Another Game with the U?

An article in the Miami Herald suggests that Miami might be interested in playing Notre Dame in one of Kevin White’s beloved neutral site games in the near future.

Hocutt said UM won’t play FIU but wants to book marquee opponents and would be interested in speaking with Notre Dame when it hires an athletic director about one of its new annual prime-time neutral site NBC games.

As a younger Notre Dame fan who grew up with the Notre Dame teams of the late 80’s which had several epic matchups with Miami, the thought of Notre Dame facing off against the Hurricanes in a neutral site game is absolutely awesome.

Would a game against Miami in the neutral site game finally stop some of the ongoing complaining about the scheduling of these games? Hopefully.

Considering Miami’s recent incidents such as their in-game brawl with Florida International maybe those old Catholics vs. Convicts shirts could find some more use.

Here’s a GREAT clip of Rocket Ismail talking about the pre-game fight with Miami in 1988 from Aaron Taylor’s Legends of South Bend.



Side note: for those of you who might not know, the voice in the highlights is none other than Harry Kalas – the long time voice of the Philadelphia Phillies and one of the truly great sports broadcasters around.

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  1. Bleed, Thank you, I had a stone stomach once at Holy Cross, so I will not preach.

    I too agree with most of your posts, however, I have been to several out of town games, like for instance Michigan. ND is like romper room compared to Michigan.

    I am not saying the enviroment is going to be perfect but, once in awhile I do like taking my grandson to a game. Of couse I duck tape his ears before we get there.

    I should clarify on Miami, If they(the fans) have learned not to spit on the visiting teams, then sign us up!

  2. JC-
    I agree with about every post you make but at the end of this post about “football” and “family enviorment” I agree that pro stadiums are not a family enviorment but I also agree that neither are college stadiums.

    This is why. Tailgating all around the stadium. Binge drinking (I partake still). Drunk obnoxious people all around. Curse words coming out of a lot of corners. Even older adults (sr’s) acting like this. I can only imagine what a 8 yr old would think. I am only 26 and in Grad school getting my MSW (I work with kids maybe a bias?) but the so called “family enviorment” that you speak about doesnt exist on the college campus. I know at ND you cant bring alchy in nor do they sell it (bummer) but it still goes on. Go into the stall at half time and you’ll see about 200 small liquor bottles. Also, I believe that a parent can put the “enviorment” into perspective for their kid but how much do you want them to see. My first ND game was in 90 and it was raining hard. I dont remember much before the game and all I remember is beating the tar out of Purdont and being soaked.

    Im just saying both enviorments (pro/college) arent probably the best place for kids with the booze, cursing, obnoxious drunken behavior by both young adults and adults IMOP.

    I agree with you just wanted to add a lil more.

  3. I third the motion, sure beat’s the hell out of UCONN!

    I sure hope we stop trying to be like Ohio State. You
    already know what the sponge cake schedule did for them!

    I don’t give two hoots about going to a pro stadium. again it gets back to quality not
    quanity. You all know that pro stadiums are not a family enviroment.

  4. Thug U. Vs. Jesus U. LoL

    I would like to see a renewed Rivalry like Kevo said. I wouldnt mind it being part of the non-conf every year.

  5. A game with the-U would be amazing it would be amazing if this turned into a long standing rivalry like michigan or USC

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