Charlie Weis Press Notes – 9/22/09

Charlie Weis previewed Purdue, updated the injury status of his team, and discussed how the Irsih plan to injured star wide receiver Michael Floyd at his weekly Tuesday press conference. (Photo - Icon SMI)

Charlie Weis met with the media for his weekly Tuesday press conference and addressed the health of Jimmy Clausen, Armando Allen, and James Aldridge.  He also talked a little about life after Michael Floyd for the Irish offense.  Here are some notes.

  • As previously posted, Jimmy Clausen has a case of turf toe and is expected to play.  Weis gave him off on Tuesday and will ease him into practice Tuesday, then practice him fully Wednesday to see how it responds.
  • Armando Allen had Tuesday off as well, but is also expected to play this weekend.  He has a little bit of an ankle injury, but it didn’t sound serious.
  • James Aldridge is probably going to miss the next two weeks and will make his return after the bye week for the USC game (October 17).
  • Duval Kamara and Robby Parris are listed as the co-starters at the Z-receiver position opposite Golden Tate with Deion Walker and Shaquelle Evans listed as the co-backups at the X-receiver position.  John Goodman is listed as the back at Z behind Kamara and Parris.
  • Weis spoke to both Walker and Evans on Sunday about the opportunity that is front of them with Michael Floyd being out for the season.  Weis said that Walker was more experienced, and that Evans was very explosive.
  • On Duval Kamara, Weis said that he is by far the best blocking wide receiver on the team which would give them at least a little improvement in one area without Floyd.  He also said though that no one truly just replaces Floyd though.
  • Speaking of Floyd, Weis said that Floyd has responded to the injury very well and that “he thinks he is a coach now”.  He said that Floyd was in the weight room Tuesday getting on Allen and Clausen about their injuries and has accepted the role he has to serve now that he is out for the year.  Sounds like he is a future captain to me.
  • Weis said the coaches would work on getting the defensive players to play with more confidence throughout the week.  He mentioned that after the last couple of weeks it would be easy for them to play hesitant, but the staff would work with them to play more confidently so that by Saturday they were just “letting loose”.
  • Weis said the apparent confusion on defense Saturday was caused mainly by some irregular substitution patterns, but once they got that under control the confusion went away.
  • The staff made some minor changes to the team’s normal road game routine since the game is later in the night.
  • On the influence of Frank Verducci, Weis said the two coaches think a lot alike and its allowed him to do things they way he’s always been accustomed to doing them.  Weis also said that Verducci’s been successful because he thinks like an offensive coordinator and sees the big picture.
  • Weis said Brian Polian warned the kick return unit to watch for the onside kick before Michigan State called it.
  • If Floyd could be back for a bowl game, Weis said he would use him, but would let Floyd make the call.  He said what almost every Notre Dame fan already knows though – the notion of Floyd sticking around for 5 years is naïve considering his talent level.  Weis even went so far as to say that if he could have Floyd for two more years he’d sign up for that right now.  Weis also said that an optimistic time table for a return would be two months.
  • Weis said that Kyle Rudolph’s run blocking has improved significantly since the first game when he had a rough time against Nevada.
  • Weis said he didn’t think the problem with the defense was the scheme, but it was more about players not being in the proper gaps or making plays when they’ve had the chance to.  Considering the number of missed sacks, tackles, and interceptions the past few weeks, Weis might not be too far off.  If the defense just starts making the plays that are there in front of them, this defense will look much, much better.
  • Weis plan to replace Michael Floyd is going to include using a combination of receivers.  Weis talked about lining up Shaquelle Evans opposite Golden Tate in order to get a speed receiver lined up with a speed receiver so that if the defenses just keys on Tate, Evans could find himself in a one on one situation.  He also talked about moving Golden Tate around a bit so that he’s not in the same place the whole time.
  • Weis made mention of Kyle Rudolph’s 52 yard catch and run as evidence of Jimmy Clausen’s improvements in moving up in the pocket.

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