Weis Notes – 8/10

Here are some notes from Charlie Weis’s press conference with the media Sunday.

  • Morrice Richardson played better than Justin Brown in the spring.  Brown is competing for the position and should play in the two deep.  Both are also being pressed by the young guys.  Weis made specific mention of Ethan Johnson and Kapron Lewis-Moore.
  • Reashon McNeil has been waiting in the wings for playing time and is ready for it after being “well groomed” over the last two years.  He’s got the type of attitude needed to be a successful corner.
  • If something were to happen to either David Bruton or Kyle McCarthy, Harrison Smith would probably be the starting safety.  The staff feels they want to get him on the field even with those guys starting though.
  • Weis made specific mention to using Harrison Smith against spread offenses (Hmmm, who do we know that runs the spread now?).
  • Both McNeil and Gary Gray will “be on the field a whole bunch.”
  • Weis mentioned that Bruton may be the best gunner in punt coverage in the country.
  • McNeil and Gray both have similar athleticism and coverage skills, but McNeil’s got the upper hand in terms of experience.  From the sound of Weis, it seems like McNeil has a decent lead for winning the starting job opposite Lambert.
  • Emeka Nwankwo, Paddy Mullen, and the five freshmen on the DL have all shown “flashes”, but it’s been hard to tell anything without the linemen being in full pads.
  • Kerry Neal has “a very, very high motor”.  Weis mentioned he had a very good spring and that there is a lot of competition at his competition (WILL).
  • The WILL LB this year will have their hand on the ground very often and that is why they have been practicing with the DL under Jappy Oliver.
  • “I think we intend to bring a whole bunch of pressure” – Weis.
  • Based on his comments it sounds like he has a lot of faith in the secondary this year.

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