Brady Quinn Era in Cleveland Kicks Off Thursday

brady quinnBrady Quinn’s long wait on the Cleveland Browns’ bench appears to finally be over amid reports that Quinn will start on Thursday against the Denver Broncos and their Swiss cheese defense.  Quinn will replace incumbent starter Derek Anderson who came out of nowhere to throw 19 interceptions have a breakout season in 2007, but struggled mightly this year by compelting just over 49% of his passes this year.  Anderson’s fate may have been sealed on Sunday when he threw a game clinching touchdown pass to… the Baltimore Ravens’ Terrell Suggs.

The move to give Quinn his chance is long over due this year, but when a team invests 9 years and $27 million in  a quarterback like the Browns did with Anderson, it takes a while for them to pull the plug.  Speaking of the financial implications of the move for the Browns, it seems a bit ironic that Quinn gets his first start in week 9 when his contract calls for big time incentives if he takes 55% of the teams snaps this year.

ESPN’s James Walker thinks its a smart move by the Browns:

Cleveland’s season isn’t shot yet because the AFC is so wide open, but the Browns are dangerously close to falling out of playoff contention. Making this move is very risky considering the timing, but it is also the right call and one that’s long overdue for the short- and long-term success of the organization.

Meanwhile ESPN’s Trent Dilfer appearntly doesn’t like the move according to

Dilfer said that public opinion forced the decision. “I have spoken to coaches [who] have said, “Hey, this is not Derek Anderson’s fault.’ In fact, at times he’s played far better than his stats show. This is a functon of the defense not being able to get off the football field [and] Braylon Edwards, a superstar receiver that’s supposed to make all the plays and make you better, having 14 drops at least.

Weird that a quarterback who failed in Cleveland is defending anothe quarterback who is currently failing in Cleveland.

Anyway, good luck to Brady on Thursday.  His success in the NFL could be a big help for Notre Dame on the recruiting front and when the time comes for Jimmy Clausen to be drafted, success from Quinn could also improve Clausen’s draft status.

Oh, and from a Fantasy Football perspective, Quinn is worth a pickup if you are desperate at quarterback since the Browns remaining schedule is pretty friendly.  That is, of course, unless you share a team with a guy at work who won’t let you pick up Quinn even though you can release Vincante Shaincoe for him since you have Antonio Gates as your #1 TE.  Then you’re pretty much powerless in the situation.  Everyone else feel free to grab Brady off your waiver wire and reap the rewards.

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  1. Frankie V: Your right, Trent Dilfer is the worst QB to win a super bowl. Everyone knows it was the Ravens D that won it for him. Dilfer (talking about BQ and DA) seemed a little whiney about the change of qb’s. I think he is a little angry with the Browns organization. BQ played well and point was made. He deserves to start.

  2. BQ played good IMOP. The Browns D is horrible and K. Winslow Jr (Thug U) fumbled and dropped a 4th down catch. Good game by BQ though. Gotta give him some love.

  3. jack W; it wasnt just the Raiders who dropped the ball (no pun intended….well , maybe a little) on drafting Quinn. how bout the Dolphins or Lions?? i remember going into that draft becoming irate listening to the supposed “experts” going on & on about Russel’s arm strength & superior athletic ability. I’v been waiting for this day for a long time now, i’m very excited to see Quinn finnaly prove himself!
    -too bad I can’t actually watch the game on my television, but thats a topic for another day i guess.

  4. Why the cheap shot at me? If Dilfer is entitled to his opinion, aren’t I also entitled to my opinion?

    And yes, Dilfer did win a Super Bowl for the Ravens. He will also always be remembered as probably the worst quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, but he does have his ring.

  5. “Speaking of the financial implications of the move for the Browns, it seems a bit ironic that Quinn gets his first start in week 9 when his contract calls for big time incentives if he takes 55% of the teams snaps this year.”

    The only irony in that is that someone who has no idea what ironic means is using it in his blogs.

    Why the cheap shot at Trent Dilfer? He’s paid to give his analysis and his analysis is that the Browns receivers (particularly Edwards) are dropping too many balls for DA to be a scapegoat. And hey, Dilfer won a Superbowl as the Starting Quarterback of the Ex-Cleveland Brown franchise.

  6. Well lets not be to unrealistic. He is getting a start on a short week (will probably only get 1 full practice with the first team). Not many will deny that he is talented and intelligent on the field. However, it will still be his first start which rarely do NFL Qbs do well on their first start. So on friday morning, we very well could all be reading about how this was a bad move for the franchise, but looking to the future, it was the right move. I hope he finishes the season strong so it will boost our recruiting class.

  7. This is a great opportunity for not just Quinn but also for Notre Dame.

    Obviously, if Quinn does good than its a sign of a strong NFL career ahead of him, but it would also add a tremendous amount of credibility to the Notre Dame program. If Quinn can proves he’s the real deal, suddenly there’s gonna be a ton more interest in Notre Dame. Add that to our already insane ability to recruit under Weis and we’re going to be in very good shape for the years to come.

  8. Brady Quinn will be a stud in the NFL and it was about time it happened and yes Brady Quinn is a better quarterback than JaMARCUS RUSSELL EASILY

  9. Let’s hope Brady does great! I’m a Raider fan (still!) and I have always thought that the Raiders should have picked Quinn before Russell. It goes to show you how poor the decision making is in Oakland.

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