No one except Grimes really stood out.
  • Grimes though looked smooth and caught everything shown on the video.  He was matched up against Walls a number of times and made catches on 10 yard outs pretty much every time.  His double move on Gaines was really nice as well.
  • Kamara didn’t seem to create much separation and fell down once.
  • West looked OK, but if he is asked to be much more than a 4th option at receiver, we might have some issues again this year.
  • Gray had some pretty good coverage.
  • Would have been great to see Tate run these routes to get a judgement on where he is in terms of route running, but he was with the baseball team.  It would also have been interesting to see how the DB’s handled someone with Tate’s speed.
  • Still thinking Floyd starts from day one.

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