Winslow Defends Brady Quinn

brady-quinn-winslowKellen Winslow successfully maneuvered his way out of Cleveland this off-season, but recently told Sirus Satellite Radio that he thinks Brady Quinn has “tremendous upside” and that he thinks Quinn is the QB for the Browns this season.

Host Adam Schein: “Who is the better QB for the Browns this year? [Derek] Anderson or [Brady] Quinn?”

K-2: “I would say Brady Quinn. I love Derek Anderson. Great quarterback. It just didn’t work out. Brady Quinn is coming in, he has tremendous upside. Very calm, very mature and, I mean, give the guy a chance. What’s the big deal? I really don’t get it. This guy is coming in, he has worked his tail off. I bet you he is there working out right now. Just give him a chance. He is a leader, he is coming into his own. I really don’t get what’s the hard decision up there. My choice would be Brady Quinn.”

Quinn is going to be in a battle with Derek Anderson for the starting quarterback position in Cleveland this summer with a new coaching staff in place.

Two years ago I wrote an article for “Here Come the Irish 2007” about how Quinn’s NFL success would help or hurt Notre Dame’s recruiting efforts in the future and two years later, Quinn is still trying to lock down a starting job.  It appeared as though Quinn finally locked down the position last year before he suffered a season ending injury just three games into his starting career.

With Quinn entering his third season in the NFL, he faces a make or break season.  The third year is the year in which a quarterback generally makes his move if he is going to make one.  Quinn’s name has also popped up multiple times this off-season in trade rumors so the time is now for Quinn in Cleveland.

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