Sam Young Has Agents’ Attention

439_1042085_notre_dame_blue_goldEric Hansen reported on Sunday that Sam Young is getting a lot of attention from agents looking to get an in with him now.

Along the same lines, Irish offensive tackle Sam Young is getting swarmed by agents, something that wouldn’t be happening if the buzz was that new line coach Frank Verducci hadn’t made an impact, and Young wasn’t poised for a big senior year.

Hansen makes a great point.  Agents wouldn’t be all over him this early if they didn’t think he had the chance to be a high draft pick next year.  For that to happen, Young would need a big senior year after a couple of disappointing seasons in 2007 and 2008.

Earlier this spring, Young said that new offensive line coach Frank Verducci has been helping him greatly with his technique.  Young has also shown some signs of leadership throughout his career and is a likely captain for the 2009 season.

Hopefully the attention Young is getting from agents is a sign that he is poised for a big senior year because the offensive line is going to be the key to season in 2009.  If the line can step up, the offense has a chance to be as dynamic as it was in 2005 and 2006.

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  1. You guys that are dogging on Sam Young, based on performance to date are exactly correct. He has not impressed me overall. However, that whole line was not well coached and so he may have been trying to cover too much ground for other underperforming linemen. If even two linemen don’t cover their assignments, then potentially everyone looks bad.
    Someone sees something in ths kid and I would agree that he has potential. So maybe he gets a chip on his shoulder and with better coaching all around has that solid season that helps him reach his potential.
    Our otherwise undersized defense has some good “Nasty” to it. Let’s hope not just Sam Young, but the whole oversized offensive line gets solid coaching and can apply some “nasty” to defenses. I’d love to see any of them pancake someone, or just blow a couple of holes for the running backs. It just can’t be that difficult to learn.

  2. Todd McShay has Young going 14th in the 2010 draft..I’m sorry I just don’t see it; Unless he stops getting beat. On every 4th play.

  3. Sam Young is a bust – over rated and under achiever. He had all the makings to be another Orlando Pace but it was not to be. I am betting the lack of development from our former offensive line coach had much to do with this. Hopefully Sam can salvage a bit this year – aint no reason in the world he should find the need to even think about holding anyone. I think he should have been much much more of a force to contend with than has materialized.

  4. Whether Verducci makes a noticeable differencw in the actual play of the line has to be seen, but my feelings are that if you take a pro line coach,that he is, the most physically gifted (young) will only benefit from learning pro style footwork

  5. @Frankie V,
    You yourself have pointed out in other articles that the poor line play was more than a talent loss. The key to any of this is how much re-learning can be done by these guys. They have a lot to prove before any of us should care about agents. Personally I just want to see the O-line do something postive. I don’t EVER want to see a yuotube video like the one posted on this site after the BC game. AFTER these guys accomplish something, and after senior year, let the talk of agents begin.

  6. i disagree that young was our best linemen last year. I believe olsen was better last year and will be better this year. I’d also like to see what trevor robinson will have to offer this year if he can beat out stewart.

  7. jimbasil, the offense as a whole was explosive and dynamic in 2005. The OL was also pretty good in 2005 with Sullivan, LeVoir, Stevenson, Harris, and Santucci. Quinn was barely touched in 2005. In 2006, the line lost some talent and teams figured out that you had to just blitz the hell out of ND to beat us.

  8. I’m all for Sam Young being a dominant player this year. I just don’t remember the OLine being all that terrific in 05,06. I’m puzzled as to why you’d say that. Quinn was running for his life half the time and DW couldn’t find a hole to run through.

  9. It’s no wonder, at 350 – 6’8″ with offensive linemen at a premium in the NFL, I wish Sam all the best this Year. He definately will make a serious impact.

  10. Hopefully no agent gets him or ND in trouble. WE aren’t USC.

    I’d still want to see a solid senior season. From best to worst, I was not impressed with the toughness of the o-line, nor the technique. I’d like to see them get just a little more chippy.

  11. He actually was our top Olineman last year. I think people wanted him to be a superstar immediately but his progression as an OLineman is taking him to a point where he’s gotten better every year and has been the most consistant guy on a line that never got coaching. It’s not a matter of if, Sam Young will be outstanding this year and will at least be a 2nd round pick next April.

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