Don’t Get Too Excited About a Possible Game with Miami

Last week there was an article in the Miami Herald which said that the Hurricanes would be interested in playing a game with Notre Dame in one of the neutral site games.  Well, apparently, such a game would be a long shot according to John Heisler in a SBT article.

“Our understanding from the ACC is that their member schools are not permitted to participate unless they can retain the television rights, and that’s not really what the format is,” John Heisler, Notre Dame’s senior associate athletic director for media and broadcast relations, said Thursday. “Our intention was for us to retain the television rights, and in effect, they’re already part of our NBC agreement.”

So there you have it.  A game which the both schools’ fan bases would be nuts for and would be a money making machine is not likely because of the TV rights to the game.

It’s cool though, we’ll probably get some other big time program like we have with the announced Washington State and Arizona State games or maybe it will be a really big time opponent like the possible Baylor game in the Super Dome.

Hopefully the first act of the new Athletic Director (which we learned Friday wouldn’t be Steve Orisini) will be to do something with the mess White created with the schedule so that we have some flexibility to schedule games against the Miami’s, Alabama’s, and Oklahoma’s of the college football world.

I haven’t been as big of an opponent towards White’s scheduling practices as some of the other ND bloggers out there, but it is getting very disheartening to read comments about not being able to schedule games with storied programs like Alabama and Miami.  It’s also going to make Notre Dame look pretty bad if it keeps happening.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Rocket Ismail returning a kickoff for a touchdown against Miami in 1990 since apparently we won’t get to see these two schools play in the near future.


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  1. The first act of the new Athletic Director, will be to do something with the mess, White created with the schedule so that They have some flexibility to schedule games against the Miami’s, Alabama’s, and Oklahoma’s of the college football world.

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  2. Bleed, I agree on the complaining to hypercritical comments at the games. There are a lot of unsupporting obnoxious mouths there. However, it is everywhere not just ND. Most guys can’t complain at home so they take it out on everyone else.

    The Miami-ND match-up would get everybody cheering. UCONN I would go to sleep vertically in the bleechers.

  3. @Kevin – that is certainly an interesting scenario. The college football community would eat up a Notre Dame – Miami game . It would easily be one of the biggest out of conference games of the year.

  4. Frankie sorry again for the misinformation on the AD job.

    I agree there has been a deleterious effect on the future schedule and it should be corrected.

    Still, not yearning to be guilty yet of another diatribe, the new a AD will have a tremendous effect on scheduling. So hopefully, we aquire an AD with some football leadership, vision, integrity and operational savvy second to none.

    Getting the right match for this position is critical. After all, ND is without question the number one football brand worldwide.

  5. bleednd, i know what your saying about no one cheering during the games!! its as if too many senior citizens go to the games nowadays! even on big plays like when i saw zibby return the punt againt UNC(i know it wasnt a big game, but cmon!) it wasnt as loud as i have heard other big time stadiums be, especially th eswamp

  6. Man, seeing that brings chills down my spine. I liked how the Yellow coats were sworming down there to keep students/fans out.

    I dont mean to complain about this but ND has a great fan base in numbers. Now, with that said they stink when it comes to cheering during the game. Most like to just sit there and complain. I have been posting this statement since I found this website 9yrs ago. We had to chant on your feet to get the crowd up. It gets so annoying and now at the games I like to stand and get a little roudy with my brothers and father and ALWAYS we get asked to sit down. We dont curse. We just stand and get roudy. Down in front, up in back?

    I hope the new AD figures out how to get around this TV rights issue because a renewed rivalry with Thug U would be great. I’d travel to see that game.

  7. I believe that the ACC can appear on *any* network broadcast under their existing agreement, provided that the game is not played in the Eastern time zone. Otherwise the broadcasting network has to pay a rights fee, a la CBS paying last year for the Alabama-FSU broadcast.

    So… how about Miami-Notre Dame in, say… New Orleans? Chicago?

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