Ron English to EMU

ESPN is reporting that former Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English is taking the head coaching position at Eastern Michigan.  This is significant for Notre Dame because Irish defensive coordinator Corwin Brown was said to be one of the leading candidates for the vacancy.

It’s probably only a matter of time until Brown gets a head coaching position somewhere, but hopefully that won’t happen this off-season.  The Notre Dame defense has steadily improved under his watch and his recruiting prowress on the defensive side of the ball made the difference in last year’s #1 ranked class.

Brown is also one of the few coaches on the staff that is emotional on the sidelines and his players feed off of that.  He is also easily my favorite assistant coach at Notre Dame in at least the last 20 years.

Hopefully we can hold onto him for at least another year.

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  1. I’m not sure how legitimate Corwin is as a prospective head coach. Nowadays, colleges have to interview black coaching candidates, so they’re going to get interviews even if the school isn’t interested.

  2. @C-Dog,

    A new metamorphsis of offense, a hybrid spread would be an understatement.
    Playing two quarter backs at once continuously would drive defenses crazy. Especially, if one was an option quarterback. Who would have thought Piedmont High School (CA) would have developed such a wild approach. Seems like the highest complexity of offense that could be presented to a defense.


    I too, hope we keep Corwin, However, Corwin has that positive mojo thing going on and unfortunately the competition will be banging on his door. It will be extremely tough to see him leave.

  3. Please show more scores/news/info for ND basketball. I do realize its not as “popular” as football but they are very good this year and I feel there should be some props. ND 88 – Delaware st 50.

  4. Corwin Brown said if ND would’ve offered him a scholarship he would’ve gone to Notre Dame. It’s where he always wanted to go to school. He’s an ND man at heart.

  5. Rich Rod’s got to be a little nervous. Michigan could look 20 minutes down the road in three years if things don’t look peachy in Ann Arbor. English is an impressive defensive coordinator. Like Brown he also has a fire inhis belly. If he gets a young offensive coordinator and turns Eastern around, I really see Michigan making a play for him. Rich Rod is not being embraced by Michigan fans.

    As for Brown, this thing is good for ND. I wonder if someone would give Brown a chance ay ND. He could succeed where Willingham failed. He might be a Michigan man, but the older guys really appreciate the traditions of both schools. We need him for the defense. Don’t know if he’d work out for head coach. I’d give it a chance.

    By the way, has anyone read up on the A-11 offense? I wonder if a version of it could work in college?

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