Clausen, Weis Grace Cover of TSN

The cover of the latest edition of the Sporting News magazine features Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen and head coach Charlie Weis. 


The cover also features a bold statement from Clausen – “Coach Weis Will Not Get Fired Because Of Me.”

Considering Clausen usually doesn’t offer up much during interviews – since his press conference announcing his intentions to attend Notre Dame anyway – this is a pretty big statement from the junior to be former #1 overall recruit.

Clausen and Weis will forever be linked.  Weis hitched his wagon to Clausen when he decided against pursuing Mitch Mustain in 2006 (with Zach Frazer and Demetrius Jones in the fold) and starting Clausen as soon as he was healthy enough to start. Weis’s success, or failure, will be determined largely by what #7 is able to accomplish on the field this year.

At the same time, Clausen hitched his wagon to Weis as well when he proclaimed that he came to Notre Dame largely because of Weis and his success tutoring quarterbacks Tom Brady and Brady Quinn.

I’m sure Weis and Clausen would have liked to grace the cover of a magazine without the word “fired” attached to it by this time, but at least it shows that Weis still has the full support of his players.  It’s also encouraging to see Clausen step up and take on that type of accountability.

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  1. If this year is anything like any year since the Notre Dame football started, then it will be a great year. I just love watching the Irish play and that is all that matters.

  2. i think ND will have a great year!! im happy to see JC step up and lead this team….im not sold on a championship run this year im thinking next year will be our year but im calling for a win vs USC(we have two weeks to prepair for that game)our team needs this our fans needs this ND needs a win vs SC….but watch out for BC a week later if we beat SC in a nail biter watch out for BC i hate to say it but think 93….and this BC team has had our number……those are the only teams that scare me and we play them back to back!!!

  3. i look at this team and think we have more talent than 11 teams on our schedule. If we play up to our talent level, we are an upset away for playing in the Championship game. i dont think these are too high standards. if the season starts strong, get some dominating early wins, and build team confidence. you are gonna see this team grow up right before our eyes.

  4. 10 wins????? how about a national championship run??? all is there and all is experienced. the bar too high?? if so go root for penn state.

  5. Pursue Mustain? Last I heard he’s still third string at USC. Looks like it was the right decision there. Also, no offense, but please learn to spell Weis’ name correctly. He’s only been her almost 5 years.

  6. Year in and year out notre dame fans,local and national media, and even I have been guilty of saying this is the year. Besides two games last year(Syracus & Boston College) I though they played pretty good. I believe that the key to success this year is Jimmy Clausen becoming a leader. His body language was terrible when things went bad. Hopefully they can use the Hawaii Bowl as some motivation to a great off-season and I’m excited to see the return of Darrin Walls

  7. At least Clausen’s mommy isn’t running the athletic director because he isn’t happy with the offense. That was so weak.

  8. There’s a quarterback at Florida that made a pretty bold statement last year after loosing to Ole Miss. His team mates took his insperational words and rallied around him.If I’m not mistaken, they went on to win the National Championship. What one team can do, another can do.

  9. I like the attitude. its not cockiness its swagger. Jimmy has all the talent in the world, he just needs to put it together. this is the yearthat Notre Dame stakes their claim back amongst the elite. On a side note Mustain was a good pass. he complained at Arkansas because they ramn it too much. now hes eatin pine at USC. no heart im glad we passed

  10. I love the talk and the hype around both of them but they have to beat USC this year. Call me a homer but I think both Clausen and Weis will earn a lot of respect this year because they will beat USC. And I will be charging on the field as soon as that final whistle blows.

  11. bold statement, but i love it!!! this is exactly the leader that we needed and he had to become. let’s just hope it translates to the field.

  12. WOW, Pronunciamento at it’s finest. I love it, here’s our uncontested leader boys. Now it’s definately going to be a great year. How about that 5 touch down look!Alright Jimmy, bring-it-on. No wonder Charlie’s smiling. 13-0 with testosterone!!!!
    Music to my ears.

  13. I love the cockiness but please bring it to the field this year. IF JC plays like he did against Hawaii we will win 10 games. Our D is scary and our offense should be just as good if not better. Once again it will all depend on our O-line play.

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