Walker Still Kicking For Irish

Charlie Weis held another kicking competition in practice this week and once again Brandon Walker won running away.  According the South Bend Tribune

Walker will retain his job for Saturdays matchup between the Irish (4-1) and 22nd-ranked North Carolina (4-1) at Chapel Hill, N.C., despite going 1-for-7 on field goals this season and 7-of-19 for his ND career. The second kicking competition of the season between Walker and junior Ryan Burkhart was not close at all again. Walker resoundingly was the best kicker in practice.

Probably not the result Notre Dame fans were looking for here, but like I said last night, things could be worse than Walker.  North Carolina blocked 3 punts last week and are very sound in special teams.  A blocked field goal would be a hell of a lot worse than a miss – just ask any fan of the New Orleans Saints.

I still think Walker could be a very good kicker for us if he just gets his head straight.

Until then, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we went for it a lot more on fourth down this weekend once we get close to the red zone.  Weis has always went for it on fourth down a lot and with a shaky kicking game, I would be willing to bet that fourth and anything less than five yards in moderate to long field goal range might just be a down to go for it this weekend.

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  1. I still think Walker can turn into a pretty good kicker too. Confidence is just as important as leg strength and accuracy when it comes to field goal kicking. I really think the best thing for Walker would be to get some short field goal attempts. All of his attempts except 1 this year has come from over 40 yards.

  2. Although it is nothing like a game, there is some pressure in continually having kicking competitions in practice because you have been pathetic in games.

    Its clear Walker steps up in those situations (and that there really is no other option). I suspect he will come around in the not-so-distant future.

  3. This is insane. INSANE! Walker is a MESS! That kid’s mojo is MIA. Who gives a rat’s behind what he’s doing in practice?!

    The offense should be on the field EVERY 4th down as long as the Irish are beyond NC’s 30. Otherwise, punt it.

  4. Leg power doesnt mean a thing if he cant get it through the upright. Game kicks matter. Practice ones dont. Hold a school wide tryout and get someone out there that can make a FG. I find it hard to believe that he is the best they have.

  5. The only way i want to hear that they’re sticking with Walker is if Charlie says he’s brought in someone to work with him and figure his game/head out!

    Weis can act like he has confidence in the kid by starting him at the position, but come time to make a 37 yarder on 4th and 5, and ND will have the offense on the field.

  6. I don’t care if he makes them all in practice, he can’t do it in the game,it’s in his kitchen. Just like me on #13, I always hook it left. I hope he makes me eat my words but until he see’s a whole team of therapist he will not make a kick outside of 25 yards and it will end up costing us.

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