ASU Loss Opens up Hawaii Bowl Possibility

With Arizona State losing to Arizona tonight, a spot is open in the Hawaii Bowl which could potentially be filled by Notre Dame.  The Hawaii Bowl is on December 24 at 8PM.  Hawaii would be Notre Dame’s opponent.

A trip to Hawaii to end the season would be a nice reward for the team and a matchup with Hawaii should be enough to finally end the bowl losing streak.  What would also make such a matchup intriguing is that Notre Dame is still heavily pursuing Manti T’eo of Hawaii.  T’eo visited Notre Dame for the Syracuse game so this would give him the chance to hpefully see the Irish win a game.

We’ll know for sure which bowl game the Irish are headed to tomorrow evening, but this certainly looks like an interesting possibility right now.

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  1. Indeed on Christmas Eve 8pm on ESPN I believe…..for money and money alone. Aint no one out there who can tell me otherwise – and you know it.

  2. Robert – you are indeed a legend in your own mind.
    Bottom line after this year – ND refuses a bowl bid, period. For them to play on Christmas Even to boot?? Shameful – this decision speaks volumes about the state of Notre Dame football more so about the state of the Administration currently in place at Notre Dame. They sold out on their theology – they sold out on an extension of their theology – namely ND Football. Game over –

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