Irish Stewed: The Florida University – South Coast Edition

Notre Dame and Charlie Weis are still in search of a signature win four years after the epic 2005 USC game.
Notre Dame and Charlie Weis are still in search of a signature win four years after the epic 2005 USC game.

The day was unseasonably cool, but the sun had finally come out, warming the air just enough so I could mow the lawn. I threw on my favorite pair of ratty old jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, and then I saw it hanging in my closet—the crimson tee with the gold block lettering. My wife was in Chicago for a girl’s weekend, the kids were on the couch in the middle of a Spongebob Squarepants marathon, so I figured I could get away with wearing the t-shirt for at least a few hours.

I grabbed my aluminum travel mug of coffee off the kitchen counter, started to head out the door. That’s when my 11-year-old daughter decided to get up and make herself some hot chocolate.

“What’s your shirt say, Daddy?” she asked, pointing at the gold letters on my chest.

“Oh, those are just initials,” I said.

“What do they stand for?”

“W-well…” I stuttered. “They stand for, uh, Florida University.”

“Florida University?” she said, puzzled. “But that’s only the first two letters.”

“I know that,” I said, practically smitten with my own subterfuge. “It’s Florida University-South Coast.”

“Oh,” my daughter said.

Question: when and how did you start gearing up for USC week? Because my USC week started by mowing the lawn on the Lord’s Day while listening to the “Rudy” soundtrack on my iPod and wearing an “FUSC” shirt.

What’s my take on the ND-USC matchup? Frankly, I thought a healthy Michael Floyd gave Notre Dame a puncher’s chance, but without Floyd we don’t have a prayer. The Trojans during the Carroll Era have been utterly dominant. Since 2002 they have won at least 11 games every season. This run has included two national championships, three Heisman trophies, 53 NFL draft picks and 14 first-round picks. By comparison, in this same period Notre Dame has never finished the season ranked in the Top 10, has compiled a 1-5 bowl record, has had 35 players selected in the NFL draft and a grand total of two first-round picks. The last time ND beat USC—Bob Davie’s 27-16 defeat in 2001 of Carroll’s very first Trojans squad—still stands as Carroll’s largest margin of defeat as USC head coach. In fact, USC has never lost by more than a touchdown since that game. If you look at the gamut of USC’s 90-11 record since 2002, with but a few “Bush-push” exceptions, opponents either get killed or get lucky when they play the Trojans.

I expect Notre Dame will lose by two touchdowns.

In December of 1930, the USC Trojans were being hailed as “The Wonder Boys,” the best team America had ever seen. In their previous three games versus ranked opponents, they had won by a combined score of 156-0. Conversely, “Rockne’s Ramblers” were heralded as overrated. Though defending national champions and riding an 18-game winning streak, Notre Dame had won two tight, physically exhausting games versus Army and Northwestern. Injuries had depleted their backfield. ND was so beat down Coach Rockne said a week before the USC game, “We’re not giving up the ship, but we’re prepared to man the lifeboats.” When pushed by reporters to make a prediction on the game’s outcome, Rockne said, “I expect we will lose by two touchdowns.”

At the last practice before the game, Rockne had Line Coach Hunk Andersen read aloud a wire service news story about Tom Lieb, a former Notre Dame assistant who had recently moved to California. A 1930s incarnation of Bob Davie, Lieb was popular and admired by the team—a “player’s coach.” Per Rockne’s secret request, Lieb ridiculed ND in the story, calling them fat, injured, slow, worn down and totally incapable of beating the Trojans. Later that evening, Rockne graciously agreed to address the USC faithful at their pep rally. “It will be no disgrace to lose to a team with such spirit,” Rockne announced to the tens of thousands assembled. “I have warned my boys against over-ambition. There is room at the top for only one great team.”

The very next day, The Wonder Boys lost to Rockne’s Ramblers 27-0. It would be the exclamation point on Rock’s last national championship. His last game. Less than four months later, while en route to participate in the production of the film The Spirit of Notre Dame, Knute Kenneth Rockne was killed when his plane crashed into a wheat field near Bazaar, Kansas. President Herbert Hoover called Rockne’s death “a national loss.”

Coach Rockne once said, “The secret of winning football is this: work more as a team, less as individuals. I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven.”

Come Saturday, I guarantee Notre Dame will not have the eleven best players on the field. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll have the best eleven.



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  1. I like our chances enough to say whoever wants it wins it.

    Claussen’s arm. Tate all over the field and running the Lepracat. Rudolph everywhere including wide out. If U$C falls behind ND’s #1 possession game eats the clock.

  2. i hope it is cold and wet,that will give us some advantage having lived in southern cal.for a long time and now back here in the midwest the temp. does make a differance i think it will make things ugly for barkley.Theay like to throw to back split wide and tightend missed calls on biltz package could led to disaster go irish

  3. Go Irish beat USC. The entire sports world get ready to shocked on Sat as the most talented team of the Weiss era takes the field. I totally embrace the underdog staus we have that will make the Irish victory on Sat.even better.10- 11 point underdogs get ready trojans for the most physical ND team you’ll face in along time.One last thing goes out to all the biased voters in both polls the # 25 ranking given to ND after a bye week and not after the come from behind victory over wash (who beat the all mighty trojans)only benefits usc to have another ranked team on the schedule. I guess most teams get credit for quality losses (okalahoma,OSU,USC etc..)except for the IRISH. Now is time to prove what we got. No more preditions or speculations get out there and win. Improvise, adapt, & overcome see the take the hill. WE are N D. I just cant end this without saying Mark May I hate you so very much get over it; ND fired TY Willingham a great man but not a qualified head coach your record at wash was 11-32 before being forced to resign after being blown out by that average 2008 ND squad last year.

  4. Now is the time…Wake up the echo’s…Charley get em fired up..our talent is there, our heart is there, our coaching is there and the platform is there with a top ranked talented So Cal team coming into our house…..but at the end of the day we need to prove it on the field…silence our critics, forcefully, with the win and we will as we “Play Like A Champion Saturday”…ND 34 So Cal 28

  5. It is a riot reading this board! In the end however I believe the closer the game gets the nay sayers wont be able to help getting pumped for this game!

    Regarding an earlier comment – of course if Clausen gets time he is going to rip em! Thats his neighborhood! As long as Charlie doesnt get too fancy the offense WILL have a big day. The energy at the start of the game will be tremendous! What however, is an absolutely necessary ingredient, is a defense that we have not seen yet but we know is there. In any event – I am more optimistic now because I do believe in Tenuta and like Nevada where he had time to prepare and ended up shutting them out – the big blank , this defense will shine in similar fashion after the bye week! In addition I heard him in his recent presser say the same thing he said before the Nevada game…”I’m excited about this game”. I’m telling ya there will be a time in this game when you are yelling…”T-E-N-U-T-A…..dude…! I think he is gonna give the SC offense fits!

    Bottomline folks – the stage couldn’t be set better! The stars have definitely aligned: The prior 7 years of taking it with an opportunity of making things right, playing at home, everyone calling for an SC win even the editors of The Observer….shame on them…, Mark May – need I say more?, anything that has to do with Southern California… Remember, especially now… “What thou the odds be great or small….. You’ve all heard the phrase….”Never bet against the Irish….” Let me break it down for ya – This is the game. This is one of those games and times in your life as an ND fan when it really comes into play. You know it interiorly! The storm is coming and we aint taking any prisoners! Man – I can’t wait to be part of the game! It is going to be epic! Keep the faith! GO IRISH!!!

  6. all the sc. games over the years;think about one former basketball coach once said,what ever it takes- we beat Southern Cal.We have the players.Do we have the heart? with a win on Sat. all ND football life falls into place.

  7. Sorry to ruin the fun, but he’s shouting it out.

    McSweeney: “I expect Notre Dame will lose by two touchdowns”.
    Rockne: “We’re not giving up the ship, but we’re prepared to man the lifeboats… I expect we will lose by two touchdowns.”

    Rockne: “I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven.”
    McSweeney: “Come Saturday, I guarantee Notre Dame will not have the eleven best players on the field. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll have the best eleven.”

    ND’s got U$C right where they want them. Jake Locker and Washington’s defense beat U$C. Why not us?

    P.S. Those who can’t read: please assure us you aren’t alums.

    1. I’m not an alum. Please tell me the alums at least picked up on this. It’ll make it that much harder for me to sleep at night knowing some alums didn’t get this.

  8. To me its very very simple…

    -give Clausen time to throw and we have another nail biter and a good chance of winning.

    -don’t give him time and we get boat raced once again.
    Thats it, thats the list!

  9. McSweeny, You sir are amazing.

    I love it.

    I’m going to find a way to package this up and have it for breakfast tomorrow.

    For those who seem confused, McSweeny’s is playing somewhat of a ‘Devil’s Advocate’ and somewhat of a Satire. He’s stating the case presented to us by the media at large and the opinion of the nation as a whole. He’s also explaining why it’s complete and utter Bull$#!+.

    On a personal note,
    I’m looking at this game in the same light as I did the Nevada game. I fully believe that ND is a team that can win, and should win. But I also understand the dangerous potential of the team ND faces. Talking about last year is only relevant until this year starts and we find out what type of team ND is. Currently, I have no idea what type of team ND is. I’m just obnoxiously excited to find out.

    Could ND get blown out? There’s a chance.
    Could ND lose a close game? I think if its close, ND wins, but yeah there’s still a chance.
    Could ND win? Abso-$#*@ing-lutely
    Could ND blow them out? You better believe it. USC is not built for a comeback. Did they come back against OSU? Yes. Then again, when you win 15-18 it couldn’t have been THAT large a comeback either.

    I’m not saying ND will win. Quite frankly I’d rather just keep my mouth shut on huge predictions and let the Team speak.

    As for the stat that USC hasn’t given up a passing TD all season, I say “Tulsa hasn’t given up a Rushing TD all season”. I had to look that one up. They’re 4-2 Too.


    I was going to just leave that 4-2 comment there but, I’m sure some troll will come by and say USC is 4-1 or that my stats suck or that I’m stupid. so this is for you: I’M IMPLYING IT YOU FREAKIN ID10T.

    1. Thank you for picking up on the satire and the idea that this article is very much a play on words. As a reader, I thought the parallel between practicality and belief was carefully disguised by the author’s account of Knute Rockne and the two touchdown loss prediction echoed by the author. The rational perspective (i.e. USC heavily favored) cannot always account for the heart that finds a way for belief to trump mere rationality. GO Notre Dame! And thanks, for the article, McSweeney!

  10. I have been a major critic of Weis for his inability to prepare his team to play. It could not have been more evident than it was last year, losing 4 games in the 2nd half, when having the lead.

    I am not just saying this because of being 4 and 1, but Weis seems to have changed some. The team is playing with a swagger that has bee gone for years. Weis has changed- someone got to him. Jimmy Claussen has changed too, but his change I think is more ‘natural’ as he has aged and matured behind a better, more-talented team. The team looks different and “feels” different.

    I could be wrong Mike, but I don’t think Saturday is coming down to coaching. I think both sidelines will do their jobs well, but at its heart, it is going to be a slugfest.


      1. You can do a lot of things with an offensive line. Without it, nothing. If Sam Young and Co. show up it will be interesting. GO IRISH!

  11. Irish Fans – you all have good thoughts and tactics how beat USC. Now if only Charlie Weis and his staff could figure that out I would feel a whole lot more comfortable with the game. Perhaps Charlie should read this blog. Anyway, the very talented kids do not lose the game, Weis will do it for them. He gets out classed/out coached by Carrol and his staff. Better get a call into Jon Gruden before he interviews with the Redskins! would love to see a win though. It has been too long…….

    1. What crap.

      The Irish can come out and beat Southern Cal.

      Now, I believe that Southern Cal has the better players. Carroll is a recruiting machine and, more than that, he motivates his great athletes in ways that Weis hasn’t done — yet.

      But, Clausen is different. He brings with him a much different perspective — one of optimism, knowledge, competence and confidence. He knows that he can lead this team to another fourth quarter victory. Why wasn’t Jimmy like this, say two years ago or last year? Two reasons: he was younger; those teams had less talented players who were poorly coached up front.

      So, I look for the Irish to establish a running game early, freeing up that efficient passing game. I look for ND, on defense, to struggle against the bigger and quicker Souther Cal squad. Barkley will throw a key interception and the Irish, on the extra possession, will take advantage.

      In South Bend, in one of the biggest Irish upsets of the decade, ND prevails, 31-24.

      1. Your delusional. As you said -Weis hasn’t motivated his players yet? It’s been 5 years! What is he waiting for? Good coaches can motivate players and do!

      2. You’re using “your” incorrectly.

        I wrote that Carroll has motivated players “in ways that Weis hasn’t done — yet.” I didn’t say that Weis hasn’t motivated his players.

        Secondly, you were probably running around telling everyone how you knew the team could win if they only had a coach, like Coach Weis, when he won his first few games at Notre Dame.

        What impresses me about Weis right now is that he’s starting to be less predictable. Guys are open. Backs are able to get a hole here and there.

        I’m concerned about the defense — and Southern Cal’s massive front four — but I feel pretty good about this squad. Maybe I am delusional, but I refuse to rush the dumping of CW.

  12. I enjoyed the article McSweeney…I really feel like this is the best shot we’ve had to win this game since 2001…our biggest question mark of course is the defense..We have to get some sort of pass rush to make barkley scramble around..hopefully he’ll make some mistakes..offensively I think we’ll be fine but Kyle Rudolph, Shaq Evans, Robert Hughes and Armando Allen have to have big games..but I really feel good about this team and this game..

  13. I expect to win on Saturday, period. Hope it’s a good game? B.S.

    Did you see what Sam Young said about the offense in the huddles these past 4 weeks? He said Jimmy and Co. were as “calm as he’s ever seen”, particularly during the final game-winning drives! And he said the attitude that permeates the offense is one that expects to win and knows we’re going to win, which was not the case even with Brady Quinn- his words not mine. Defense needs to play the game of their lives, with reckless (yet controlled) abandon. Offense just keep doing what you’re doing.

    I WILL BE AT THE GAME! JUST GOT 2 TICKETS YESTERDAY! I got the email and everyone needs to wear Kelly Green. GO IRISH!

  14. The pen is mightier than the sword. This isn’t my blog. I have no say in what gets printed. I only respond based on my views and values as a fan of ND.
    As you can see here, the word “Fans” is a vaguely loose term. Depending on what circles you happen to be in, a ND fan can be many things and they all have their rightful place.
    The ND fans that I roll with, do expect us to win. And we believe in those expectations. We believe that upsets are our business and part of our tradition. (Although it’s one that needs resurrecting on Saturday)
    But we expect it. If I can’t get excited about my team, and expect success, well, there’s a type of fan for that too.
    ND is known for proving people wrong. Us against the world. Winning against all odds. To hell with the nay sayers. Lighting a fire in someone.
    I think that’s what McSweeny is getting at here.
    How you choose to expierence the game is up to you.
    You can be a pessimist or an optimist.
    You can see the glass half empty or half full.
    You can see this game as one were we could go to our doom,
    Or one that gives the opportunity to accomplish something special.
    You can stick you neck out and say I believe, we are going to win.
    Or, I doubt we have any chance, and hope that we don’t embarrass ourselves.
    For this ND Fan, I think the payout is much better to back your team and be apart of something special. I’ve been burned before, and I’m sure I’ll get burned agian. But special doesn’t come around all that offten.
    What kind of fan are you?
    You can get busy dying, or you can get busy living.

    1. Dude, I’m with you, I’ve been living and dying with ND football the past 25 years, and to this day still dream about those Florida guys bouncing off Bettis like gnats in the Cherrios Bowl. So I’ll agree that nothing is impossible, and like I’ve been saying, Clausen is something special. Here’s hoping they’re growing the grass nice and high for Saturday’s game….

  15. Shazamrock, that’s fine with me, I’ll gladly take a win in exchange for being left out of the celebration. As for my pessimism, we haven’t beaten USC since just after 9/11 and in that span have been outscored 284-95 in 7 years (average score: 40-13) and in the last 2 years have been outscored 76-3, which is 3 points more than I would have scored against USC by myself. Nothing our defense has shown thus far gives me any reason to believe we win this game. Sorry. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Joe
      The recent trend certainly
      paints a bleak picture, I’ll give you that. You’er the kind of guy who wants proof.
      Me, I go more on faith and potencial.
      Vegas set the spread at USC by 11.5
      While I’m not going to bet the farm, I am going to get a piece of that action.

  16. Fellow ND Fans:

    God I hope this “McSweeney” guy is wrong! (Did enjoy your piece, however). I pray he doesn’t get invited to a single victory fest.

    Now, if “McSweeney” proves to be right, however, and, again, I trust he won’t, then all the “closet Cubs fans” passing off as ND fans on this board should do the right thing, namely, own up to your exaggerated bravado, throw away the rose-colored glasses you see ND football through, and apologize to “McSweeney” and all the other equally loyal ND fans who see things for what they are and not what we’d wish them to be!

    If ND wins, then “McSweeney” should apologize and write a positive piece. If ND loses, then the rest of us should suck it up and agree that “McSweeney’s” pessimism isn’t that unrealistic right now and apologize to him. Agreed?!

  17. McSweeney- I personaly enjoyed this article…I work with a lot of U$C grads and get pretty fired up with one in particular.

    My keys to success to beat USC:
    Golden and Rudolf are going to attract a lot of attention, we need either evans/goodman/walker and/or Ragone to step up. YES I said Ragone he is big and fast and would completely surprise the Trojans.
    We need to shutdown McKnight- he is a scary runner and based on our tackling this could be a problem. Make Barkly throw the ball…this gives us a better chance at rattling the Frosh QB.
    Special Teams, I don’t know about you guys however I get the feeling that Riddick is ready to break one. If we could get a score on Special Teams…
    Running game, I would like to see a steady stream of Hughes, he plays the game the way the game was meant to be played…and he is still pissed about the game last year…hence he smacked on of the Trojans…remember?
    And the biggest key to the game is our Corner’s they need to get their head around and find the ball. The only one I see doing this is Gary Gray– in fact IMO he is our best corner.

  18. McSweeney I know you don’t need me to tell you this but don’t listen to those morons who don’t know a good article if it hit em in the face! Anyways he is right on with his comments and it has nothing to do with he or I not being a TRUE ND fan(spoken by only ND’s greatest fans) but rather realistic fans that we are! We are not expected to win, should not be expected to win, and it would be an upset if we do win! USC has owned us for the last couple years and Carrol shouldn’t be treating this game like anything but a regular season game, because that’s what he does best downplay the big games to his players and that’s why 95% of the time his guys are calm and cool and come out on top! Now that all being said I think the irish do have a puncher’s chance sat, (which we have gotten knocked out in the first round the last two years) charlie can save his job, and help restore some pride and glory in this university with a win sat. I hope to see a game resembling the great ’05 ND/USC game, but with the irish coming out on top this time!!! (this time there won’t be a “Bushpush” but maybe we win the another “Hughespush” similar to last wk!)

  19. If it isn’t the grim reaper (Joe) himself. Don’t sit there and say “with Floyd we had a punchers chance.” From what I’ve read from you USC was an “automatic” loss this year based soley on last years teams and preformance. You never see even a glimmer of hope when we play USC.
    Don’t be a hypocrie now and announce that you might have given the Irish some measley chance with Floyd. According to you we should lose agian by 40.
    Forget that it’s a new season. That USC lost a ton of talent to graduation and the NFL. That Carroll’s coaches have left for other jobs,
    and they are starting a freshmen QB. It’s USC so we automaticlly lose.
    So after we win on Saturday I’m here to tell you that you ARE NOT invited
    to the victory CELLEBRATION after the game. There is no room for party poopers. We want to enjoy the win. Not hear your blabber about how the Lads surprised you. You got your turn to say the same thing you said last week.
    We don’t want to hear a peep out of you until Monday morning when you can begin to spread your gloom and doom about Boston College.

  20. “Frankly, I thought a healthy Michael Floyd gave Notre Dame a puncher’s chance, but without Floyd we don’t have a prayer.”

    Unfortunately, I agree. It’s hard for me to believe we’ve closed the talent gap so much in a year that we can pull off a victory here. We looked like a high school team against them last year. Yeah, I know we beat UW and UW beat them, but USC obviously gets up for us (who doesn’t) and wants to keep moving up the polls for a possible NC bid. I would try to get the ball to Rudolph has much as possible, he’s an absolute nightmare. Get him the ball. Evans too, he’ll be motivated to show SC that he chose the right school. Rudolph and Evans will take some of the heat off Tate. Use Hughes, Allen, and Gray a lot to throw them off. Have to keep that defense off balance, but we have to play North-South because they’re too fast.

    I hope they surprise me. But nothing this defense has done so far gives me optimism. Maybe some early turnovers will rattle the frosh QB and get them out of their game. If we can get up early, maybe. We really can’t afford to be blown out again. Must make it a game this year.

  21. I have that pic. Its actually not a church here in town. I post it every year and its currently my desktop image. Its from before the ’05 game and I just posted it to my facebook. I’m sure its making its rounds. You can bmail me here and I can see about sending it to you.

    Great story McSwn. I’m hoping for a day I can dig out the old Catholics vs Convicts shirt. Right now the old rags are just kind of a reminder of better times. I hope you are right and we can dig down and pull off the motivational victory over perceived superior talent (maybe equal talent in some cases but on HGH they have the edge). Our guys have shown glimpses of heart in every game so far and they’re going to need 60 minutes of it Saturday. If they can do that, and USC plays down to what they think is an inferior opp (which they’ve shown they can do), thrown in some turnovers, and you never know what could happen.

    Go Irish!

  22. I heard old rubber face(Carroll) state in his press conference a couple of days ago that he and his team are approaching this game just like any other regular season game.
    If that isn’t an insult and a slap in the face, I don’t know what is!
    The last thing this guy and his team should have come this Saturday is a regular season game! This is war. And we don’t plan on taking any prisioners.
    Some of you have taken to saying a prayer to our Holy Mother. I might just do the same. But it will be for those poor bastards from USC. They’ll be lucky to get out of South Bend with their skin still on.
    We don’t feel pressure. we apply it!

  23. I will send it but hmm let me see if I can upload it to this website from another website like uhh photobucket

  24. I started off my week here in SBI finding Sacred Heart Catholic Church located here in South Bend and on the sign it reads
    Go Irish
    Kick USC’S ASS

    Then forwarded that pic to at least 100 people. Then have been listening to ND fight song and having it as my voice mail, ring tone, and away messages. I have said about 300 hail mary’s. I will continue to do so.

    Go Irish

    1. that’s priceless!!! you need to send me that picture somehow. just don’t know how to give you my cell phone number.

  25. I heard alot about what Pete Carrol has done at USC. I did not here a thing about the 2010 Trojans. Why again don’t we stand a prayer? I did not realize Bush and Leinert were coming back for this game.

  26. Please throw your shirt in the trash, thats what it is. ND is bettern than that rubish. Sounds like a shirt a Purdue fan would come up with and display.

    1. I agree. Throw it away. It is exactly something Purdue would wear. The filth that they display is absolutely terrible. We are better than that, we are ND!

  27. Don’t have a prayer? Excellent. This comment holds as much weight as the point of this article. Man, I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this. You must have graduated from the “Florida University South Coast” to be able to pen such masterpieces as this one! Man up, give your squad a fighting chance and damnit tell your daughter the truth! We need all the young USC haters as possible

  28. Im probably in the minority about being optomistic about this game. We are the deepest we have ever been at RB. Our primary starters on defense have 3 years of starting experience. We have a proven passer with 3 years experience under his belt who has shown he can come from behind. We also have a game breaking reciever in Golden Tate. We have alot to be proud of. Yes, the defense has more holes in it than 2pac’s car after he hit the Las Vegas strip but if there was ever a time since our last win against USC to win it is now. USC to me doesnt seem to have the individual fire power they had in the past. They are breaking in some new LB’s, a true freshman QB and some other starters on offense. They do reload and I dont put ND in a class with USC now, im just saying we have a chance and the outlook cant be as bleak especially with a couple weeks to prepare and heal our injuries.

  29. A lot of words to say very little. But I am happy that you and most others are predicting a USC win. We need to be a big underdog to have a chance.

    go irish

    1. Hank, you really need to pull that corncob out your ass someday. The whole point of my articles are to be anecdotal–to not be that dry, just-the-facts crap we get from sports journalists.

      Thank God Grantland Rice didn’t have a curmudgeon of a boss like yourself back in 1924 when we played Army. If it were up to you, all we’d have to preserve that game would be a single terse sentence, “Notre Dame beat Army yesterday 13-7.”

      Instead, we have this:

      “Outlined against a blue, gray October sky the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as famine, pestilence, destruction and death. These are only aliases. Their real names are: Stuhldreher, Miller, Crowley and Layden. They formed the crest of the South Bend cyclone before which another fighting Army team was swept over the precipice at the Polo Grounds this afternoon as 55,000 spectators peered down upon the bewildering panorama spread out upon the green plain below.”

      1. i dont always understand your “anecdotal” writing, but this one was good. funny seems noone got the message that is hidden in there. grantland rice is great but would have been better if he only covered notre dame.

        a side note, my FUSC shirt goes on in about 10 hours and will not come off until we win! sad thing is, mine doesn’t stand for “florida university, south coast”, rather something deragatory like “F*** USC”!!!

    2. At first there was a WTF moment then my brain caught on, funny and subtle. did`nt see it coming here. thanks, relieved the tension for about 2 seconds lol GO IRISH MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN because there from the bend

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