A Notre Dame – Alabama Matchup Still a Possibility?

Last summer Alabama head coach Nick Saban mentioned that he would love to get Notre Dame on the ‘Bama schedule only to have John Heisler comment a few days later that having a home and home with Alabama would be very difficult to set up because of current home and home commitments.

Well, a columnist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution has come up with a pretty nice work around for Heisler’s argument and would certainly fit into Kevin White’s “Mini Bowl Game” plan.

If Alabama can’t talk Notre Dame into a home and home series, how about two neutral site games-one in Atlanta and one in the new stadium in Indianapolis? I’m just throwing it out there for your consideration.

Neutral site games, like the Aug. 30 meeting between Clemson and Alabama at the Georgia Dome, are going to become more common in the future. It comes with a good payday (over $2 million per school) and takes the “brand” of that school into new recruiting territory.

The first of White’s neutral site game plan was officially announced earlier this month with a matchup with Arizona State in the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium in 2013, but the game did not generate a whole lot of interest from the ND online community.

A game with Alabama, however, would easily be one of, if not the biggest game of the year in whatever year it is scheduled. It would be a media frenzy and what have both fan bases extremely excited.

So to review. Alabama wants to play Notre Dame. Notre Dame wants to set up yearly neutral site games. So what is standing in the way of back to back Notre Dame-Alabama neutral site games?

Kevin White, make it happen and you’ll hear a heck of a lot less complaining about schedules from Notre Dmae fans.

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  1. On a slight tangent – or no. TOTAL tangent, though still NotaDame, (I’m from Boston) of course, let’s not get overconfident. BK has the Irish on the precipice. Don’t wanna sound like a Donny-downer, but let’s establish ourselves as a champion before we act like one. True – “act like you bin there before.” But we musn’t fool ourselves. It’s bin a long, long time since we’ve been how we are going to be…CHAMPIONS.

  2. Seems like a really good fit for both schools, especially with Saben having the upper hand for now. Why not?

  3. That sounds about right. I’ve refrained from harping on the schedule debate that’s been going on all off-season, but I really think a series like this would be awesome for all of college football.

    If Alabama really wants the series, I just can’t see any obstacles in doing it.

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