Pitt Post Game Injury Update

Yesterday’s loss wasn’t just painful for Irish fans – a couple Notre Dame offensive linemen got banged up during the game.  Chris Stewart, Trevor Robinson, and Eric Olsen each got hurt at different times throughout the game, but it sounds like stewart’s injury is the only one that might require any missed time.

Weis on Chris Stewart:

Chris (Stewart) doesn’t look very good. His knee locked out on the way out to the field. I forget who asked me the question. His knee just locked on the way to the field. So he’s got to get tested. If he does get tested, he’ll get scoped. If he did get scoped, it will probably be four weeks.

Missing Stewart for four weeks would cause him to miss the remainder of the regular season, but would allow him to return for any bowl preparations.  Trevor Robinson would fill in for Stewart if he has to miss any time and its likely the Irish offensive line would hardly miss a beat if Robinson is in the starting lineup.  Robinson was banged up a bit too with Taylor Dever filling in for him at times, but Weis said both Robinson and Eric Olsen are fine.

Trevor (Robinson) is fine. As a matter of fact, I think that’s the only offensive lineman that they thought missed time. But he could be (Stewart) a while if it turns out he needs to be scoped.  Olsen is fine. Well, his ankle, but he’s fine to go for tomorrow.

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