Initial Impressions – USC at Notre Dame

Notre Dame mounted a furious fourth quarter comeback Saturday, but utimately fell to USC by a final score of 34-27.

Notre Dame took another game down to the wire on Saturday, but for the second time this season came out on the wrong end of a thrilling game.  Here are my initial thoughts from the Irish heartbreaking defeat.

  • First off, I think everyone needs to give this team a lot of props for not giving up and fighting to the end.  This team played hard and nearly pulled off an epic comeback.  I’m not into morale victories, but seeing a team come back like that after being down 20 to a team that’s beat them up the past two years says a lot about the team.  It also says a lot about the coaching staff that they could keep them focused.
  • I would have liked to see Notre Dame run the ball a lot more early.  Notre Dame actually had some good success running the ball throughout the game but was just too reliant on the pass.
  • Also would have liked to see more screens called to slow down the USC pass rush.  Weis called one early, but USC read it and it never developed.
  • What happened to the wildcat?  Notre Dame ran a few wildcat plays with John Goodman with some good success early on, but got away from it and didn’t run it at all in the second half.
  • I wish Weis would have kicked the field goal on 4th and 1 at the start of the second half.  Tausch has been good kicking field goals this year and it would be been a nice momentum swing for Notre Dame to get points on the first possession of the half.
  • If you would have told me this morning that USC would run for 121 yards I would have bet the house that Notre Dame would win the game.  Instead, the Irish defense made Matt Barkley look a heck of a lot better than he is at this point.
  • Harrison Smith had a very rough day to say the least.  He was victimized on two third and one play action fakes that resulted in huge plays for USC.  On one of them he was taken for a 20 yard ride by Anthony McCoy.
  • The Notre Dame defense let McCoy catch 5 balls for 153 while the USC defense limited Kyle Rudolph to 9 yards on 3 catches.  Rudolph is one of the best tight ends in college football while McCoy had 9 catches this season before today.
  • Third down defense is still killing this team.  USC struggled to convert third downs all season, but was 6 for 13 today with several key conversions when a stop would have given the Irish some momentum.
  • Gary Gray played very well in his start today and came up with a huge play to really get the Irish back in the game with his 4th quarter interception.
  • Notre Dame squandered too many opportunities in this game to be able to beat a top 10 team with more talent.  Robert Blanton’s dropped interception in the second quarter would have given the Irish a major swing of momentum, but instead USC ended up marching down the field and kicking a field goal.
  • Loved seeing Taylor Mays bounce off Golden Tate on Tate’s second touchdown.
  • Speaking of Tate, he is an absolute playmaker.  With USC trying to key on him with Floyd out and Rudolph having to stay in an block, Tate still went over a 100 yards and scored the first two receiving touchdowns allowed by USC all season.
  • Robby Parris stepped up big time today with 9 catches for 92 yards against a very tough pass defense.  Parris only had 7 catches this season before today.
  • Kick coverage units were very strong and helped Notre Dame win the field position battle throughout the game.
  • Crowd was awesome today.  Everyone was loud and standing throughout most of the game.  Notre Dame Stadium was ready to go ballistic at the end, but unfortunately didn’t have the chance.
  • Brian Smith played his best game of the season today and was about half a step short of sacking Barkley on his 60 yard pass to McCoy.   Smith also jumped over a USC back to hit Barkley and force a bad throw on Gray’s interception.
  • Some major changes need to be made on defense because there is just too much talent – especially in the secondary – for them to being giving up so many big plays.  There is talent in the secondary, but it is not being utilized well right now.
  • Loved the fake field goal play in the first quarter. Weis called it at the right time and it was executed beautifully.
  • The offensive line has been improved this year, but USC was getting way too much pressure with simple three and four man rushes.
  • Just wondering, and the Notre Dame play by play radio announcers made mention of it too, why Pete Carroll and his staff were allowed to be on the field throughout the entire game with a sideline warning or penalty.
  • USC is a great team, but they are one of the least disciplined teams in the country and their “bonehead” penalties are evidence of that.
  • If Notre Dame can get passed Boston College next weekend before possibly getting Michael Floyd back in time for Navy, 10-2 is a real possibility.

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  1. wow, I just checked back in with you guys to guage the angst before the armageddon, and I had no idea I had become such a lighting rod in my absence. Not very Catholic at all of you guys, maybe contrition comes after comeuppance, the ETA for which will be around 7:45 PM tomorrow night. Whatta bunch of pussies. Cheers!


    The Pacific-10 Conference says its officials erred in not calling a penalty on Notre Dame for a fake field goal in last Saturday’s game between the Fighting Irish and USC.

    The Trojans won the game 34-27.

    The trick play resulted in a 25-yard gain that set up Notre Dame’s first touchdown. Dave Cutaia, the Pac-10’s coordinator of officials, says a foul should have been called for using substitutions to deceive. The Fighting Irish should have been pushed back 15 yards and the down repeated.

  3. I cannot believe just how undisiplined the players were from USC. They played the game with no regard to sportsmanship, and of course the referees didn’t discourage them. There were a couple of times when I thought the USC player should have been ejected. And I have never seen so many Irish helmets rolling across the field as I did during this game. But it could not have been a face mask, because there were no flags. Great game Irish!!!

  4. my concern after the game is they played a great game i do believe if floyd was in the game at the end we would have won but i still am mad as hell that r d backs keep getting cought out of position harrison played that game like a high school kid afraid to get if uniform dirty he gave up on so many tackles and wrong angles he looked like it was his first game you don;t scare the other guy unless u knock the s— out of him

  5. OK, Let’s be done with Angry Eagle. Good work exposing him and we can laugh if he ever shows up here again. So on to talking about the game.

    I do think BC’s back could cause issues. However, if Notre Dame looks at the USC game in the correct fashion and Weis works with his defensive coaches to plug the holes in our pass coverage, this game shouldn’t be close. when I say look at the USC game in the correct fashion, I mean consider that other than very poor mental let downs in coverage, the entire Notre Dame team responded and raised it’s game. Had we’d played like we had in the previous games, this would have been the beat down as in past years. So get back off the matt and see what you did right or better than before.

    The run defense was solid. And I didn’t see 9 guys in the box either. In fact the linebackers came up on blitzes. Tenuta puts those guys so wide, they’re effectively out of the box. ND can take advantage of BC at the point of attack where we might have been a step slow on USC. BC does not have a tight end like USC’s. tighten up the coverage and play your safeties at two deep to look for the hit or to otherwise cleanup and your corners can play man up most of the time. Mix zones in and this QB will get confused.

    On offense, just block. The skilled players will eat these guys up if the line blocks. In terms of play calling, as long as the line blocks, there is no need to worry about a fancy scheme.

    Truly, BC does not worry me. ND’s psychy after the last game has me concerned, but I’m optimistic about it. On Saturday, only ND can beat ND.

    In fact looking ahead, other than the Pitt game, and maybe Stanford, I see ND will only lose if the team let’s down or beats itself.

  6. Did anyone notice the order of “Angry’s” interests? He has his wife and kids last! Once again proving he’s a loser!!!

    1. SFR
      I’m beginning to have second thoughts about the eagle. Only a person who is 5 cans short of a six pack would spew such nonsence. I would feel terrible if he turned out to be mentally challenged, living in some made up, delusional world of his own.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if his “wife” is some mangy dog and his “kids” are a couple of stray cats.
      Of course if he is legit he deserves to get hammered.
      C-Dog always amazes me. Leave it to him to be the first to call for restraint.

      1. I always try to restrain myself. But I am Irish and once my Irish is up, I tend to Nuke the bastard.

        Sometimes good and sometimes bad. I will freely admit I get more than testy when outsiders come in here just to slam ND. I prefer to analyze us.

      2. Your priorities are such that the integrity of our site is first and foremost and not personal vendetta’s.
        Very classy
        (but when you get piss’d you can be funny as hell)

  7. Wow! Just went to “Angry Eagle’s” blog. Does anybody read this?! There were a total of 5 comments to “Eagle’s” rants. Yes, let me repeat: 5! Two were from a repeat visitor, 1 was a reply to a comment from “Angry” himself, and only 1 was substantive. What a loser!!! I’d be too embarrassed by this to talk smack to anyone. But apparently not “Angry Eagle”; either he is shameless or perhaps just clueless.

    Hey, “Angry Eagle,” you loser, come back when you’re own people consider you relevant or what you have to say interesting!

  8. Good work for those who’ve exposed “Angry Eagle” for the loser and charlatan that he is! His own people don’t want him, so like a typical carpetbagger and vagabond he decides to try to get some attention on an ND site. What a loser!!! Yes, we’re all laughing at you “Angry”! Perhaps you should first get the recognition of your peers and then work your way up to talking smack here. Na, na, na, na, Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, good bye! And good riddance, punk!

    1. SFR,
      Poor Eagle has nothing in his pathehtic life but Boston (We want to be like ND) College, and a 1991 mail order blow up wife who is covered in tire patches.
      He should save himself the agrivation of watching Saturday’s beatdown and just curl up in his BC Snuggie with a box of kleenx and watch his favorite movie”The Sound of Music”. A little Julie Andrews, some low fat coco, and a nilla waffer and he can cry himself to sleep.

  9. ND Faithful,

    Let’s just pray we beat BC and beat them good. I guarantee that for a week at least, the so-called BC fans who don’t have anything better to do than visit our site will disappear. That’s the measure of their manhood and integrity, they can only strike when someone is down!

    1. SFR,
      I was going to ask which BC team you thought might show up. The one that got trounced by Virgina Tect or the one that put up 50 on NC State. But this being Notre Dame week I think we all know which BC team will show.
      The question is… which ND team will show up. I watched that debacle last year for 3 quarters in hopes that a football game might break out.
      Never happened.

    2. That was so tough on the internet. You are a dork. And a loser. I bet your real name is Melvin. Did you get a lot of wedgies as a kid?
      Obviously you’ve picked BC because you live near there. You couldn’t get in if your life depended on it. Even the 15,000 drunks who had BC as their backup plan would laugh at your stupidity.
      Consider yourself internet wedgied and swirlied. I laugh at you. HA HA HA HA. Melvin!!

      1. C-Dog,
        you couldn’t be more correct with your discription.
        Just See for your self!
        If this is really him he is a dork and a half, and his fake wife is a coon hound.
        Some 42 year old loser with no friends and no life, living out of a packing crate and eating day old doughnuts.

    3. I feel good about this game. Weis has his back up against the wall. Clausen and Tate know what a swoon the team tool last year. Look, that second half of last year was a young team that folded. They know how they felt and they won’t let it happen again.
      Against BC, even our defense played well. It was the offensive line that lost the game. This year, our line is tougher. The o-line got beat aginst USC because of quickness not toughness. Last year BCs defense was tougher than our o-line. That’s not happening this year. Verducci’s energy will specifically have that unit ready. They know they can do this. BC hasn’t played too many good teams. VTech smoked them. And VTech while very good is not complete. No I feel that this game is not BC’s to win, but ND’s to lose.
      Are they practicing well this week? That’s the question.

      1. C-Dog,
        It looked like they just ran out of gas the second half of last year. After the final regular season game and some time to heal and get their legs back, they played a near perfect game agianst Hawaii.
        This team has great composure and determination. They are going to be in every game the rest of the way.

      2. Shazamrock,
        Yep. After reading Weis’ presser and Frank’s notes, I’d say these guys will react very differently. The note about competition will keep the complacency out of the mix this week. That’s where the recruiting pays off. It’s not that we get all the best guys, but that the 2nd and 3rd string DO have to ability to challenge the 1st string. The immediacy of each practice then keeps them on track even after a loss. I hope Weis rested them a bit on Sunday and Monday, had guys in the training room, but as of Tuesday, fired up and ready. If that is happening this week, I have no doubt this team will start rolling.

      3. C-Dog,
        BC is a terriable road team this year. Jump on them early and watch them crumble. Take away the running game which includes the wildcat and one half decent running back then make that 25 year old retread of a QB throw and we will get to see Dane Crist and Evan Sharlpy play in some clean up duty.
        How in the hell do you get to play QB in college at the age of 25?
        (I’m sure our good buddy Angry Eagle will chime in on this one. You might want to check his pathetic web site at
        for a few laughts)

    4. Anus Eagle,
      How about we just blow YOU out our ass.
      Didn’t I insult you, your lack of intelligents, your mother, your other mother, your crack whore mother, and your grandmother who gets paid extra because she has no teeth. Do I have to bring your girl friend, er, I mean, sister into this too?
      You’re not invited, just put you’re paper hat back on and get back to the deep frier.

    5. Angry Eagle,

      I found a year old web site with your name on it and checked out your profile.
      Your favorite movie is the Sound of music! Good God Almighty!………………………………………………. Sorry I just can’t stop laughing tough guy.
      Nobody remarked on anything you said there. What a loser. I guess that’s why you showed up here for attention.
      What a load of monkey spunk you are.
      That ringing in your ears…
      That’s everyone here laughing at you!

  10. There are some things more important than a college football
    game or the exchanging of barbs on a blog with a fan from an opposing team.
    While I don’t hate Boston College, (although I’m not particularly happy with our
    teams record against them over the past few years.) They are a school represented
    by those with whom my own heritage I do share.
    I remember playing them last year. Their defense is lead by ACC Defensive
    Player of the year Mark Herzlich. Even though he’s an opposing player, I
    couldn’t help but admire him and his style of play. He is smart, tough, aggressive,
    and fearless. He plays within the rules. He plays with his heart and pride on his sleeve.
    But this year he won’t be in uniform for BC. He will be battling a much bigger foe this year.
    He is fighting Cancer. Most all of us at some point knew someone who is, or has, faced
    the same struggle. The disease is indiscriminate. It does not consider age, color, social
    status, physical size, or wealth. You can play the best game of your life and still lose. The awareness of
    the disease and the tenacity in which Mr. Herzlich engages his current struggle is an inspiration
    to all of those who know of him. It is my hope that ND will find a way to acknowledge this
    young man’s struggle and the struggle and hopes of all of those who find inspiration in his efforts.

    I also just read of the death of a player from The University of Connecticut, Starting Corner Back
    Jasper Howard. Killed in a senseless act of violence at the age 20. While I never saw Howard play,
    or even heard of him before Monday, he was another young man who had promising career and life
    cut short because of violence. I would guess that one of the highlights of his Junior
    Year was to run out of the tunnel at historic Notre Dame Stadium on November 21st. when the
    Huskies of UConn face the Fighting Irish. Perhaps a lit candle in the Grotto of our Holy Mother will
    Shine in his remembrance that day.

  11. Woulda, shoulda, coulda… Like I predicted last week, USC would prevail and the domers would retreat to their boards with all of their expert takes on echos, history, advise to the coach (from those that have never played the game), etc.

    The game is over, after dominating for 3 quarters, USC tried to give it to you with their flags and poor judgement, but you refused to take it. Pete was right when he said we had those guys where we wanted them but let them off the hook. What an understatement! 500 yards in essentially 3 quarters and they almost lost it to stupidity. Oh Well. I admire the domers for fighting until the end… as they have not done that for the past 5 years… they would just give up.

    PS: Taylor Mays hit on the ND tight end while brutal and ugly, was a legal hit. When your 6,4, 232 lbs running at top speed, it is hard to stop on a dime.

    It was 80,000 fans against 65 USC players and the 65 won.

    For 3 quarters it was very apparent which team had the better athletes on both the lines and most skill positions.

    Now you have another lousy year of lost sleep thinking and stewing about those bad guys from USC who again sent you and your Irish out of the rankings into football oblivion. Not to worry, there are some more soft teams on your schedule to salvage the season. Now we will get the typical talk about how much smarter ND’s players have to be (interesting sense they recruit the same guys for the most part), etc.

    Next year in LA you get to see a seasoned Barkley and most starters returning… fasten your seat belts domers, I see the streak continuing for years to come. I think Carroll has your number… This was your year to win with a freshman USC QB, all new linebackers, and after USC lost 11 to the NFL last year. You knew it and we knew it… but your team blew it.

    PS: Did you hear that the Pac-10 outlawed the fake field goal (that USC had run over the years) and yet the Pac-10 officals did not call a penalty on during the game. Carroll has sent a letter to the Pac-10 complaining.
    It’s an illegal play.

    PS: Clausen was awesome… (is “clausen” Irish or is he a wringer?)

    Golden tate is a stud… NFL type stud…

    Domers complain about the west coast players until they play on their team… like both of your best QB’s. Considered thugs at USC, but great student athletes when they go to ND.

    1. Typical Pete Carroll, win the game and still complain. Never try to cheat a cheater.
      Did CW complain after the Bush Push? No. What comes around goes around.
      Thank God For Notre Dame. It gives these good kids and wounderfull athletes from the west coast an viable option for those who want a real and quality education, as well as the chance to play in the heartland of american college football, where the values of
      human decency, education, respect, and fair play are still honored.

    2. bobc,
      can you site complaints about west coast players? The only complaint I have is that the PAC-10 won’t play in bad weather. And 45 with rain is not bad weather. Football is for men. And when men were more masculine, football was played outdoors even in Green Bay in January. Mud and Blood.
      But why again are you intruding on this site and then getting torqued off when you are told to buzz off. You are like the fat dorky kid who busts in on a conversation. In my day in school that meant wedgy time. If you find an ND fan being a dork on a USC blog site, you have my permission to virtual wedgy him. Btw you and Angry Eagle are internet Melvin’s.

    3. that is the truth Bob, these ND fans are such oussies. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. pussies! case closed!

  12. Sure you already knew that Tai-ler Jones committed…YES since he is a legacy!

    What I am hearing is that the following players REALLY liked ND:
    Riley – returning with his mom

    The concern I have was from Marti…see his quote:
    “I’m not doing any story for anbody regarding my visits other than the fact that I went. Other than that, im not doing any stories until (NSD).”

    No word from:
    Joyner (why havnt we offered him yet? He is a stud!

    On another note:
    Anyone know why Shaq didnt play Saturday?

  13. So… Who’s excited about getting our first commit from the Saturday visits?

    Anyone? Everyone? No One?


  14. “JDH,
    Fine. Let’s agree to disagree, then. But don’t over-rate your thinking skills or denigrate mine. It’s unbecoming of someone who wants to come across as respectful of others!” How am I over-rating my thinking skills? I just said I was “using them”, nothing more, nothing less. I am denigrating only what I see to be just plain factually incorrect. I am deconstructing your comments, your opinions etc. and calling them into question where I see them being wrong. I’ve never denigrated your observations of ND football. Just all the other diatribe that doesn’t belong here.

    “The only thing I recommend is for you to see how many great writers use irony and sarcasm. Jesus, Himself, was often quite sarcastic when talking about the “Pharisees and scribes.” This isn’t a theological point, just an illustration of sarcasm’s use in great literature, which the Bible is if nothing else.” Why are you presuming to teach me about “great writers” and their use of sarcasm and irony? You assume I don’t know this because…? And it has to with….what?

    “Now, I agree with you totally about the so-called BC fan’s repetitiveness. It’s not an ad hominem attack to say that this is indicative of a lack of intelligence and creativity.” We agree.

    “But let’s just not talk about him at all. It’s best to ignore these guys from the beginning since what they want to do is get us off track (like has happened to us).” Ok.

    “Let’s just please hope ND beats BC (hopefully kills BC) so we don’t have to hear from this guy again. I guarantee you, JDH, this guy will not be heard from again!” Ok. I bet you are right.

    Thanks for your opinion. They’re well-taken!” Thank YOU.

    Steelfan, honestly, I am having some fun with you. I LOOOOVE to have a good, solid discussion and argument. I initially just offered one bit of observation and advice. To not engage in the same sophomoric behavior as the other side. That’s it. Really, don’t take all of this personally. I am smiling the entire time I’m typing.

    We can agree at least on wanting to see ND FOOTBALL get back to what it once was!

    1. JDH,

      Me, too, this is fun. I’m not taking anything personally. I’m not that sensitive! Nor am I doubting your intellect. Accept my apologies if I gave you that impression.

      However, when you offer “advice” and it’s of a subjective nature it can come across as combative. What’s more it seems to me that I can say that it’s you who are taking things too personally by wanting to have the last word. (I tried to bury the hatchet a few times.)

      Now, the one thing I don’t like is people appointing themselves the conscience of a public forum like this. You’ve done it twice. And that’s definitely not cool!

      Other than that, I think we pretty much agree on the hopefully soon to be forgotten so-called BC fan (he’s an idiot) and other matters just ND football (we want to see it return to greatness!)


      1. Ok ok. Appointing myself as “public conscience” was not my intention. We have agreed to bury the hatchet and move on. The last word for me is not necessary at all. My apologies as well. Let’s get back to football.

        GOOOO IRISH!

  15. Yes,
    ND very much can win out. 10-2. As a fan, I’d like to have seen the Trojans go down. But it is what it is. Our guys are a real good bunch. And for the sake of a really good bunch of players who have played their hearts out for the whole ND family, we should stay upbeat!

    Hey Irish if any of you happen to read this, have a great practice week. You can own the drunkerds this weekend. Be classy, play with the heart you had this weekend, and you’ll rout this team. The joy of winning begins again starting this Saturday. 10-2 and a victory in a major bowl game can end you in the top 10. That’s a legacy that will be remembered.

    1. At least the officiating(for the USC game) was decent. I was worried it being a Pack 10 crew. They called a bunch of personal foul calls, and could of called a few more.
      That was the dirtiest team that we have faced in a while.
      We should have made them pay more for those penilities, but I was impressed with how the guts kept their composure.
      Parris really stepped up his game. Too bad he got hurt and missed the last few plays. Him and Jimmy were really connecting in the second half.USC had no answer for him.

      1. It’s Pac-10, not Pack 10..

        Mays hit was a clean hit, although unfortunately a very damaging one to your tight end. Your Tao hit Barkley out of bounds, and the fake field goal is illegal in Pac-10 football. USC used to use it and the league made it illegal. Refs did not call it a penalty. Should have.
        USC is not a dirty team… 75 years is not much. I saw USC players picking up ND players all during the game. Now isn’t that nice!

      2. It’s Te’o, not Tao pin head. He was your top defensive recuite last year but his level of intelligents and class quickly dismissed USC from consideration. I agree, USC is not a dirty team, but they make getting away with cheap shots an art. And did you see Golden Tate run over that punk bitch Taylis Mays. Tate is half his size, and May’s had help, and it was at the goal line. Isn’t that where he is supposed to be his best? That guy is way over rated. After the NFL scouts watched that play, May’s stock just went down.
        And what kind of babbling BS is:” The Fake field goal is illegal in Pack-10 football, but USC used it. Go back to your own PUNK-10 Conference and take you’re spewage with you!

      3. bobc,
        First of all, the hit you talked about, was that the one on Parris? He’s a receiver. And that hit would have garnered a $50,000 fine in the NFL.
        I’ll give you USC is no Miami of the 1980s. But there’s a blatant disregard for better sportsmanship in the guise of Carroll’s, “We just gotta be us man!” Sounds like Bill Clinton’s, “It depends on what your definitiion of “is”, is” USC flaunts the lack of student in student athlete with just enough examples of the few who really attend. forget about the impending investigation. all games invoolving Matt Lienert durign his final season should be forfeit based on him taking one class in ballroom dancing. He wasn’t a full time student.

        And yes, stay on your own blog site.

    2. We cannot forget these thoughts, C-Dog

      The Irish can still finish in the top ten and that is a legacy that will be remembered.

      Plus, we need to start another home winning streak and another BC-winning streak.

      To borrow an order, Don’t ever let them forget the day they played the Fighting Irish!!!!

  16. Ok I have read it all. You all have some very valid points. But the reality is with Weis and Company it is what it is, and this is all your going to get. He is not a head coach, we know this. ND will never compete with the elite because they are about student-athletes unlike the BCS minor league college power houses that are just about the athletes. That said, they will never get to a BCS because of the above nor win one. Perhaps they should consider now to join say the Big East and play teams more of their own caliber and whatever bowl comes with that, that’s it. Given these circumstances, the expectations for ND football is too high and I for one am guilty of that.

    Angry Eagle, who ever you are, the world needs ditch diggers too and I’m quite sure that is your role in life. Never did like Massholes like you much and oh yeah, Go Yankees!!!!!! Learn how to pronounce your “R”s.

  17. ND fans. Lets not lose sight of the big picture. The season is only at the half way mark. There is a lot of football left to be played. The defence, ranked 104th I think, has shown some reasons for hope. They do seem to be pretty good agianst the run. We went toe to toe with USC’s O-line and held McKnight in check all day. Washington tried to test our heart and toughtness and we responded with 3 goal line stands. We kept Purdue’s ruuner in check. We did a good job agianst Nevada’s duel threat QB. Michigan and Tate Foricer is really the only team that had a good day running against us. And they have had good running games agianst just about everybody that they have played. With BC, Navy, Pitt, UConn, and Stanford comming up, good run defence will be top priority. You stop the run. Force second and third and long. Then find someone who can bring some heat. Don’t tell me that there isn’t at least a few players who don’t have the speed, desire, and ability to get to the QB. Find them. I don’t care if they are on offence or special teams. Get them in the game. Put them in position to make the plays. CW gets the most out of his offence. The spotlight is now on Corwin Brown and Jon Tenuta. Fellas, It’s time to shake up your line ups. Hold try outs. Get out of the press box and into these players’ faces. Find some players who can get afer it, and turn this second half around.

    1. You did keep McKnight in check all day… because you put 9 guys in the box… so USC took what you gave… almost 400 yards passing. I don’t call that stopping anyone. And, you got one sack vs. USC’s 5 sacks and 5 hurrys and another 4 run for your life moments for Clausen.

      1. bobc,
        Go shoot heroin with Todd Marinovich. Help O.J. run from the law, or keep Marcus Allen from beating his wife. Get out of our blogsite. This is for ND fans. I think even Pete Carrol would be ashamed to call you a Trojan fan.

  18. Hey Irisheyey62,

    I guess “they are good enough to cheer for on the field, but not good enough to lead “your country”… next time dont take that bait about your comment about the Ghetto caines…it just opens up pandora’s box for you that you will be impossible to come out looking good regardless of ur intentions..

    Anyway…. If we had Michael Floyd… we win..period Golden Tate single handedly made their secondary look pedestrian…imagine the pressure that Floyd and Tate would have put on them… also I feel like with time to throw Clausen is best Pro prospect in the country at the QB POSITION PERIOD.. Remenber this as well, USC loses Damain Willaims, Anthony McCoy and two of their offensive linemen that have been there since the Marcus Allen use carry the pill. If tate, clausen, and floyd return… BCS NEXT YEAR… I will sign over my car to anybody not willing to take that bet…

    1. You’re dilusional. If we can’t win at home with USC playing a freshman quarterback, we will never beat them until a new coach arrives. Period!

  19. I feel that I am “strengths based” or “positive” fan but the D just plain stinks. I was at the game. My brothers, my father, and I all thought we were going to send it into OT. With the ball in Jimmy’s hand I seem to always feel we have a chance. He accounted for two td’s (passing) and one td (rushing) with turf toe still. You can see the guy limping around out there.

    I feel this game was a moral victory. No first down’s last year until the first quarter… We had a chance to take it into OT or Win the game in the end. We hung with them without the best WR in the country in M. Floyd. It was a good game.

    I think our D needs to fix its problems. Secondary mechanics are off, out of position to make plays, cant tackle.. could go on. I cant blame CW for that. The offense is playing very well. Speaking of CW

    Ok CW haters are praising his fake field goal call. He is building a great offense for years to come. Our offense is really good. We are getting the recruits and the D needs some work. I swear if we get rid of this guy we will be set back for another 3-5 years.

    On the crowd noise…there was no “greenout”. Honestly, its pretty sad to call for a “greenout” and there not be one. ND could have put green shirts on the seats (benches). I wore green same with my bro’s et father. Crowd got loud at times but once again I see a bunch of alumni who are angry about not being in the top 10 or they are just old and cannot move much let alone stand and cheer. ND is not a “feared” place to play. They are no Death Valley, Beaver Stadium, Horse Shoe, heck even Big House is louder (granted I realize they have 20k more people). Please play a night game.

    My rant is over. Go Irish we should crush the Boston College Screaming Girls.

  20. I was just saying your girls baseketball team is good, they have BC’s number. It’s the other way around with football, as you know. So I guess we have the football team, and you have the girls hoop team, that’s clear, and we can agree to disagree as to everything else.

    I do like playing that harmless little football team you folks have though, the game always gets good ratings so it’s good for BC recruiting, even though the scores are often lopsided, like last year’s. I’ll miss it when the series ends (“if you can’t beat em don’t schedule em”)

    1. Again, facts don’t support your argument. Granted, BC has certainly owned this series over the last decade, not unlike USC. But the all time record of the series is tied 9-9. It’s a relatively new “rivalry”.

      So, when you say “we have the football team”, what do you mean? You have the football team that does what? The football team that has beaten ND more times than not this past decade? Yes, hard not to agree with that.

      So again, you could have made your point without all the childish remarks and false internet bravado.

    2. ND has better academics.
      ND has better soccer teams ( both mens and womens )
      ND has better fencing teams
      Looks like ND now has a better mens hockey team.
      I’d rate ND’s mens basketball team.
      BC probably has more drunken women

      Wouldn’t you agree?

  21. out D sucks…period

    I have an idea, co-head coaches, haha. weis for offense, and get LOU back for D, we havent had a good D since he left

    1. Lou had some good defensive teams but few stellar ones. His MO was ball control, eat up the clock. Lou went through many d-coordinators that supposedly knew what they were doing.

  22. I’m someone who thinks that most anything can be dissected, discussed, argued etc. But for the fans on this site who are making positive remarks about our defense- THAT I will never understand. We rank 104th out of 120 teams in defense! We are absolutely SHREDDED every game. If you don’t believe our defense sucks, then “sucks” has no meaning. What exactly does ND’s defense have to do/or not do in order for them to “suck” in your opinion? Amazing.

    Now don’t get me wrong, per my prior comments, this team is improving OVERALL, given its prolific offense and obvious swagger. In 2007 and 2008 we had none of that. No I am not content to only lose by a touchdown to USC, and I’m as frustrated as the avg. fan. Defense needs a complete overhaul, but don’t throw out the baby w/ the bathwater. As someone wisely pointed out, nobody beats USC w/ any regularity (even very good teams), unless USC doesn’t show up for the game and beats themselves! Not an excuse, just an observation. That will change, especially if NDs defense and their coaches are overhauled. To be honest, I’m not sure whether Weis should stay or go. But I think he deserves to coach out this season, given the improvements he’s made THIS YEAR. Let’s see where the chips fall.

    And I want to address AngryEagle’s obsession with ND women’s basketball. Yes, I for one am proud of them. Also proud of the women’s soccer team, women’s lacrosse team etc. And any other team, male or female, that lives excellence and simultaneously graduates with high GPAs. So I’m not sure where that leaves you. As I’ve said before though, those who engage in “internet-anonymous, smack talking hit and run” on other team’s sites are just the epitome of cowardice. BC should find a way to reel you in because you act more like an Ohio State fan. The difference is that Ohio State at least usually wins and THEN talks smack.

    We get it- you hate Notre Dame and think our football team is mediocre at best. You think it is going to be like that until the end of time. You think ND is a subpar school. Fine. You’re redundant and not particularly funny. You throw out quips regarding women’s teams like that is some kind of trump card. You many not be aware of this, but there have been others before you spewing that kind of childish hate. Not sure what you hope to gain by it.

    Like I said before, there’s no way someone would spend that much time and energy if jealousy was not at the root. Believe me, we are used to people like you.

    And to Steelfanrob- Seriously? You have to resort to ad hominem attacks regarding abortion and homosexuality? And you want to have a theological debate on a football blog? C’mon. You’re acting as sophmoric as he is.

    Keep the comments about football and Notre Dame. There other plently of other sites to engage in such nonsense.

    1. JDH,

      Pointing out the Jesuit (who runs BC?) pension for heresy is not an ad hominem attack. It’s a theological fact. You may not like the slant I took with “Angry Eagle” and I respect your tastes (respect mine, however). I was being sarcastic. I did engage in an ad hominem attack when I called him a piece of s_ _ t and gutless. However, I stand by my characterizations of “Eagle.” Do you disagree that anyone that goes onto an ND site and hides behind a screen name to hit Irish fans when we’re down is anything but what I called him? Stop being so PC!

      1. “Do you disagree that anyone that goes onto an ND site and hides behind a screen name to hit Irish fans when we’re down is anything but what I called him? Stop being so PC!”

        No, re-read my post where I address him at length and call him out for cowardice. I am far from PC. However, I choose not to spew back profanity at a childish person who is doing the same to us. You obviously think this is fine.

        And, per your two responses:
        First you say you were not engaging in ad hominem attacks, but engaging in “theological facts”. Then you say you were engaging in ad hominem attacks by calling him a “piece of sh*t” (among many other comments). You’re contradicting yourself while calling into question my intelligence and educational background.

        Then you are pontificating about how you are using “sarcasm”, not ad hominem attacks. Those two are not mutually exlusive. You are using both. What’s your point? And I’m not sure what “irony” has to do with this discussion, since you brought it up. My points are flying by your head like a 5.56 round.

        Most of us don’t care to discuss theology on this site. And I think responding to mindless namecalling by engaging in mindless namecalling is, yes, pointless. That is not being PC. It is being mature. So perhaps you need the dictionary.

        But disregard my comments and write what you will- that is fine. I don’t need to discuss my educational background on this site, as again it’s not relevant to the discussion. But I’ll let my comments, and they way I handle myself, speak for itself. This versus your comments and how you conduct yourself.

        Then, at the end of the day, I wonder who will have represented Notre Dame and its values better.

        You have the best day ever!

      2. JDH,

        1) I’m no longer even reading what that so-called BC fan says and I recommend we all do the same.

        2) Like I said, you may not like my approach and I respect that. Last time I checked we live in a free country and this site doesn’t discriminate in terms of what can be said or how it’s said. If you don’t like it, take it up with whomever is in charge of this board.

        3) Like I admited, I did call the so-called BC fan a gutless piece of s _ _ t. I take that to be a statment of fact and not just an ad hominem attack.

        4) Sarcasm is a proper figure of speech (used by great literati of all times and places, incl. Jesus in the Bible); ad hominem attack is a logical fallacy (but often used effectively when polite conversation fails). So you’re comparing apples and oranges discursively speaking. Sorry to correct you in public!

        5) Your last points are totally subjective, JDH. You go on feeling self-righteous about yourself, when in fact you’re being narrow-minded and PC. If that represents the values of ND then so be it.

        Again, if you don’t like sarcasm, then I’d suggest you stay off internet blogs and boards.

        As for the “pure” football talk, however, I do think you have some keen insights, which I really respect and value as an ND fan. That’s more important than the other stuff.

        You have a Great Day!

    2. JDH,

      While we’re at it, I recommend you pick up a dictionary sometime and learn the definitions of the different figures of speech. Being sarcastic is different than engaging in an ad hominem attack. I trust you’re not an ND grad if you can’t tell the difference between irony, sarcasm, and ad hominem attacks.

      1. He’s so mad about his cuddly, harmless lil old football team being unable to beat anyone, it’s adorable. Hey the team gets good ratings though, National Champs at selling commercials, just ask the Gator Bowl committee.

      2. 1 – Agreed.

        2- Yes, we do live in a free country. You are free to say what you wish (within the constraints of the law) and I am free to comment on that speech, which is what I have done. You are correct in that I don’t like your approach for the reasons already given. But I really only made one comment about your “approach” originally, with a bit of advice, and you really did not like that.

        3- You take that to be a “statement of fact”? Really? For someone who likes to throw definitions around, this is troubling. Because that statement is quite clearly an opinion. Another Boston College fan may think AngryEagle to be a brilliant and hilarious commenter. I’ll give you another example of how you are the terms confusing “opinion” and “fact”. You are stating your beliefs vs. those of Jesuits. Your words: They have a penchant (not “pension” as you wrote) for being heretics, and according to you, that statement is “theological fact”. Thought Analogy for you: A fundamental Muslim believes that all Christians and Jews are “heretics” and must be converted by the sword. To them, that is “theological fact”. What do you think? See my point? Also, see how boring it is to discuss theology on an ND football website? Full disclosure: I am a Catholic.

        4- Sarcasm is a “proper figure of speech”? Mmmm, no it isn’t. Or at least that’s not the definition of it. Webster defines it as: “1 : a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain.” Maybe you’ve engaged in some sarcasm with our Boston College friend, maybe not. As far as correcting me in public, you’ve done nothing of the sort. You have missed some of my points in rapid fashion. I never said sarcasm should not be used, if that’s indeed what you have used, or even suggested such. Childish, classless attacks is what I targeted, from either direction. Per your definition of “ad hominem”, that is precisely what you have done. (And there are other, more expansive definitions by the way.) But you admitted to doing so that so I’ll concede that point. I never compared sarcasm to ad hominem. You did that yourself and I only responded to your comparison. So if that is the case, it is you who is comparing apples to oranges my friend.

        5- Yes, they are subjective, per my admission: “I’ll let my comments, and they way I handle myself, speak for itself. This versus your comments and how you conduct yourself.” So I guess we agree here as well. As far as being labeled by you as self-righteous and PC, thank you for handing me my win. Invariably, when someone has lost an argument, personal attacks start to fly. Notice that I have never needed to do this? There are reasons for that. The very worst I offered against you originally was that, by engaging in the same type of behavior as our B.C. friend, you were acting sophomoric like him. And we are better than that are we not?

        I have addressed/countered your points by deconstructing your arguments and using critical thinking skills. And that is where I will end this conversation.

        Let’s get back to discussing football in a constructive manner, with ND class, which was my main point to begin with.

        P.S. I can’t believe how many times AngryEagle writes the same things over and over. It’s actually quite odd.

      3. JDH,

        Fine. Let’s agree to disagree, then. But don’t over-rate your thinking skills or denigrate mine. It’s unbecoming of someone who wants to come across as respectful of others!

        The only thing I recommend is for you to see how many great writers use irony and sarcasm. Jesus, Himself, was often quite sarcastic when talking about the “Pharisees and scribes.” This isn’t a theological point, just an illustration of sarcasm’s use in great literature, which the Bible is if nothing else.

        Now, I agree with you totally about the so-called BC fan’s repetitiveness. It’s not an ad hominem attack to say that this is indicative of a lack of intelligence and creativity.

        But let’s just not talk about him at all. It’s best to ignore these guys from the beginning since what they want to do is get us off track (like has happened to us).

        Let’s just please hope ND beats BC (hopefully kills BC) so we don’t have to hear from this guy again. I guarantee you, JDH, this guy will not be heard from again!

        Thanks for your opinion. They’re well-taken!

  23. He’ll think that he can fool us by changing his name to The Angry Anus Weasle. If you want to see a picture of this loser just google “genital wart”
    I shouldn’t have made that remark about him jumping from a moving bus.That was uncalled for. His poor grandmother was hit by a moving bus. But at least the baby is going to be fine.

  24. Angry Eagle:
    You’re taking the rivalry and extrapolating only 7 years out of the entire history of ND/USC. ND leads the series 42-34-5. We all know the last decade has been dominated by USC. The pendulum will swing back.

    First off, I was at the game. The crowd was indeed better than years past- the noise level was good. I have nothing to add about how much work our defense needs- it’s obvious. The matchup was just rough- bigger and stronger athletes on the SC side.

    If Kumara stayed on his feet, I believe the catch would have been made. Looked like Jimmy put the ball where he needed to. But I do wish that was Rudolph running that route (sort of like the Purdue catch) instead of Kumara. And Allen most definetly should have been on the field.

    I’m not much for ‘moral victories’ either, but c’mon. This team was 3-9 last year and we could very much be 10-2 in 2009. A USC win would have been huge, but it was not to be.

    This team is probably the gutsiest team I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    P.S. For those of you talking about politics/Obama etc.- STOP. Go to for that. That’s not what this site is about.

    1. JDH,

      Who made you this board’s conscience? Are you a thought Nazi? We live in a free country and this board apparently doesn’t discriminate.If people want to make certain analogies of a political and/or other nature, they’re free to do so until otherwise notified. Sto trying to impose your tastes on others!

  25. Folks,

    “Angry eagle” is a one-trick pony. A mental midget. He thinks he’s being funny with his comment about ND’s women basketball team. It was lame the first time around, it’s even lamer after the 100th time. The bottom line is this: If BC beats ND “Angry Eagle,” rightfully so, will rub it in our collective faces. However, and mark my words on this one, if NC beats BC, esp. if ND humiliates BC, “Angry Eagle,” like the p _ _ _ y he is, will either 1) make excuses (he’s already started by saying this is the worse BC team in 10 years) or 2) will simply not show up on this board for a while (thereby proving to all of us he’s a gutless piece of s _ _ t). So, “Angry Eagle” unless you have something new to say, which I doubt from a moron like you, shut up and go back down whatever sewer you come from. I challenge you to drop back by if and when ND kicks BC’s ass next Sat. For everyone else, just ignore this idiot, because he’s proven to be nothing but an idiot and gutless to boot (kicking someone when they’re down, typical of this kind of cretin).

    1. Angry Eagle,
      Are you soused already like most BC fans? You have no clue. And whatever insults you want to hurl inside someone else’s chat room, know this: You are a loser. Angry Eagle wake up in the morning and go to bed after 10 too many drinks and know this: You are a loser.

      Against Miami it was Catholics versus Convicts
      Against FSU it was Catholics versus Criminoles
      Against BC its
      Catholics versus Drunks

      ND is the Fighting Irish
      BC is the Drunken Irish

      1. So was it still a rivalry when ND went 12-0-1 from 83-95?


        BC and ND have only played 18 times. The series is tied at 9-9. 18 games does not a series make.

      2. Actually, I will correct myself. 18 games does make a series, but it does not make a rivalry.

    2. Who in the hell is this anus eagle anyway? And Why is he obsessed with girls, as he puts it “BACKETBALL?” Has he never had a girl friend? He obviously doesn’t have a life. Buy a box of cleanex freak. Your keys are all sticky.

      1. I was just trying to help you guys out, Notre Dame is known for having a good girls basketball team. It’s a fact, look it up. Yeeesh, you try to be nice and put a positive spin on an otherwise moribund sports program…

      2. Why don’t you help your self out… of a moving bus. The only thing you look up is your momma’s dress. I’m sure your great with the whole positive spin thing though. I guess that’s how you got the name “Anus Eagle”

      3. Remember whatever else, You are a loser Angry Eagle. Spending time at the ND blog site proves it. If BC was considered superior, you wouldn’t be on this blog. But apparently you sense that ND will always be releavnt and you are jealous. Go have a cheap beer or 5, vote for the dead Ted Kennedy like a typical Boston Shanty Irish drunk, and don’t waste our time.
        We talk about ND football among our own here. We don’t go to other blog sites and intrude. But that’s the difference. Be gone, drunken loser.

  26. ND Mike – right on! Ultimately however Charlie is the head football coach for Notre Dame and ultimately responsible for all aspects of the game including the defense. It appeared to me Weis was a bit more concerned with his ego than the team at ahlftime as he was already addressing his play call to punt before the half in advance of the criticism that may come from the call. His comments at the end of the game were similar – redefining a loss as somehow being a win. An observation of most comments here seems to support that. I am glad it was close too – but it wasnt until the last 7 minutes of the game basically. Had the defense done a better job in the biggest game they would play this year, coming off a bye week, the game could have had a different result. That was not to be and ultimately considering Charlies recruiting ability or not – the poor defensive play which really was the main culprit that lost this game belongs on the head coach. As I re-read prior articles regarding the impact of this game for Charlie – he even admited a win would be nice but a tough game although a loss acceptable in a sense to him. I always believed a good coach is never happy or content for be down or to lose a game. I can see how many do believe the outcome of this game is a positive but this WAS a missed opportunity to stop the slide against USC and that missed opportunity lands at Charlies feet. I may have misquoted in an earlier post regarding Weis’s exact comments at halftime but the essence was he was content to be only down by 6. I would have been pissed my defense was playing so poorly and not even mention we are losing at half.

  27. Let us all think calmly about Charlie:

    1) Does he make the boys he recruits into men and college graduates? Yes. Graduation rates well over 90% and a cumulative GPA over 3.0. (If the NCAA made these part of the BCS standings, which, when you think about it, they should, ND would be in a BCS game every year instead just two of Charlie’s four.) Change the ND ethos and the university loses its soul, and it legion of fans, whose loyalty does not, in the end, derive from victories but from respect and emotional attachment to an ideal.

    2) 2007 and 2008 are the direct result of the terrible recruiting which is really what got Ty fired. The Board, looking into the abyss of perpetual mediocrity and losing the NBC contract fired Ty because they could see the disaster coming — just look at the last two of Ty’s classes and the first of Charlie’s, which was really Ty’s last class. In 2007 ND started an offensive line 80% made up of Charlie’s first real class because there were NO OTHER offensive linemen. Charlie is ND through and through; that is why he can sell top recruits on why it is best to come to ND where they can combine their football ambitions with the chance to become well educated and rounded adults. Lou could do it, too. If you have not internalized what ND is, you can’t explain it and sell it to an eighteen year old (and his parents).

    3) If we had a defense this year we would be 6-0 and in the top five. The hire of Tenuta — universally considered a defensive genius — was heralded as a coup by everyone and it was smart, or so it seemed, of Charlie to turn the defense over to him while Charlie took over the offense. Charlie has every right to ask WTF? of Tenuta. If it is not turned around by Tenuta, Charlie will make big changes on defense and get at least an average defense established ala 2005 and 2006. The losses of Omar Hunter and the other defensive linemen we just barely lost out on would have changed things around (for defensive line is really where the problem lies). And when our young linemen (two sophs starting, three more on two deep) grow up some of the problem will be resolved.

    4) Charlie developed Clausen into a great QB, but had to put up with the downside of the learning curve having to be in live games with an inexperienced supporting cast. Crist will not have to go through the same growing pains, the “system” and pipeline are now in place; top QBs are already lining up to hop on the Quinn-Clausen-Crist train. ND will have top QBs for years to come. And because it will have top QBs it will have top receivers.

    5) ND will have a top offense as long as Charlie is here now that his pipeline is in place. As soon as the defense (especially line — but also settled coaching) is in place we will be in the hunt every year. You can see it jelling.

    6) Six years from now, after a string of top 10 finishes and maybe a couple fo National Championships, we will all be saying, “And to think there were some fools (not “me” of course, each of us will say with convenient memory lapses) who wanted to get rid of Charlie in 2008 and 2009.

  28. I would much rather have a great defense and average offense. Notre Dames’ best teams always played great defense. The front four played average and the defensive backfield was terrible against USC. Jon Tenuta has been the biggest disappointment for me. I expected much more out of the defensive talent we’ve recruited. USC was a much more physical team than Notre Dame and that will always decide a game. I was calling out USC’s plays from my living room, especially the 3rd and 1 play action pass. If my dumb butt can call out the play why can’t Jon Tenuta. This was a very disheartening loss. If our defense continues to give up 30 points per game look for an 8 and 4 record or worse a 7-5 record by years end. We cannot continue to give up 30 points per game and expect to win big games.

    Finally, Pete Carrol continues to out coach Weis. Carrols’ smile when speaking about Charlie Weis tells me he does not respect Charlie Weis at all. When USC rushes 3 players we should of been running the ball but Carrol knows that Weis has no patience for the run game. Carrol calls all of the defensive signals for USC and he simply outcoached Weis in the first half, third quarter and on the final plays of the game. Jimmy Clausen, Golden Tate and Robby Parris turned the game around on sheer talent. Weis’ play call with 4 seconds left was just plain dumb. Any play call should of been in the end zone. I am just disgusted with another USC win against Notre Dame. Just Disgusted!

    1. NDMIKE,
      You nailed it. Great points.
      Although at the half way point in the season, I still give CW a passing grade(mainly as offensive play caller)Jimmy Clausen is playing smart and is a great leader. Floyd goes down and he gets Robbie Parris to step up big time. He moves Tate around and get him his touches.The running game looked good, but when you trail in the second half they had to abandon it.
      Special teams had it’s moments, both good and bad. The fake field goal was well designed and well executed. No excuse for a blocked extra point. And near the end of the first half they forced a USC punt. I thought that was a good time to go for the block, but they decide on the return. So what happends? The USC punter gets a bad snap, but because there is no pressure he fields it and gets his best kick of the year.
      Corwin Brown and John Tenuta have failed to earn their paychecks. I truley believed that they would have a great scheme for this game. But once agian they make a Freshmen QB look like a Heisman Throphy winner.
      Barkley was 19 out of 29 for 380 yards. And the one time they get in his face he throws a pick that nearly goes for a TD. ND has another game where it surrenders 500 yards. If they could have just kept USC under 27 points we would have won. Those two better get it figured out, starting TODAY! Maybe Tenuda needs to get out of the pressbox and onto the field.

  29. Shaq’a academically fine,,,,,, just doesn’t get the ball enough… Kamara is playing before him and shouldn’t… #11 needs the ball to produce more confidence…

  30. The last I heard is that he was pumped about playing against USC…and then on Saturday no #11…I would hate to lose this guy!

  31. Has anyone heard about Shaq’s academic standing? Is he firm ND for the future? I hope he’s not thinking about transferring!

  32. Cliff,

    Who are you calling out as an “internet tough guy”? “Angry Eagle” I hope. My point is that among the many things to dislike BC for being an ND fan (e.g., classless football team) is the anti-Christian values of some of BC’s theolgians and administrators. That’s not a matter of opinion. Modern Jesuit (who run BC) theology is full of heretical ideas.

  33. Joey,

    Just ignore pro-gay, baby-killing, anti-Jesus “Angry Eagle.” Maybe then he’ll join his other pro-abortionists on a BC board somewhere.

  34. That’s cute – enjoy that line that line for the next few days. I’m sure ND is BC’s biggest rivalry but for ND the rivalry with BC ranks somewhere below USC, Michigan & Michigan St but still somewhere between Navy & Purdue.

  35. Lets move on. We can agree to disagree about USC. Lets talk BC. I have a feeling we will come out flat and will struggle at first. This usually happens after a big win or a big loss. I think we will win after another late charge by our offense.

    Any thoughts?

  36. Joey, you must not know much about ND football either then, if you did then you would know something that begins with “For the sixth time in six games, Boston College beat…”

  37. I know nothing about girls hoops which is one things less than I know about BC football – check that 2 things… BC’s freshman QB is around 27 years old.

  38. Are you talking about television ratings? I did not know it was sweeps, but if so you are probably right, ND always beats BC, they are much much more popular.

  39. “Angry Eagle,”

    While your at it, why don’t you abort a few babies, marry some queers, and denounce Jesus and Christianity! That all seems to be OK with some theologians within the Jesuit Order. Who runs BC again?!

  40. ND fans,

    Let’s excuse “Angry Eagle” for his lack of creativity. The one about the ND girls’ basketball program is getting old and it wasn’t very funny or clever the first time around for that matter! As for my hatred for you, @$$whipe, it’s real! Only a piece of gutless s _ _ t hides behind a screen name and visits another team’s sight to talk smack. Like I said, @$$hole, I want to see you be a man and take your due if we beat your classless BC bastards. My guess is we won’t hear from you unless BC wins. We ND fans may not always agree, but I’m sure I can speak for all Domers here by saying take your crap somewhere else!

  41. One of the many differences between BC and ND. People actually care about ND. AngryEagle has listed all kinds of stats and opinions about ND (although quite biased). Being an ND fan I couldn’t tell you one thing about BC over the last decade other than Matt Ryan played there. Nobody cares about BC. Thanks for coming over to an ND msg board to get your fill of real football fans.

  42. A few points:

    1) To “Angry Eagle,” I’d be angry too if I rooted for such a classless school (witness how the BC football team trashed the ND lockerroom a few years ago). And, while I’m not Catholic, I know that the Jesuits (NOTE: NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH) is full of a bunch of heretics! Some of these theologians don’t even believe in Hell, which is exactly where you and BC belong, “Angry Eagle.”

    2) I challenge “Angry Eagle” to drop by on this board again if and when BC loses to ND this year. My guess is this chichen s _ _ t won’t be heard of again if ND wins (now God forbid we lose).

    3) Whoever brought up the blown timeouts is spot on. We get at least one more snap if we’d had an extra time out. But we always seem to be running out of time on the play clock and need to burn timeouts.

    4) Recruiting is great if it eventually shows up on the field. Our recruiting in the trenches has been either unexistant or under-achieving (e.g., O-line, Sam Young, and D-line).

    5) Apparently no one told CW that D wins championships!

    6) I for one don’t want to go to a BCS bowl. I’d prefer to play a team we can realistically beat. I’m holding out for FSU in some second tier bowl (assuming FSU and ND can win out). I think we can beat FSU and that will be a good win even if FSU is down this year.

    7) CW gets one more year to compete for a natinal title next year. That’s it!

    1. Wow, why are you so mad, Rob? I don’t understand why you get so upset over a little criticism of your harmless lil football program that can’t seem to beat a ranked team. It’s no biggie being a harmless lil private school. There is no shame in winning just 58% of your games over a decade. Those blowout losses against top teams are only momentarily embarassing, you still have your NBC contract after all. So even thought the team stinks, you’re still Top 5 (maybe even National Champs) at selling commercials. God forbid indeed if the Irish can’t manage to beat middling BC’s worst team in at least 10 years.

      1. Angry Eagle,
        It’s easy and cowardly to talk this kind of smack on someone else’s blog. You’d never do this face to face. When BC has something that anyone around the nation cares about, come back. I’m sure folks are flocking to the BC blog site to comment on that famous team.

  43. Clausen has been groomed since grade school to be an NFL QB. Notre Dame and Weis’s offense was just a pit stop – he’s gone early. Tate isn’t a 1st round pick he’ll be back

  44. About Clausen:

    He is great. He won’t be here next year. Neither will Tate. No offense to them, there is a lot money awaiting those guys.

    1. Things could change but Notre Dame players dont tend to leave early. The last one was Darius Walker a couple years ago, and before that you might have to go back a decade (though i cant be for sure) before an underclassman came out early. I also noticed alot of ND players will tend to come back for their 5th year if eligible. I personally think Clausen, Tate and most players eligible to return will. The recent Bradford scenerio could change things slightly but ND tends to recruit character guys who graduate.

  45. Hey Domer by your analysis this program will be army in five years. What you fail to realize is that coaching at ND is a pressure cooker. Our past great AD’s have screwed up hires since Lou left. Charlie understand the culture of ND b/c he was a student. He understands the tradition, because he was a part of it as a student. You are a very negative fan and that is the problem with the program, people like you. No coach will ever be good enough. Like I said the days of any program winning 5 national championships in 10 yrs are done. College football is runs in cycles. Twenty years ago when ND was a power house programs like Oklahoma, Texas, USC and Florida were top 25 teams at best. Get a clue CW is building a good program. He has recruited 5 star offensive lineman since he has come to the University. The problem he had in the beginning was he didn’t recruit any good d-lineman. That has changed with the past two recruiting classes. As far as your comment about Barkley, get a clue most of his pass plays were on little screens that the wide receive turned into big gains. If JC was on USC they would have blown us out by 40. If you love Barkley so much become a USC fan and save us from your negative posts.

    1. Barkley throw for 380 yards on screens? Wow!

      I don’t see the day that we will be a powerhouse ever again, especially when we are happy that we didn’t get blown out.

      What if Weis loses another game or two this year. Will Domers get my back?

      The recruiting isn’t that good if we are happy to barley beat Purdue, Washington, Nevada, and to be happy to lose to USC and Michigan.

      I expect better. As fan we all should. This is Notre Dame.

      1. See previous post re barkley, yea, he had 380 yards with a couple screens that went for about 100yds, two dinks to wide-open tight-ends on 3rd and 1 that went for over 120yds, and the second drive of the game where he dropped back and threw to his first option (wide-open) for 80yds. when he was finally pressured he choked and threw a pic (should have thrown two), and fumbled which was called intentional grounding. Barkley is not a heisman candidate, at least not this year. i can’t remember him having to throw to a check down/having to make a read. usc’s offense as a system beat our suspect defense, not barkley.

        I am sick of people wanting charlie’s head. if we don’t win 9 games we can talk, but otherwise chill the f… out. i will echo sentiments from earlier posts that a coaching change will only set us back for another tumultuous 3-5 years of sub.500 to .500 football.

        While this was a crushing loss, it WAS an improvement from an embarrassing loss last year. if the program continues to progress, close games against the likes of mich and usc WILL fall in our favor. if the program ceases improving then we may need to look at a coaching change.

        as an aside, if floyd was not injured it would have been him split out right drawing double coverage, with tate running the out in the slot position. any bets tate doesn’t slip on that out route? floyd’s injury was probably to key to nd’s offense only putting up 27 and not 42…

      2. Agree to Disagree.

        Barkley out played Clausen and everyone around the country is saying so. Better numbers and the win means everything for the Heisman.

        Barkley has signature wins on the road:

        At Ohio State

        At ND

        At Cal

        He did not play against Washington and they lost.

        Everyone has Barkley on their Heisman watch least. Will he win? Who knows. But this kid is a future #1 pick.

        As for Clausen, he has no reason to stay after this year. This team this year or next is not winning a National Championship. He is also a project first round pick in an uncapped year. That means a whole lot of cash and good for him. He has taken a pounding so I hope he gets some cash.

  46. Angry Eagle is pretty funny. Hey, at least he doesn’t think BC is any good, so he’s not completely delusional.

    I just watched the game again (easier to watch with a critical eye when I’m not screaming and yelling), and sure, our defense gave up big plays, but we knew that would happen going in. Last week I said I didn’t think we could win with our defense and I was right, but you know what, we showed we belonged. USC had to earn it, which is more than I can say for last year’s game. Anyone who thinks the talent level isn’t improving every single year at ND is nuts. And ND was without Floyd, one of the top 5 wide receivers in the nation, and might have won had we had him. We need to temper our expectations with this team. They’re not a top team, but Weis is bringing in some serious talent, and it’s only going to get better. I wasn’t optimistic about this game, but I am optimistic about the program.

  47. Joey replace “the program is not a Top 10 team yet” with “the program is not a Top 50 team yet” and I agree. Maybe it could be a Top 50 program, then it would be know for something besides selling commercials.

  48. The problem with the program is the unrealistic expectations of the fans – The program is not a Top 10 team yet. Easy on the “Shift+1” Big Guy !!!!!!!!

  49. Hey, Angry Eagle your mom is calling you for supper, you better get up there or there will no milk and cookies tonigt, Oh and yeah, get the H off of our sight and get a life.

    1. Sorry buddy, I find folks like you and your harmless lil old football team too compelling. You guys are so cute when you get mad about your middling program. It’s really funny to us outsiders.

      There is only one thing funnier than you losing time and again to a ranked opponents, and that’s losing time and again to BC. Hilarious!

      No go run off and replay those grainy videos from when ND was relevant 30 years ago.

    1. sumpin???
      Is that ebonics in Boston>
      or “bean town?
      You are an insult to the heritage of Boston’s contribution to America’s greatness.
      Angry washed up dead bird-
      get some counseling.

  50. ND is a pretty bad football team. They have barely beaten some middling-to-bad teams, and lost to the only decent squads they played this year (Michigan and USC). Good law school though.

    1. Angry Eagle-
      Go back to your Backup College and quit trolling the message boards.
      Should we analyze your schedule?

      Northeastern-FCS (Division 1AA) (0-6)
      Kent State-MAC (3-4)
      Clemson- (You lost) (3-3)
      Wake Forest- (4-3)
      Florida State (2-4)
      Virginia Tech (You Lost) (5-2)
      NC State (3-4)
      Overall: 20-26 (average record: 2.8-3.7)

      You beat 1 team with a winning record. You lost to the only ranked team you played.

      For comparison: ND opponents: 22-18 (average record 3.6-3)
      We beat one team with a winning record, and lost to the one ranked team we played.

      Finally: Sagarin rankings:

      I will give you the fact that BC has had ND’s number during the streak you have going. But for you to argue schedules (as you did in an earlier post) proves that you are an idiot.

      “Better to keep your mouth shut and have the world think you are an idiot, than to open it and have it confirmed.”

      1. BRAVO
        Irish-Wertzy rocks
        good for you
        oh yeah
        Is Florida State REALLY 2-4??
        I am loving that.
        Will love it even more when BC is 5-3 after they play THE CATHOLIC INSTITUTION in the Nation -with real theology and not “appeasing modern relativism” as they do in Jesuit land. ( Jesus is a good guy one day–then well–he and Bishop Spong might make HIM something less-you never know.)
        BC-boasting college
        It is time to take this one
        with some MAJOR attitude.
        I REALLY want this team to take it to the limit against another maroon and gold squad
        from America’s rudest city.
        Are you kidding me?
        Kent State?
        Who is next-NYU Professor Emeritus prior to 1970?

  51. joeyknuklehead:

    Your comment – “so dumb even USC would us away”

    what exactly did you mean by this Einstein???

    The academic standards are so high at ND. So High.

  52. Congrats to USC, they played a very good game
    and clearly were the better team. Someday, I hope
    we too can get to where they are (as Charlie himself
    acknowledged: that is our goal) and play that well
    even in a “down” year.

    Well, it was a tough loss, thanks for the good wrap-up
    as always Frank. I expect we’ll bounce back against
    BC in six days and at least be able to get rid of that
    losing streak. I think it’ll be a good game, though
    I hope we can somehow improve the pass defense in
    the meanwhile.

    Go Irish, Beat Eagles!

  53. Domer – everyone is dumber just by reading your posts …so dumb even USC would us away. And the ! key on your keyboard has asked for a break aready.
    By the way – The game wasn’t as close as the score. It was actually closer by say 4 yds or so.

  54. I know Mike Floyd is a hell of a player. If he was out there we might preform better, but win?

    The game was not as close as the score, and Weis and the rest of college football knows that.

    Anyone who thinks Weis recruited well, then have know idea about football. You are a casual fan that does not get it. QBs, RBs, And WRs don’t win. They are like great looking women, They are great to look at and admire from afar, but its what’s under the hood and the fun stuff she does in the bedroom that counts!

    Our physical positions, O-line and D-line Were abused! That is a fact! Our entire defense made true freshman look like Montana!

    We were up in arms when USC got physical and hit and abuse our superior and precious student athletes. That is the name of the game! it is a physical, abusive sport and we got the POOP bet out of us!

    While I know the final score was so close, The game was not!

    If we are lucky, we will win out and play in a BCS game this year. However, those are good teams too and we have only beat one team in the last 2 years with a winning record!

    1. How did we make Barkley look like Montana? We were ranked 25 in the nation! Our defense is in the bottom half of the country. With the protection he was provided and our poor secondary coverage, he had all day to pass. When he was pressured, he had players wide open. To suggest that this kid played like Montana is to infer that USC was going up against a superior team. The entire country knew ND’s weakness. While he struggled the first half, Clausen played with grit and determination.

      1. That’s what I wrote. The d made him look like Montana. Never said he was that good, but he looked like it. And he won and put up better numbers than Clausen.

  55. I was at the game, and I admit I thought ND would pull out another nailbiter. But this defense is downright awful. I know the talent is there, what is the problem? It has to be coaching I would say. Fundamentally this may be the poorest defense in the history of the program. What exactly are the coaches doing in teaching these guys? Missed tackles, blown assignments/coverages are completely unacceptable given the fact that we had 2 weeks to prepare for the Trojans. And just one more question, where was Shaq Evans? he had a good game against UW, but I dont even recall seeing him on the field. Charlie, that 1 timeout you saved doest carry over to the BC game next week. I understand the need for it to decide whether to go for 2 or kick the PAT, but given the situation, we need to get 4 cracks at the endzone to try and tie it up…ppor use of time management at the end of the game…definitely should have called the timeout after the roughing the passer call on USC with 35 seconds left.

  56. Everyone is aware of the fact that ND had awful teams in 2007 & 2008. Lumping this squad in with those years is foolish.
    There’s no way anybody watching the game could unbiasedly claim Barkley outplayed Clausen. Imagine what Clausen can do to ND’s secondary.

    1. No No No. Everyone is writing and saying that Barkely out played Clausen.

      Barkely came here and won on the road in a hostel cold envirnment as a freshman.

      He is in the Heisman consideation, Clausen is not anymore. His first three qTRS WERE NOT GOOD!

      1. I wholeheartedly disagree. Barkley was playing pass and catch with wide-open receivers. the two third and ones accounted for over a hundred of his passing yards, all he had to do was float it out to his wide open tight-end. most of his other yards came on the second drive of the game where he stared down his receivers and threw to the first option because they were wide open. barkley did everything he could at the end to blow the game!! pick in the fourth quarter and what looked like a fumble that was called intentional grounding. i can’t recall one throw that was a check-down

  57. Wow! Since 2007, Weis is 1-15 against teams with a winning record!

    We deserved better than Ty Willingham, but this is not it! This not it!

    By the way, even if we wanted to get Chris Peterson from Boise, he wouldn’t come. That tells you were our program ranks.

    Our program has a lot of history and prestige, but so did Army! Lets hope that we are not headed down that road… Oh wait, 1-15 against winning football teams.

    Wow! I know we had a lot of fight last night. We gave the good ole great white hope try, but lets get back to reality!

  58. I don’t know if it was just me, but Weiss looked a little scared after the game. He looked like a man walking down death row. The way thing have been going I’m not suprised.
    I would recommend Weiss offer the safety position for tryouts this week on campus to the students. Their has to be some kid out their who can play this position and show up on gameday.

  59. Enough with the fire Weis talk. He’s doing a great job recruiting and the talent level is increasing. If Floyd was on the field we probably win the USC game.Yes, our defense is horrible. (I watched the Florida-LSU game and those defenses and the speed of their players are so far beyond ND it’s scary). But our defense will improve. It takes time to build a program, and that’s just what Weis is doing. Let’s maintain some stability in this program, please.

  60. Qoutes from a well respected college football analyst:

    “Don’t be fooled by the late charge. The Irish sputtered most of the day. ND had just seven points and 121 yards at halftime, and quarterback Jimmy Clausen completed just 7 of 14 passes for 47 yards at the break. Perhaps the most telling stat: USC averaged 8.1 yards per play, Notre Dame 4.9. ”

    “Since the start of the 2007 season, Notre Dame is 14-17. Weis is 1-15 against teams that finished the season with a winning record. And he’s 1-9 against teams that finished ranked. If Notre Dame were in the Big Ten, it would be … Minnesota”

    “Most felt this was Notre Dame’s best chance to topple USC since it last beat the Trojans in 2001. USC was playing a freshman quarterback (Matt Barkley) and an overhauled defense. But it appears as if it could be a while before the Irish beat the Trojans again.”

    “Clausen’s Heisman hopes remain a long shot. He was outplayed by Barkley (19 of 29 passing for 380 yards and two touchdowns). The 19-year-old guided a 501-yard onslaught against an Irish defense that is downright bad.”

    This is how much respect this program has earned!

      1. But he didn’t. He just played his way into Heisman consideration and Clausen is thinking of his draft position this year. Remember, 2010 will be an uncapped year in the NFL.

      2. If you are waiting for the media to respect Notre Dame football, you will be waiting for a very long time. When we defeated Florida State in the early 90s, the reluctance to give ND praise was present even then. It was also reflected by our #2 ranking at the end of the season. Do you think the media was excited about Kevin McDougal? The media has been playing favorites for as long as I can remember watching. The irony is that we have our own network coverage!

  61. Since it is the belief of this blog that Weis needs to go, who do you want to hire in his place. Who wants to coach at a school where if you go 9-3 the fans want you out. I have heard a lot of chatter concerning Brian Kelly. What happens if he goes to a BCS game this year and has his hat handed to him by a major program. How about the guy at Boise State. Ask Colorado how that is working out. What about the fat guy at Kansas, because he really wins big games. How about Jon Gruden because he has done such a bang up job after Dungies players got old. I don’t know what people on this blog think a coach at ND should be, but right now I don’t see anyone in the country touching this job that is good. I don’t see anyone qualified to take this job and handle the pressure. I would like to use the analogy of Mac Brown at Texas as my basis for keeping Weis. Mac Brown in his first five years couldn’t beat Oklahoma, couldn’t win the big game. Texas kept him and he is pulling every Blue Chipper in the state and winning big games and a NC. If Brown would have been coaching at Texas in the 80’s we would not have gotten Tim Brown out of the state. So if we keep firing coaches every five years we will be no better than Texas or USC in the 80’s when they fired a coach every 5 years. You can not get any sense of stability in a program by canning the coach every five years.

    1. Brian Kelly has won everywhere he has been.

      Gruden won a super bowl as head coach. And Belt a team in Oakland that played in a super bowl.

      Urban Meyer – ND is his dream job.

      Chris Peterson at Boise. Wants the Oregon job, but is a hell of a coach. He can win with Lesser talent.

      Willingham at Utah. Again a coach that can win with lesser talent.

      I can list ten more very good coaches who are assistants who could do a pretty good job.

      1. Gruden won a Super Bowl because Tony Dungy left him a gift of a roster. They played Oakland for pete sakes…. Meyer will never come to ND. Absolutely not his dream job. Maybe hypothetically he would go to ND if he wasn’t the head coach at Florida…. Good luck getting him to leave his dynasty.

      2. But Gruden won at the highest level as head coach.

        What has Weis won?

        In Urban Meyer’s contract at Florida, there is a clause that allows him to get out of that Swamp for ND. That’s a fact. He will come if we pay him and he has proven he is worth it!

      3. Geoff – yeah, but he still won the Super Bowl. No one left him anything. You have to earn it!! What one signature win has Weis brought to our program in 56 games as head coach?? At this point, that goober Danny Hope at Purdue has a better resume than Weis by beating OSU this past weekend. If we don’t get a Kelly, Meyer, Gruden type coach soon, all will be lost for this program. We can only ride the tradition wave for so long.

  62. Thank God for this blog, its almost like a psychologist. Working as PO in this dump of a city you practically need it. Im hurting and hurting bad after this one. I dont accept moral victories, they just arent good enough for me as a Notre Dame fan. I dont know why but i read the comments in the Chicago Scum-times and the Tribune as they almost unanimously bash ND as being “over rated” or not capable of winning a game “the refs handed to them.” Im Irish, i guess i like misery. I disagree with all the hating but i dont really have a leg to stand on. No signature victory, sub par teams almost beating us, sub par QB’s lighting us up, teams with less talent advancing up the rankings chart. This really hurts and i dont see an antidote in sight. I wish i knew the solution, its probably in the bottom of this bottle of Jameson. Maybe it IS time for a coaching change. Defense has always been our achilles heel and after 5 years i dont see us any closer to the top of the crop. Weiss does care however, he’s tried his best by getting new coaches and improving recruiting but it doesnt seem to be working.

    1. You’re right, Weis has been here for five years, but he started from scratch in year 3 because Ty left the cupboard bare. Think about it, no QB ready to take over for Brady, best running back declared for draft a year early, and the receiever with the most experience was David Grimes. What in the world did Weis have to work with?

      I look at Weis starting from year 3. Since that time he has gone from 3-9, to 7-6, and this year looks to be 8-10 wins. Does anyone think they will not reach a bowl game? That was not always the case with Davie and Ty. If you look at Weis’s work staring from 2007, this team has made HUGE strides. Stopping it now, would only set this program back further. In those 3 years, he went from getting blown out by USC to giving them all they could handle.

      Again, we need to look at Weis in 2 parts, the Brady years and the rebuild starting in 2007.

  63. Ask Teo and his parents(or Jimmy and his) what they think about Charley and their decision to attend ND vs USC…then look at Charley’s ability to recruit blue chippers to cold South Bend knowing they have to actually go to class, behave on and off the field, won’t have a cushy athletic dorm and graduate, yikes,. and finally ,again, and more importantly, name your replacement coach and admit that if you want ND to return to top 10 prominance year in year out, given the new landscape and parity of Top Ten College Football and you want to hire your new coach you have to be in favor of allowing the same student athlete behavior and academic requirements that USC, Texas, Tenn, Alabama, Georgia, Florida,LSU,Boise State, Auburn and Oklahoma tolerate , including their football graduation rates(48-65%) vs ND ‘s 90 +%..That is the reality check that many Weis bashers don’t see. While I admit I would like to win more games I am not in favor of lowering our standards so that the coach at ND has the same recruiting opportunities as most of his Top 10 peers. Given that the ND coach has one arm tied behind his back I’ll take Charley over Pete, Urban , Beamer ,Mack Brown and Saban any day….he stands for more than winning at all cost, just Like ND…and it continues to mean something special to play and graduate from ND…I like the progress I have seen on the field and while Weis came in mouthy and hasn’t lived up to it, we are seeing massive improvement in the product while ND standards are achieved and maintained…stay the course..this man will get them there..the right way with the right guys…GO IRISH

    1. Again, your assuming the academic standards at ND are higher. You have no proof! I do, Paul Duncan and Brady Quinn had 1000 SAT scores.

      Clasuen picked ND over USC for several reasons.

      1. Mark Sanchez
      2. Mitch Mustain
      3. The SoCal QB pipeline

      If Clausen was so happy to be here, why was he at the Rose Bowl last year parting up with Taylor Mays and Mark Sanchez?

      Clausen is not the best QB prospect in the country.

      Jake Locker
      Colt McCoy
      Ryan Mallett

      All pretty good! Now Clausen is in the conversation an he knows right now he is a first rounder. He also sees what has happened to Sam Bradford.

      Do you really think Jimmy will be at ND next year?

  64. Gruden is Available! He is about to take the Louisville Job! Lets get him or take another run at Meyer! He has a ND out clause.

  65. I read all your comments…SC is just too tough for us. We’ll lose Young (overrated) this year and I hope Sentral Henderson will just sign right now before he leaves SB and tell him the position is his, period. Everybody wants Gruden… and let’s get a proven winner and overcommer. His dad was with Devine when Rudy played so…Big problem will be the the change in offense. Gruden runs the west coast like ty did. Weis runs the Earhart-perkins offense that he learned from parcells in New York. Totally different verbage and problematic for 2010 team loaded with seniors. Grin and bare it! We need players right now to be the difference maker so coaching isn’t an issue. I agree with the above writer’s comments…We need to let Brown go…Gotta rebound, fellas! (charlism)

  66. It absolutely amazes me that people still continue to defend Weis. I have nothing against him as a person. But as long as he is head coach we will have a mediocre program. If that’s what you’re looking for, then he’s your guy. How much more evidence do you people need?

    1. I strongly agree John. I think CW will leave his office, before that USC hat that the CW said he would get rid of when they beat USC…..

  67. I came in from Raleigh,(Hoosier native) meeting my 2 sons for the game ,one of whom graduated from ND in 08 (I have equity here boys)and is in Med school at USC. and yes he had his Irish colors on….Great game for the Irish..the crowd was the loudest I’ve seen in years, the team was fired up and played well, defense was 2 or 3 plays away from playing decent, getting beat on blitz both times…Jimmy Claussen played all world against a very strong and aggressive SC defensive team that had him scrambling all day…he (and they) didn’t turn the ball over, they eliminated penalties and played toe to toe with one of the best teams in the country…put Floyd in the game and we win by 2 TD’s….tremendous improvement over last year and this season…with all of that the dump Charley gang comes out;face the facts, the days of ND beating everyone every year is over…try to recruit to South Bend Ind(not to knock the town)against LA , Fl, Tx, Bama you have to go to class, study and graduate..Gruden and Myers turned it down because they knew how tough that job is with the above student athlete requirements and fan expectation. I am proud to be associated with ND and think we need to give more credit where it is due..and if you are going to dump him please identify and sign your new coach first and say you are ok with setting the program back 2-3 years, relaxing our academic requirements and allowing the on and off the field antics all of these other schools have with their “star” players , otherwise you’re living in a dream world. Our team represented us well Sat before, during and after the game…GO IRISH…

    1. Gruden was never offer the job. He will this year!

      They low balled Meyer. Fact, they offered him less than 1.5 Mil for the job.

      Florida offered more and he will deliver 3 NC in 5 years in a few months.

      1. Weis could deliver those 3 NC’s in 5 years too if ND had community college admission standards like florida does.

        I find it comical that people complain that Weis is too arrogant when he is coaching for the most arrogant program in the country. We won’t join a conference because we want all our games televised nationally and we don’t want to split our bowl revenue, or change our home game start times. And I love it.

        We are ND. Our players leave college as men. Have you ever listened to a florida player give an interview? Most of them sound ridiculous and can’t even form a sentence.

  68. As ND Fan I don’t think there is that much to be proud of! Lets look at the facts:

    We were pushed around the entire game! Physically we didn’t compete. Paul Duncan and Sam Young looked like JV football players vs The Varsity!

    The score was 34 – 14 going into the 4th Qtr. USC got bored and made some bone headed plays. They do this every game and every year.

    Jimmy Clausen was out played by a true freshman at our home on national tv! The was a Heisman candidate to emerge and his name is Matt Barkley!

    Charlie Weis has zero signature wins. Zero!

    Carlie has not recruited as well as we all think. Steve Sarkesian before the USC game said: “ND is physically on par with Washington, not ND”. That is an extremely telling comment!

    We will lose again this year! BC, Navy, Pitt, UCONN, Stanford are all better than you think. We will get out coached in more than one of those games.

    In my honest opinion, This is Tebow’s last year at Florida. We should make a serious go at Urban Meyer, and bring the guy who could win 3 NC in 5 years to his, “Dream Job”!

  69. Can someone teach these players how to wrap up and tackle the ball carrier, on two plays we had 13 missed tackles. we cannot beat everyone with only an offense everyone needs to step up on defense and tackle on the first try not pull on their shirt for 20 yards before you get help. Any good defense would be running tackling drills if they missed 13 tackles for the game let alone on two plays.

  70. Here somes BC (5-2 in a rebuilding year) to throw a little cold water on your moral victory, and set your harmless little football program back where it belongs.

    I love how SC eases up, makes a few boneheaded mistakes, and allows ND to make it close after nearly making it a rout, and you morons get all excited. Face facts, you guys are Purdue right now, have been for 15 years, and will be forever. No conference, ugly chicks and a crappy cold weather campus = D1 medicority. Deal with it. Peace out.

    1. angry eagle, since you have all of the answers, how well would BC have played USC? USC let up? We were watching two different games or you have your head where the sun doesn’t shine. Your comments show what a moron you really are.

      1. We were indeed watching two different gams apparently. I saw a a superior team assert control and then let up. and then I saw a wannabe program, all jacked up with their home crowd behind them in their biggest game of the year, make a game of it and fall short, even with the aid of a dozen late hits and stupid penalties. How would BC have done? Probably exactly the same. I have seen it many times over the years, I can think of at least 3 BC-Miami games in Chestnut Hill that I attended ealier this decade, when Miami was No.1, and the games came down to the final play and BC lost. Look it up, jackass. And look it up with other second tier programs like BC and ND, like Ole Miss and Arizona. Happens all the friggin time. I dont have my head up my ass, you do, with rose-colored glasses to boot. You can have your moral victories like this one, but you should also consider your moral defeats, like Navy last year and Purdue this year (2-5 despite upsetting Ohio State).

      2. Boston is by far the rudest city in the country.No-not New York-they are intense and have places to go–intense.
        Los Angeles-conceited , vain.
        Lived in Chicago too–friendly -busy.
        Boston-rude, crude and socially unacceptable.
        Angry–meet me at Washington Hall steps one hour before kick off–I will be in Jeans, and gray sweatshirt with Grean and Blue ND hoodie-
        with sign–angry eagle is a whimp. Will your daddy let you come out of gay friendly
        Beantown? I will BE your daddy by the end of the game.
        Go to another site-and as far as grainy videos–at least we have a past with solid theology based on Christ and HIS Resseruction-not the make it up as you go theology of the Jesuits. ( as for Purdue beating OHio state- I REALLY enjoyed that-and we did not lose to Navy last year that was the year before–and unlike you, I happen to respect Navy–this proves your disdain for the very people who defend your free speech. You are an incompetent moron. I realize there are 3 syllables in some words, but If ND would have won–you would be elsewhere like sucking your thumb under your bed) Get over yourself and get a life. You represent Boston’s Finest–or worst–same thing.

    2. I like BC. You groomed Frank Leahy for us. I went to a Jesuit high school. I like Georgetown and Marquette. I pretty much pull for all Jesuit/Catholic schools unless they play ND. How come most BC people I know hate ND? And you hate ND so much, you feel the need to not only read ND blogs and the posts on them, you also want to post a bunch of hate. What a pathetic little being you must be.

      1. Because at the end of the day, it’s about jealousy. There is no other explanation for AngryEagle’s comments. At least his screen name is somewhat accurate. “SpinelessCrow” might be more fitting though…

      2. JDH,

        I could give you an explantion or better yet, let you check him out for your self at:
        After you read his profile you won’t be able to stop laughing.
        What a idiot! He forgets to take down his old posting then goes out to a ND site and spews his nonsence. I guess he thought he could hide. He’s like a dog that got caught crapping on the floor. Just call him out and hit him with a rolled up newspaper.
        Check out how nobody over there even acknowledges his postings. His own alumni know a steaming stink pile when they see one. He had to come here and talk smack to get any recognition.

    3. Angry Eagle – fitting name from someone from Boston. I didn’t realize “somes” could be used as a verb.

      Ugly chicks? Crappy cold weather campus?? What, you guys have a Hooters near campus and a sledding hill by the stadium??

  71. The fire Charlie talk has started once again and I for one am sick of it. He has done a lot of good things for this program and inherited a mess left by Bob Davie and Ty Willingham.

    I wonder if things would be different if his record was the same but the years were reversed. What if he started 3-9, then 7-6, 9-3, 10-3, and now 4-2. Would we be calling for his head?

    When he took over this program, he had one good class, the Quinn class, and when they left he was left with nothing. He has had to rebuild this program with Freshman and Sophmores. There is a HUGE difference in this game between FR/SO and JR/SR. We see on offense how much better this team is with upper classman and we are seeing how far we need to go on defense because Fr/Soph play a big role in key positions on the defense.

    What is bringing another coach going to do? It is not going to give us a better offense? It will only cause us to lose key players on that offense. You think Jimmy would stay if Weis is gone? Also, everyone is saying hire Brian Kelly. How do we know he would even come, this job is not as attractive as it once was.

    Alot of people are saying Weis can’t beat USC and that is eveident, but very few teams have been able to beat them since Carroll got there. I know USC always loses a gimmie each year, but how many do they really lose when they are up for it? I can only think of Texas. Charlie has given USC all they can handle twice now. He is a dominate defense away from being able to run with USC stride for stride.

    Like I said in a previous post, this is not a head coaching issue, it is a defense issue. I also agree with the person who said that Tenuta and Brown may not be on the same page. Brown was the DC and now he’s not, you know there is an issue with that. I think it’s time for Charlie to let Brown go and let Tenuta run the WHOLE defense. He has a proven track record and maybe this isn’t working because there are to many chefs in the kitchen. Look at the offense now that Haywood is gone and Charlie is running the whole show.

    We do not need a massive overhaul, we need to fix some problems on defense. Now, if we lose 2 or 3 more games, then I would say let him go, but if we run the table, he should be allowed to stay. He is starting to resemble more of a college coach and I think you are seeing that in how this team plays. This kind of passion has been missing since Holtz was here and starting over is not the answer. Let’s let this season play out and then let the AD do his job.

    1. Well, need not to worry,they will lose two or three more games easily and I’m afraid to say Weis IS the problem. He’s getting paid with the top coaches in football, you know USC, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and what has he produced in five years. We do settle for mediocrity. How sad!

      1. Tom…I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s embarrassing ! For a school with its stature and financial stability is pathetic to have such a person in charge of ( supposedly ) the greatest coaching job in the country.

      2. Indeed – the close loss has come to be the new definition of a win for the Irish! Sad indeed. It is amazing to me that the defense especially the secondary has been so consistantly bad throughout the year with no adjustments. Players getting dragging down the field hanging on for dear life on numerous plays…embarrassing. 0-8 now against SC. Unacceptable. Weis summed it up at half time – “I am content to be losing at half time.” Kool aid anyone?

      3. In addition, Weis said at the end of the game “if someone told me before the game we would be inside their 5 yard line at the final moments of the game with a chance to tie or win, I would have taken that”. Even Charlie knows we are not good enough to beat USC and we would be fortunate to be in that situation. 8 in a row!! Are you kidding me?!?!

      4. Tired of the comparisons! If only Charlie would have reminded Kumara not to slip on the last play.

      5. The only mediocrity I’ve seen this weekend are your posts. Short on any relevant facts. Considering ND hasn’t released anything but Weis’ base salary (required by law for tax purposes), I don’t know how anyone knows how much money he makes. The Orlando Sun-Sentinel certainly didn’t cite a source. Also, it’s not just Davies’ and Willingham’s mess being cleaned up. It’s also the last three years of Lou Holtz. After ND rejected Randy Moss, Lou basically quit recruiting. Oh by the way, Lou’s last three years weren’t exactly stellar either, and he still had pretty good talent. By the time Weis arrived, ND had been descending for about 10 years. Maybe we should hire Tom as the Coach, I’m sure he’d take us to a National Championship. Or maybe we could start cheating. Wouldn’t that be great? Or, how about the Coach du jour, Brian Kelly? Obviously, he’s the Savior. After all, he’s kicking ass in that power conference, the Big Least. Does Weis need to go? I wouldn’t even comment on that until the season is over. But unless the names coming are Bob Stoops, Frank Beamer or maybe, Nick Saban (Not sure if he’s a good character guy. Recruiting 30+ kids a year, then telling some to hit the road or storing them in jucos is not impressive), I don’t want to hear names from second and third rate conferences. That’s just another crap shoot. I don’t want a gimmick coach or a sleaze bag.

        And Chris, you should go into politics. You have great spin. (Not only out of context, but the quote is wrong. You could work for Fox News). I was happy that we were only losing by six at half. We could have been down by alot more, but the TEAM (that includes coaches) found enough to stay in the game. This far more than some of its “supporters” have shown. What a bunch of quitters you are.

      6. It doesn’t sound like you’re “afraid” to say anything, Tom, that denigrates the University of Notre Dame.

        Go cheer for Southern Cal. Please. We don’t need your ridiculous posts over here.

    2. It is a coaching issue!

      The coaches in college recruit and put the product on the field. We have a really good Offensive Coordinator and thats it! He does not recruit well enough to get us back to the promise land. (Florida, USC, Texas).

      We are consistently out coached. Michigan, MSU, Washington, USC 34-14 in the forth Qtr.

      Willingham was better than we were told! If he wasn’t fired he would have had the players that Charlie has won with. Willingham took over a Washington program that was devastated, and recruited well enough to get them the players that the have now. The same team that beat USC and took us to over time on our home turf. His last year at Washington, there stud QB, Locker, Was out for the season! He recruited the furture #1 draft pick! Wait and see!

      ND was Urban Meyer’s dream job and still is. He has a clause in his contract that allows him to get out of it if goes to ND. He will win 3 NC in 5 years and if we didn’t low ball him, he would be a Domer! Think about that. Were would we be now with Urban Meyer!

      1. Please send me what you’re smoking. Willingham may have been the laziest recruiter of all time.

      2. What planet are you on?

        Coaching is the issue and Weis has done a decent job. No, he hasn’t completely inspired his kids yet — they haven’t played a full game this season — but he’s making serious inroads on the recruiting front. He’s got a bunch of athletes now — and needs a few more.

        Urban wouldn’t ever coach Notre Dame with fans like you, Domer.

    3. You CW fans kill me if the only thing you see is a bad D you just dont get it. And Stop blaming Ty and Bob Davie, these are all his guys now. Hey how many time outs did we have at the end of the game? We burn more TO then any team in the country. And the last time i checked the D is the Head Coaches job ITS all his responsibility. He is the second highest paid coach in the country ahead of Urban Meyer “Really”. Almost forgot the lack of atheletes you say we have on D. You know the ones people say are going to play on Sunday. How about just wrapping and tackling somebody, how many missed tackles did we have this week? But people like you contiue to buy into CW program, but the numbers dont lie, and the facts are the facts.

      1. First, I’m not your friend. I’m much more selective. Second, I can tell by your sofisticated response that you must be all to familiar with being a loser. Third, you can have Urban Meyer. I prefer not to degrade Notre Dame. If you want to win at all costs, cheer for SC or Florida.

  72. The bashing of Weis is just comical and embarassing.

    On another note- the attempt to go for it on fourth down and not kick the field goal, something Weis refuses to do for some unknown reason, and the missed PAT cost us the game. The last drive could have been a field go for OT if a field goal was attempted rather than a full back dive, which was horrendous.

    This team has some friggin balls. I hope they can close this season strong and can’t wait for next year. With Floyd in this game I truly believe a different outcome was possible.

    This defense needs to figure it out, 3 touchdowns after half time is unacceptable.

      1. What is your problem? Floyd is a huge play maker. He would have made a BIG difference in the USC game. Your attitude stinks like shit. If your going to judge people, expect it back in return.

      2. Well thanks dad. I cannot help it if you are an idiot. If we had floyd, if we had this if we had that. Suck it up dude when is Weis ever going to win an important game. Excuse after excuse.

      3. FLOYD IS a big play maker.
        He adds zeal to the team in incredible ways.
        About my comment earlier,
        my commentary about USC being thuggish at times is not “just as flagrant” as you
        would suggest. It is an observation and the truth.
        What ND player took their arms and showed their muscles to his own bench and band?
        Not one ND player. Smack goes on-it happens. Flagrant happened with USC-and you know it. They are not as bad as the Miami Hurricanes who were unforgiveable in the 80’s with their male stripper steps and taunting and GPA’s which looked more like prison than an Academic Institution.
        So-Pachuco-I congratulated USC. Good sportsmanship is on my part-AND observation which is correct. I am NOT the flagrant one. Not at all.

    1. Floyd is a player who makes a difference. I never said he wins the game for ND, but elite players rise to the occasion. It’s not a what if scenario . . . but hey, what if you decided not to stop making excuses for being a dick? Maybe ND wins the game. Just putting it out there, chump.

  73. any word on how it went with all of the recruits that were there this weekend? do you guys think even in a loss it still went fairly well?

    **on a side note, i hate Boston College more than any other school…. hell any other team in any sports, collegiate or professional!! i hope the boys really take it to them next saturday!!
    dont give up!

    1. I think some of the recruits were very happy!

      Lets see, there were a few 2 and 3 star o-lineman who were excited to get sodomized by USC.

      There were a couple of 5 star QB’s who were excited to run for their lives next year.

      However, there were a few WR who realized that the the weather and the scenery will look a little brighter in LA or Gainesville or Austin next week.

  74. ND is a student athlete program. USC, Texas, Florida, etc… are minor league footaball teams. They’ll always be at a huge disavantage unless they change or the NCAA levels the playing field. That’s why they’ve been beat eight in a row and will continue to lose to SC.

  75. Wow, done as a fan huh? I wonder what you would have been writing if Duval hadn’t slipped? The difference between this game and 2005 is the depth. As long as Charlie continues to bring in the recruits, his job is safe. Something that shouldn’t be forgotten is that Charlie Weis’ players have the highest cumulative GPA in ND history. I think that says a lot about his recruiting ability and his character. Seems like many people have lost sight of some of theses aspects of college football.

  76. doneasafan-
    wow aren’t you a heap of positive self-esteem.
    Weak schedule?
    News flash–anybody can beat anybody on almost any day this year!!!
    Navy takes it too Overblown North High Street INstitution in Columbus and damn near pulls it off.
    OHio University ( Athens, OHio MAC)
    was in the game with Tennessee until the latter part of the 3rd quarter.
    Purdue BEAT Buckeyes and 0-12 Washington BEAT USC who does have feet of clay.
    The key to the Irish success in the future???’
    Plain and simple.
    Players aren’t athletic and seift enough to take it to the hilt against Michigan and USC and the speed demons. 3rd Donw conversions are killers.
    TOO Mnay wide open people.
    Weak schedule??
    Look at a conference schedule.
    2 non-conference games with in Poly Sci-Tech from SW Argentina.
    Another in state team for “in state money”
    and then maybe -not always a big non conference game ( USC -Notre Dame)
    and then half the conference is just at or near .500 and the other half is fighting for a bowl game –but the teams may not play one another because of rotation.
    I would hardly call Mich. Mich. St and Purdue “weak”
    Nevada–first time ever ND has played them and they had 3rd best rushing in Nation last year.
    Washington -the MOST improved program in the NCAA.
    USC-speaks for itself.
    Boston College–6 times is enough—and they have had our number. Weak? no
    Washington State–they suck. Let’s hope for a pounding and bruising.
    NAvy–could be interesting. They are much better than what people think.
    Pitt–full or surprises. Not exactly terrible. I think ND is the better team –but Felix the Cat could have a few tricks in the bag. Some with U. Conn.
    Stanford-not a gimme at all. It is out there in Nancy Pelosi territory with her botox and the behind the scenes “fix it health care” program.
    Stanford is not exactly what one would call light.
    So–the opponets may not be “ranked”
    but as Joe Paterno said–
    “rankings, schmankings. The BCS rankings mean nothing. The only REAL thing worth reading in the paper is the Obituaries.”

    1. Where is Florida, Bama, LSU, heck any one from the SEC.

      Where is any team from Florida or Texas.

      Navy and Army are non-scholarship institutions. when their players graduate the go to war not the NFL or CFL.

      Where is Penn State or Ohio State.

      Where is Texas or Oklahoma.

      Where are FSU or Miami.

      What about Cincy?

      Where are any teams in the top 25?

      It seems some doesn’t feel we could compete with the elite!

      1. I real tired of hearing this weak schedule schtick.

        SEC teams will not come to south bend. Florida would rather play charleston southern and pad tebow stats.

        If you want to play Penn State and Ohio State, too. We might as well join the big ten.

        Cincy has never had a program until brian “the messiah” Kelly came along.

        We play two traditional powerhouses every year. Michigan and USC. Penn State ended our series with them when they joined the big ten because they didn’t want to play us and the big ten schedule.

        We are ND, there are enough haters out there that we don’t need the self loathing too. We play game against real division 1 teams every week.

        I know we can just schedule the preseason top 11 every year.

      2. I really think there is merit to what you’re saying. Notre Dame made a decision – in the post-Davie years – to “schedule for success.” Plus, let’s face it: after years of mediocrity, Pat Hayden and the gang at NBC wanted to see some wins. “Why not schedule Northwestern instead of Michigan?” Can you imagine this?

        The result: in this decade, the Irish stopped playing Miami and Florida State (and Tennessee and Texas A&M and Nebraska) and started playing Connecticut, Nevada, and Washington State and the like. Really, I think this hurts the program.

        I don’t think we need to play Penn State, Michigan and Ohio State every year. Three good Big Ten programs are enough. But, we need some ACC and SEC schools besides BC on the schedule. Don’t get me wrong, BC is good and will be difficult. So is Pittsburgh. But, there are too many cupcakes this year. It’s unfortunate.

  77. Did anyone else feel real bad for those kids at the end, when they were singing the alma mater…half of the players had tears in their eyes and down their cheeks. You didn’t see this emotion, say, last year after the Syracuse loss. Certainly there are problems here…but with THAT emotion, even a mediocre team can do amazing things…just my opinion.

  78. Agreed someone please get Harrison Smith OFF THE FIELD!!! There has to be someone who is better than him he kills an already bad defense! Hope the irish can win out!

  79. Charlie and Co still cannot win the big one and never will be able to, 0-5 vs USC and 2-3 vs Michigan. This was the make or break year and he proved he cannot coach effectively.( and the make or break year comes 2 years late, he should have been gone after taking this program to the depths he did at 3-9, unbelievable) Very pedestrian years for those programs as well. Player scenarios, play calling and weak D can all be analyzed. The bottom line, Charlie can’t coach with the Big Time programs. He’ll beat .500 or less programs, his record shows it and so does ND’s weak schedule. Same goes for Clausen, big numbers against .500 teams, but can’t win the big one, bottom line. There are 2 game on the Irish schedule each year that are MUST wins, USC and Michigan. They must win these 2 games to be considered an elite program. 2-8 over 5 years vs. Michigan and USC shows they are not. They have a tea that has beat the 6 times in a row, sot that makes him 0-4 against an average ACC team. Who does this guy beat? Nevada? oh boy. And somebody PLEAES BENCH HARRISON SMITH!!!! He is terrible.

    1. Thank you for seeing the reality of this. Weis cannot coach. Period! I just don’t understand what people see in this guy. He’s the highest paid coach in college. What do we get in return. Not a whole lot.

    2. Blah, blah, blah. CW can’t coach. Right. And, where were you when he was waltzing through his first year? Saying, “see, Ty really couldn’t coach.”

      Pathetic. College football is complicated. ND needs to adapt. We aren’t going to compete for national titles every year. CW has gone to two BCS bowls and that ain’t bad in four years — especially considering that ND isn’t in a conference and has no automatic way to a BCS bowl.

      You’re the same type of guy who ran Lou Holtz out of town after he predicted that Powlus would be the best QB in ND history.

      Love the coach when he wins, hate him when he loses. That’s not true sportsmanship. Go watch the pros.

      1. Weis can coach. But the question is, can he take this team to the top? And do it in ND fashion? Past successful coaches were able to assess more quickly what was needed. It was very bad form to post the billboard, but that may have been a very true statement. Also, I am thinking Weis may be better suited to the Pros. That’s not a slight, but college is a different animal. And Notre Dame takes a more unique approach. Especially now that the NCAA has reached such an incredible level of corruption.

      2. That’s why so called fans like you always settle for mediocrity. As I recall Weis’s first year every big game he lost. This is Notre Dame for crying out loud. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      3. TOM – THANK YOU!! Why are people still actually taking time to defend Weis on these chat boards?? Why are they always settling for a couple good seasons and average success?? We are ND!! How can we be satisfied with a couple BCS appearances in which we were embarrassed!! We have made three bad hires in Davie, Willingham and now Weis. Forget the Fiesta and Sugar Bowl, what about losing to Navy, Syracuse last year, 3-9 season, most losses in consecutive seasons, can’t beat ranked opponents, 0-5 against USC, 2-3 against Michigan both in multiple blow out losses. How can we pay millions of dollars to a man who has made false promises, angered alumni and former players and does not have ONE signature win on his resume in 56 GAMES!! Are we going to say the same thing if BC comes to our house next week and beat us for the 7th time in a row?? Where are again not ranked while teams like Boise, Cincy, TCU, Utah, BYU and Houston are ranked in the Top 25!!

        For the love of GOD our FATHER…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

        We are ND…beat the Eagles!!

      4. I don’t settle for mediocrity. We’re 4-2. If we finish 9-3 or 10-2, that’s hardly mediocre.

        The trouble with idiots like you, Tom, is that the administration has been listening to you for the last decade and a half (since you ran Lou out for not winning a title with Ron Paulus). How’s that working out? Let’s see, we’ve had Davie, Willingham and now Weis.

        Weis is competing for the big-name/big-game recruits and his kids are graduating on time. Southern Cal – -with an established Pete Carroll — is going to be difficult to beat. But, if we dump Weis, we’re going to have a really hard time competing with SC for the next few years.

        The kids we recruit will go to Stanford, big 10 schools and Florida. I think Weis is a decent college coach and, with a play or two called differently, we would have beaten Southern Cal and we would have beaten Michigan.

        But you still would have been calling for Weis’ head.

  80. Scav,
    Absoloutely right on about the defense. While I had considered that the defensive line and linebackers would be a weakness, they are decent. But the secondary as a unit is horrible. McCarthy is only one guy and he can’t cover the whole field. Something makes me think that Tenuta and Brown are not on the same page. We have very athletic cornerbacks but they are often out of position, or at best, mostly a step off. No one fears our secondary. And I think Tenuta keeps blitzing because he doesn’t believe putting 7 covers guys out there will work in this system.

    This game disheartened me because Carroll and USC have almost institutionalized the status quo. And until he is found to be part of the cheating, no real college study atmosphere at USC, he’ll be around. I wonder if he’d take the challenge of coaching at a place that requires adherence to the academic rules.

    Well it’s time for the team and the fans to pick ourselves up. Because Notre Dame can win out. And each of those wins should be satisfying. Also, with winning out, ND can get in a BCS bowl and can win that bowl.

    Let’s hope the defense improves somehow, and also that Weis improves as the leader of the program. These kids deserve the best. They played their hearts out. I’ll still always pick ND’s student athletes, over another school’s athletes who are enrolled, but don’t really study at the college level. Go Irish!

      1. Oh, Jaldana’s back. Didn’t the vice squad catch you in Fresno last year? Stay n your own sites. ND is a University.

      2. I didn’t see an “ass kicking”
        I saw a final score of seven points difference.
        Nobody here is ‘crying” and whining–ND fans can disagree for sure. However, most are objective on the game and what went wrong and what really needs attention. THAT is defense. A better defense for ND gets a lot more victories. We shall see.
        As for as an “ass-kicking”
        USC cannot touch ND in most departments when it comes to academics. An ass kicking is when it all but over in the middle or late in the third quarter. There was one second to go and ND was still in it.
        That is HARDLY an ass-kicking.
        No go back to your over-priced apartment in very broke California and pay 3-4 dollars for your eggs and bread and get back to your over inflated life in a state filled with Nancy Pelosi lovers.

  81. I think the improvement in the Irish this year is mostly a reflection of Clausen’s maturity and drive. He shows now as much relentlessness as Joe Montanna, and his competitive spirit has spread to the whole team. But all you have to do is watch old ESPN Classic games when Holtz was coaching to see the teams was different then, and not with more talented players. Plays were more precisely run, fewer penalties, fewer wide open opponent receivers. There seemed to be a unity that came down from the top then. Now, the heroics we see are those of a Band of Brothers, mostly led by Clausen. There is no Patton directing this army, only soldiers on a battlefield, led by a gutsy platoon leader. This explains the repeated last minute finishes, won or lost. These endings are exciting, but also a mark of poor coaching, offensive and defensive. Where have you gone, Lou Holtz, Notre Dames turns her lonely eyes to you…

    1. Fish,
      Stop fishing for Holtz and give credit where it’s due. This defense is VERY weak. It’s hard to point to specifics on defense when we have little pass rush and the corners are so out of position with their heads looking at the receiver.

  82. How is it that what was an average D that would occasionally break down from exhaustion last year turns into a horrendous D this year? Can anyone explain this, no new coach or new system, ethan and ian have been degrading and some of these corners were suppose to ultimately play on Sunday? Boy wish we could’ve held on to justin trattou and omar hunter. I remain optimistic but can not take a loss to BC next week. No letdown boys.

    1. I don’t think this defense was an average defense. That is, we had moments against weak teams last year. But, SC put up 38 and fell asleep last year. We didn’t get a first down till the last play of the 3rd quarter. This year, we competed.

      But, to your point, this is a bad defense. I am not sure if it’s that we’re not prepared or if the other teams know our formations better, but something has to give. We have to blow out BC next week — at least on defense. I could live with a 17-0 win. But, we have to shut down their weaker offense.

  83. For the first time since Weis has been here, he finally has a team with some passion and heart. Every other team he had would have folded in this game and this team didn’t. In 2005, they were 4-2 and still ended up in the BCS. If they would have been blown out, the season would probably have been doomed, but this team is capable of going 10-2 or 9-3 and getting a New Year’s Day bowl.

    However, this team will NEVER compete for a championship until it fixes the defense. Defense wins champoinships and this team has problems on defense. I don’t know if it’s coaching or personel, but something is wrong. If this team had a defense like USC, this team would be competing for the National Championship today. I don’t understand why other teams can put pressure on us with 3 & 4 guys and we can’t get to the QB with 5 or 6. I don’t understand why there are guys hanging on our receivers and other teams receivers are open by 5-10 yards. Also, I’m not impressed with Harrison Smith, he needs to go. He makes me realize just how good David Bruton was.

    Charlie has the offense to run with the big boys, he must figure out a way to get his defense fixed. I like the fact that Gary Gray started over Blanton. For years he would put the same guys out there no matter what. Maybe if he starts benching people, it will raise the bar for everyone.

    I’m disappointed they lost, but I still have hope for this season. Let’s break the streak against Boston College.

    1. Disagree!

      Charlie Weis has the offense to run with the big boys!

      It was 34-14 going into the 4th Qtr. USC let pulled there feet off our heads and we thin that we can play in the BCS!

      News flash: There D-Line dominated, no embarrassed us! They rushed they rushed 4 and were all over Clausen. There D-end had 3 sacks in the first Half!

      If we get to the BCS, which should not happen, but you never now, we will get schooled! USC came into a cold, hostel envirnment and put up 34 in 3 Qtr with a freshman. Our Heisman had 14 points untill the fell asleep!

      Your right, bring on BAMA.

      1. You are right
        I did not vote for Obama.I never would never will.
        Back to football–the remarks I made about USC are NOT as bad as the taunting itself. ( I know you didn’t say that Pachuco did)
        Taunting was done -but FLAGRANT taunting was done by SC–more than several times-and it is-damn it -like it or not-ghetto and thuggish
        and —piggish
        That’s Ok
        one day one most of the SC players are out of a job in the NFL
        they can come to work for a DOMER some day –and it could happen and probably will in the case of many-
        ( hope they-USC plasyers that is= can meet the mark with academics)

      2. Domer: Are you typing with your elbows or what? What does “USC let pulled there feet off our heads and we thin that we can play in the BCS!”
        Dude learn to spell. That post hurt.

  84. Harrison Smith had a very rough day to say the least. He was victimized on two third and one play action fakes that resulted in huge plays for USC. On one of them he was taken for a 20 yard ride by Anthony McCoy.

    Harison Smith has been a liability all season a change is neeeded @ the freesafety position all season long it has been 1 part or person killing an enitre defense 1st is as toryan smith at the middle spot and now its our freesafety who is pose to be the lst line of defense. We need a Free Safety Bad he should have tackeled or at least pushed williams out on that screen pass that he trotted into the endzone on…pls make the change tenuta or corwin or whoeva the heck is in charge we can easily go 10-2 but we need someone who is going to be thelast line of defense

    1. Well said Mike- I was excited back when HS picked ND because of his 4.4 speed and so called “smarts” – however as a free safety your #1 job is not to let anyone get behind you…and he has let this happen over and over again. Now I know why Weis and company have offered so many FS for this next class. I hope he get Riley…!

  85. I certainly don’t want to beat up on a kid but Harrison Smith has been put in a position where he can’t succeed. He is too slow to play free safety and both big plays on 3rd and 1 were caused by him looking into the backfield. Because he is too slow the position it has also made him soft. He is basically an arm tackler and he isn’t strong enough to tackle that way.

    compare that to Teo who hits like a truck.

    1. I have been saying all season that i find it hard to believe that we dont have a better player to play safety than Harrison Smith. You never hear his name unless he is getting beat like a drum

    2. I’d like to see Sergio Brown, Blanton, Gary Gray or Dan McCarthy replace Harrison Smith. I don’t think that speed is an issue with Smith. I think that he lacks football smarts. He is constantly caught out of position and takes too many dumb penalties. Remember Pittsburg last year. That turned the game. You’re right. He is a poor tackler.

    3. I also suggest that Smith blew his coverage on the first TD pass – The WR ran a simple post and Gray looked to have let him go to the middle of the field. Smith was cheating toward the opposite side of the field and got burnt. I suppose it is possible they were in man coverage and Gray was toasted but I lean toward the former. Smith has to go.

    4. As is said in a previous post, I’d like to see Blanton play free safety. To support that I point out that he had 150 tackles as a high school senior, and many thought he would play safety in college because he lacks the pure speed to be a top tier corner. He does have a long body (a la David Bruton) and the ball skills to make plays over the top, and the grit to get after a tackle.

  86. I’m disappointed in what the secondary gave up (again, despite the talent there)…but other than that, I was pretty happy with the way the guys played today. The offensive line struggled, particularly early in the game, but look at that last drive…they held the protection when it counted. Jimmy put his health on the line and ran when he needed to.

    As much as it hurts…i’m really proud of the Irish. I won’t sit here complaining about losing to the number 6 team in the country. If they played that game 10 times, i think the irish would win three or four…which is a HUGE step from last year. Unfortunately, we’re still left with an awful taste in our mouth as SC wins again….THAT…i can’t get rid of.

    And by the way, with one second left, am I the only one who sort of wanted Robert Hughes to get the ball….four yard with the defense spread out…i liked his chances. Oh well.

    1. You guys gave my team, The Trojans, one hell of a game. I didn’t exoect it to be a blowout. The try to comeback was in fact very good. One thing though. USC used 4 defensive linemen against 6 of your offensive linemen, ansd were literally chasing Clausen around,as if he was The fugitive, with a murder warrant. Emerson Griffin was chasing Clausen so much he could have been arrested for stalking. Your offensive line needs work. Tate had a good game.

      1. Emerson Griffin is impressive, to say the least. USC produces some serious defensive talent.

      2. When the score was 20-14, ND had a chance. ND NEVER gives up. When the score was 34-14, I thought we will come back -but it may be too late. Unfortunately, I was right.
        Congrats on the win–again.
        As for USC bonehead, thuggish penalties–knock it off.
        Taunting, unsportsmanlike,
        trash and smack resembling a
        lighter version of the ghetto hurricanes of miami of years past is not conducive to a good game. A great game need not have such small minds on the part of some clad in marron and gold. Carroll needs to reign this in.

      3. Another option to end this USC behavior is for the team to play with the “nasty” edge as Weiss claimed would be the case in his opening press conference.
        Punch them in the mouth between the whistles. My hope is that the team next year takes on that edge led my Teo.

      4. I saw some taunting from Tate and Clausen. Weird how the refs didn’t make those calls. Also saw a late hit on Barkley out of bounds. Again no call from the refs.

        “Ghetto Hurricanes”, let me guess, you didn’t vote for Obama?!

      5. While I agree that USC’s unsportsmanlike conduct reveals poor character, your remarks are nearly as flagrant. I’m sick of hearing the words “thug” and “ghetto” used as descriptive adjectives for bad sportsmanship. Not to mention, our beloved Tate was taunting USC all night. I’m not defending USC, but this is an issue related to football not class.

    2. With a second left, I actually wish Charlie would have called the shotgun draw to Allen.

      The defense just went 16 plays looking for a pass and probably would have been on their heels. Additionally, the previous two times we gave them that look, Clausen kept the ball to sneak for a touchdown and first down. I think it might have been a successful mixup.

    3. Yes, I thought after tossing the ball all the way downfield, a run between the tackles to tie the game would have been incredibly savvy. Of course, if it had failed — and SC had stuffed it — CW would have been pretty brutally criticized. SO, in the end, I cannot complain too much about the play calling. COnsidering that SC rushed four guys and were getting to Clausen all day (to our six offensive linemen and TEs), I am happy with the overall performance. It’s unfortunate that we lost. We had our chance. BUT, we’re improving each week. Hopefully, we blow out BC next week.

      1. Why not run a sprint out pass/run option so JC change change the angles of the passing lanes? He would also have the option of running. Roll him towards KR, if the defender steps up to stop the run use the jump pass, al la Tebow. If not put your head down and put that 235 on them.

  87. Screens wouldn’t have worked since USC didn’t have to blitz.

    Harrison Smith would make a better backup linebacker than a starting safety. I think our secondary would be best served with Blanton playing free safety and Walls, Gray, McNeil rotating at corner.

    Where was Shaq? Hurt?

    With Floyd and Shaq instead of Parris and Kamara, ND wins this game next year.

    1. nd does not win this game next year…they lose 4 senior starters on the line and sc returns everyone on a deep, young, talented d-line…clausen will be sacked 10 times next year and barkley will throw for 500 yards on nd’s porous defense

      1. IIRC, only Duncan and Young have used up their eligibilty so Stewart and Olsen can come back if given a 5th year by the administration.

      2. Duncan, Young, and Olsen are done after this year. Stewart has a 5th year left. Robinson will also be back as will Dan Wenger who has plenty of starting experience. If ND can get Romine some experience at LT and Nuss, Cave, Watt, and Bullard some experience at OG in the second half of the season the OL should be fine next year – especially with another year of coaching from Verducci.

      3. The ND OL only loses 3 starts and can replace one with a player who has 2 years starting experience. ND’s new OL coach has also proven that he is a pretty good coach this year. While USC got a good pass rush with just their front 4, it wasn’t anything close to the rush they got the past 2 seasons.

    2. Are you kidding? Shaq has done nothing this year. How can you criticize Parris? He showed more heart and talent yesterday than anyone but Clausen himself! He put himself on the line and took some major hits. Parris came up with the biggest catch of the game on 4th and 10. I’ll take Parris any day of the week.

      1. He makes catches but on alot of plays he doesnt run routes. He seemed sloppy out there when he knew the ball wouldnt come his way

      2. I wasn’t necessarily criticizing Parris. He’s our best thing going at WR right now aside from Tate. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s gone next year, and having Floyd in his stead is a good thing.

        People seem to think Kamara’s slip was simply unfortunate. I say it’s inexcusable. How many mundane drills do these guys run every day just working on the nuances of footwork? Shaq might not have done much yet, but I’m willing to bet he’s athletic enough not to fall on his face when it matters the most.

      3. and also, i dont think you call duval’s number in that situation. you have to go to tate, allen, or rudolph.

        I cant believe that allen wasnt on the field for that last play

    3. I agree on the screens and moving Blanton to safety. Duval had two big catches earlier is a large target and was a slip away from being a hero, as Jimmy threw the ball right where he should have been. Robby was reminding me of Kris Haines all day, running great routes and holding on to the ball while taking a beating. I hope he is okay and ready to step back in next week.

      I believe in this team and staff and we are recruiting where the holes are.

    4. Harrison Smith is a joke. I lost count of how many blown coverages and horrible tackling Smith had in this game. the guy looks like either he dosen’t care or is just not good enough for D1.

      1. I agree Smith was awful yesterday. Getting burned once, okay, but twice on same play? But the secondary play was lousy in general. The SC receivers are good, but they are not all world the way we made them look. D-backs gave them way too much cushion on almost every possession, and it didn’t appear that they were blowing by our guys. Tackling was horrid. McCoy carried half the secondary on his back for 20 yards before someone figured out they had to wrap up his legs. Way too many arm tackles or failure to wrap up. SC tacklers would hold receiver or runner up and have teamm come in and try to strip ball, but runner was stopped. ND tacklers tried to strip ball, but let runners keep advancing down field. Poor tackling reflects poor coaching. And how could they call a blitz by Sergio Brown from the strong side and leave 2 guys to cover 3 wide? If blitz was pre-called, should have called timeout. Everybody in stands knew ball was going there. Either poor defensive call by coaches or inexcusabel mental mistake by defense.

        Weis is getting off too easy. 2nd game where terrible clock management may have cost us game, and his reasons (excuses) are laughable. Guys are playing their hearts out and shouldn’t have to endure losses because of poor game coaching.

      2. Darrin Walls should not be on the field. USC was just picking on him out there. I thought it looked bad watching him on tv, but I was at the game and he looked even worse. He was 5 yards from the receiver every play. The coverage got much better once Blanton replaced him. I don’t recall seeing McNeil on the field at all yesterday.

  88. Screens don’t really affect a 4 man rush with line backers spying the backfield, as evidenced by our first two. I was very pleased to see us scrap that quickly. That defensive philosophy is built to counter the screens which Weis so loves to run. Barring mistakes or exceptional blocking each successive screen would have looked largely the same.

    Credit their DL – they are very good.

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