Buyout Not an Issue for Notre Dame?

During the 4th quarter of the Notre Dame-USC game tonight Holly Rowe reported that she had a conversation with Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick and her report was anything but a ringing endorsement for Charlie Weis.

In a nutshell, Swarbrick said that the only thing that will be considered is what is best for the student athlete and based on what she said, it sounded as though Swarbrick was saying the buyout was not an issue and wouldn’t be a deciding factor on what Notre Dame will do with Charlie Weis.

Given the opportunity to defend Weis and give him a vote of confidence, he did not according to Rowe and that speaks volumes.

The only positive comment from Swarbrick was that we have had two great recruiting class in a row and are on the verge of another.

Also, since they did not show the interview with Swarbrick, take all of these comments with a grain of salt even though I’m sure a quality news service like ESPN wouldn’t only report what made the best story right?

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  1. I agree with bleed, an upstart no name coach will not be hired.

    At this point, only a big name coach will work to retain the recruiting. And even then you still loose some, no matter what, ie; RichRod Mich.

    So for all intensive purposes, this situation is a definately a tough call either way. I am glad I don’t have to make it!

    One things for sure, many of the four and five star recruits would decommit and choose a stable big name college program and coach, not Cincy.

  2. Jacob,
    I agree that money isnt an issue. I dont agree with your “source”. I will quote:

    November 29th, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    “A source of mine told me that if a move to fire Weis is made, that it will be made on Tuesday or Wednesday and the most likely cantidate would be Brian Kelly from the University of Cincinnati”.

    Brian Kelly? No way.

    I personally dont think they will get rid of CW due to the fact they fired Ty after 3 yrs. Gives ND kinda bad rep. Also, CW is playing with mostly Fr, Soph’s and has a Top 10 recruiting class coming in. It’s his 5th yr and usually thats the president at most schools. There is still a game to be played in December. 6-6 Irish go to a bowl. A W gives you 7-6. That is a “significant” improvement over a 3-9 team dont you think? Jacob?

  3. Ok. I went back and read from a previous story. Weis’s should have two clauses on buyouts. One, if a college or professional team wanted Weis than they would pay the buyout price to get him. Two, if he isn’t performing than Notre Dame can get rid of him at a certain rate.

    I should have said it was an iffy source but I think there’s some good logic behind the 4 million amount.

    Why would the university shoot themselves in the foot? I’m sure they have a lower rate for if he is fired for performance reasons because the university wouldn’t want to pay very much to get rid of a coach.

    And, I think we all know that if the boosters want someone gone that its very easy for them to collect a couple million.

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