Paskorz Working at Fullback

Sophomore to be Steve Paskorz has been working at fullback after spending his freshman year at linebacker.  From IE’s Weis Transcript:

For example, (Steve) Paskorz we moved over to fullback this week. I don’t know if you guys noticed that or not, but he went from 50 to 30 and he wasn’t playing linebacker, he was playing fullback”

There has been a lot of speculation that Paskorz should be tried at fullback since he was recruited so this move doesn’t come as a surprise.  Notre Dame has not gotten much, if any production, out of the fullback position since Raeshon Powers-Neal’s suspension during the 2005 season so it can’t hurt giving Paskorz reps there.  With all of the talented LB’s coming in the fall, its very possible that Paskorz would have been lost in the mix at linebacker.

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