Joe Schad on Haywood to Miami

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  1. C-Dog hits the nail on the head here. Mike Haywood is not only a great coach, he is an outstanding person and ND will lose some recruiting power when he leaves. He will be successful at Miami.

  2. Joe Schad’s comments show lack of investigative journalism. Plus, even he admitted that Haywood has Weis, Mac Brown, and Mick Saban for references. It could very well be that the agreement between Weis and Haywood always was to get Haywood a head coaching job. If Haywood was making a move by season’s end it would make sense that Weis would take over while he went on the interview circuit.

    A thought occured to me. Weis isn’t liked on campus by faculty, and many alums. This move with Haywood has me thinking that Weis has some idea of a coaching fraternity. Truly this seems more for the NFL. And with the short leash he has, I could see him back in the NFL as a head coach if some team is willing to chance it and Bellechik gives him a reference.

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