Haywood New Head Coach for Miami (Ohio)

michael haywoodPer ESPN, ND offensive coordinator Mike Haywood will be the next head coach for Miami (Ohio).

Miami of Ohio will name Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Haywood as its head coach on Tuesday, sources familiar with the situation said.

The hiring of Haywood will bring the number of African-American football coaches in the Bowl Championship Subdivision to six of 119 programs. He will succeed Shane Montgomery, who resigned last month.

According to two sources close to Haywood, he has agreed to contract terms with the university.

Congrats to Mike Haywood for getting his chance to be a head coach.  More on this later.

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  1. Good for Mike Haywood, he was handcuffed here with somebody’s huge ego. Even when he got the opportunity, it was very obvious heavy breathing was going on over his shoulder.

    There is no question Mike Haywood is a quality ND man, unfortunately he was not allowed to do his job and it was a disservice to Mike.

    I wish Mike and his family the very best.


    Don’t get your hopes to high, I highly doubt CW will allow anyone the title of offensive genius over him.

  2. I guess the AD at Miami (OH) doesn’t follow football too closely. As long as we keep Tenuta and Corwin, I’m a happy man.

  3. Actually, some turnover is going to be good anyway. Weis’s second go around on assistants has been better so he get better still. Let’s compare initial hires to current:

    His offensive assistants, Cutcliffe and then Vaas would have faught for control with him. Cutcliffe would have lasted one seaason tops. Given another year, Weis wouldn’t have replaced Vaas with Paulus. He’ll be next.

    Minter was a disaster for the defense. That compounded the poor recruiting by willinham. With Brown and Tenuta, Weis really figured something out.

    So I’m hoping they convince Latina to go now, and when they replace Haywood, they also get a quality O-Line coach in a package.

    I just hope Tenuta sticks around.

  4. Well that’s one down, couple more to go! Maybe he can take Latina with him! I’m trying not to be too negative, but considering our offensive woes I am not going to lose any sleep over this one. CW better use this to bring in someone great. Now maybe we can have someone to coach the running backs that didn’t play WR/CB.

  5. No offense to Coach Haywood (pun intended?), but what exactly has he done to prove himself Head Coach worthy??? Oh well, this is a great opportunity to hire someone who can make a substantial impact on our offensive development and execution.

  6. I dont see this as much of a big loss for notre dame. Hopefully Charlie can bring in a good offensive coordinator (and let him call the plays) next season.

  7. Just saw that. Hopefully it will create some goodwill toward ND from the media. I hope that all is done with godd feelings between Haywood, Weis, and the ND administration. And since Miami of Ohio is not an opponent, I hope Haywood wins a lot of games and proves to be a successful leader of men.

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