Could Brady Quinn Be On the Move?

brady_quinn_texans_at_brownsYesterday I posted some comments Kellen Winslow made to Sirus Satellite Radio about the quarterback position in Cleveland and how he thought that Brady Quinn should be the Browns quarterback of the future.  According to Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post on Sunday, however, the Browns could likely end up trading Quinn in the near future.

I hear from more than one NFL team that the Browns have a No. 1 pick on the table for Brady Quinn and are looking for more. However, it appears to the teams that I’ve talked to that the Browns will make the move to trade Quinn. There seem to be two teams very interested. They also will move Braylon Edwards and have at least a No. 1 pick on the table right now. Expect the Browns to have their team reshaped by the time the draft ends.

There has been a lot of speculation this off-season that the new regime in Cleveland is not exactly enamored with Quinn as their QB of the future and it seems the talk won’t go away.

A trade from Cleveland would be bad news for Quinn in the sense that they were his hometown team and it was his dream to play for the Browns.  Depending on where he may potentially end up if he gets traded though, it could potentially be good news for him career wise.  There are multiple teams in the NFL who will head into the 2009 a quarterback short of being legit contenders – the Vikings and Jets the most prominent.

For Quinn’s sake though, most Notre Dame fans would probably rather see him win the starting job in Cleveland and turn into the top notch pro most of us were sure he’d be by now.  Personally though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Quinn wearing a green #10 jersey next season if Donovan McNabb ends up talking his way out of town this off-season.

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  1. A friend of mine lives in Cleveland and emailed me this morning(10/14)to say she heard on the local news station that Brady’s house in Avon Lake, Ohio is now UP FOR SALE!

  2. Nothing would make me want to vomit all over myself more than to see my all time favorite player in Eagle green.

    I hope he stays in Cleveland or heads to Minnesota. Childress has got that franchise on the move.

  3. I started being an Eagles fan when Roman Gabriel was the QB. I’m still hearbroken over the 1980 team that partied their way to a superbowl loss to a wildcard Raiders team.

    That said, for Quinn I just think he needs a stable coaching staff. That’ll make more difference for his career than anything else. And he just needs a chance while staying healthy. If Quinn gets on the field and stays healthy, I see a future hall of famer.

  4. I pray Quinn gets the H out of Cleveland and gets traded. The Browns have always been a mess and will continue to be. I hope he ends up in Denver! ND fans really don’t care where he plays as long as he is kicking some butt we’ll be excited for him. Go Quinn get away from that horrible coach Mangini!

  5. I think he would look great in a Broncos uniform. I’m not convinced the Broncos are going to go with Kyle Orton as their starter and since they have two first round picks it makes sense to trade one for Brady.
    Quinn could do great things in Denver with their offense.

  6. So many people have been against Brady Quinn since the day he was drafted. I still have a bet going with some buddies that he will statistically blow J. Russell out of the water through their NFL careers. I just hope the kids gets his fair chance. He has great leadership qualities and I really think he has the tools to be a great NFL QB. I guess time will tell

  7. Send him down here to the Jags. This team needs to sell some tickets. I’d love to be able to watch him every sunday

  8. Maybe they’ll trade him. It’d probably be a good thing for his career to get out of that sinkhole of an organization. Well, as long as he doesn’t end up in Oakland.

  9. Its unbelievable that Cleveland has not even given Brady a shot. They are officially the worst organization in the league. How can you have a talent like Brady Quinn and not even give him a shot? Did he not prove last year in the Denver game that he is a good NFL qb? He played with a broken finger from the first quarter of his next game until he was benched. I just don’t get it. If Cleveland gets rid of him, I will wish bad things for that team.

  10. Geoff, I agree there isn’t really any way Quinn ends up in Philly, but I’d still love to see it happen. After listening to McNabb’s drama over the past couple seasons, it’d be refreshing to have a QB like Quinn in command of the Eagles. Quinn never complained about not having weapons or about how his defense couldn’t stop people the way McNabb does every time the Eagles lose a big game.

  11. As a fellow Birds fan, I hear ya Frankie…. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyway Quinn ever comes to Philly, haha. We had a chance to move up a few spots and draft him back chose to get that stud Kevin Kolb! What a shame…

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