UHND Opponent Poll – Week 8

Not a whole lot of changes in the weekly UHND Opponent Poll this week, but Pitt is creeping up on USC for the #1 spot after the Trojans got blown out on the road against Oregon last weekend.

2009 UHND Opponent Poll

Opponent Record Previous Next Comments
1. 06 usc #12 Southern Cal
6-2 1 @ Arizona USC suffered the worst loss of the Pete Carrol era this past weekend with a beatdown at the hands of Oregon. The Ducks blew the Trojans out 47-20.
2. pitt-helmet.jpg #13 Pitt
7-1 2 vs. Syracuse Pitt get s a tune up against Syracuse this weekend before hosting the Irish in what should be a showdown of two top 20 teams.
3. 06 stanford Stanford
5-3 3 vs. #8 Oregon After seeing what Oregon just did to USC, any thoughts of a possible Stanford upset are out the window.
4. 07 bc Boston College
6-3 5 @ Virginia Boston College had a wormanlike performance in their win over Central Michigan. Next up is a UVA team that just lost to Duke.
5. 06 msu Michigan State
4-5 4 vs. Western Michigan Two weeks ago the Spartans were 1 play away from upseting undefeated Iowa. Last weekend they lost to a bad Minnesota team. I’d say this team was jekyll and hyde but they are just being Michigan State.
6. 09michgan helmet Michigan
5-4 6 vs. Purdue As much as I enjoyed seeing Michigan get beat down by Illinois, I was almost equally sick at the fact that the Irish lost to these guys.
6. 09uconn helmet UConn
4-4 8 @ #5 Cincinnati UConn hasa tough road ahead and could be looking at a 5-7 season.
8. 06 navy Navy
6-3 7 @ #22 Notre Dame After stringing together a couple nice wins the Middies lost at home to Temple. Ouch.
9. washington-helmet.jpg Washington
3-5 9 @ UCLA Washington has had a week to lick it’s wounds after getting blown out by Oregon. On the positive side for Washington, they didn’t do any worse against Oregon than USC did.
10. 09nevada helmet Nevada
Wolf Pack
5-3 11 @ San Jose State Nevada won their 5th in a row with a W over Hawaii. Nevada could end up 8-3 heading into their season finale against Boise State.
11. 09purdue helmet Purdue
3-6 10 @ Michigan Purdue got taken to the woodshed by Wisconsin this weekend and could be the perfect elixir for an ailing Michigan team.
12. 09wsu helmet Washington State
1-7 12 @ #18 Arizona Washington State couldn’t hang with Notre Dame and won’t be able to hang with Arizona this weekend either.

UHND Opponent Poll Voters

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  1. Domer,

    Love it! It’s tragic, but it’s all true. This team is a long way away from hangin’ with UF, Alabama, or any other decent team for that matter. USC was a mirage. 1) USC is not good this year, 2) they kept us in the game, 3) our best players won’t be on the field next year. We need a coach who makes heads turn, not the drooling, fat, hideous mug of CW. I’m glad the the CW kiss asses have gone underground or have been converted.

  2. I said this after the USC game and you all jumped on my back. This team is not very good! USC was up 34-14 going in the 4th QTR. USC is not very good this year. Evreyone said we are a step away from them and then this team lost to Navy (a bunch of non scholarship athletes who after they graduate go to war). this team is not a step a way with the big boys. They are an iceberg away from sinking into the ocean.

    Clausen is gone at the end of the season, and so is Tate, Duncan, and Young. Floyd and Rudolph have one more year and off to the pros. Some even say Te’o will transfer, redshirt, and finish is career in LA.

    We are an overrated, football program and we need to fire the guy who is running it into the ground. Say what you want about TY Willingham. He never lost to Navy. Weis has his guys, all who he has recruited and we still lost to non scholarship athletes twice in 3 years.

    We are Notre Dame, the laughing stock of college football.

    By the way, when Comcast buys NBC, we will be on Versus!

  3. Such a cute, cuddly harmless lil football team, your Plucky Irish. They are certainly awesome at selling commercials, it is truly amazing that NBC somehow stretched 4 hours of programming/advertising out of a football game that had the visitors running the ball 99% of the plays. That is absolutely astouding. But then again, that’s why ND is on TV, they’re “raison d’etre” if you want to maintain the faux French connection. Selling commercials, that’s about all ND is any good at these decades. What a calling card…”Come to ND and schill Proctor & Gamble products!” Congratulations…see you guys at the Emmys (certainly won’t see you at the Espys)

  4. it’s easy to say bcs was delusional after the loss…

    we essentially turned the ball over 7x (3x on the goal line), don’t deserve to even be ‘in’ the game with those numbers(turnover on downs, two missed field goals((wtf happened to tausch??), two fumbles, and the pic off of floyd’s back)

    sad day for the irish.

    1. You don’t get it either nor do you read posts. Nor will you ever get it like Wies and Company. I said after the 3-9 debacle HE SHOULD BE FIRED!! Turnovers? thats your excuse? after 5 years of coaching this team? these BLUE CHIP recruits? I could go on and on with the excuses evreyone has made for this guy, keep drinking the Charlie cool aid. This is the most undisciplined team I have seen in my 40 years of being a fan. Thay are 3-16 in the past 3 years against teams with winning records!That is bad coaching!!!

    2. You weren’t talking about turnover margin when you took 5 from BC and still only won by four. Now you and your harmless lil football team can slide back to irrelevancyh where it belongs. Time to concentrate on the real sports power at yer school, the girls hoop team.

    3. we lost to a none scholarship football team! BCS? Are you crazy. Anybody who thought we we good before the game, look at how weak the schedule was and that we played all of our games at home. Clowns like you Ted think that our program is a step away from the big boys.

      Since we lost to Navy, not once but twice in three years, I would say we are step away from the big boys. The D1AA big boys! Stanford, and Pitt are licking their chops and not to mention the bowl team that is going to blow us out ugly.

      Just because a bad USC team fell asleep at the wheel in South Bend, doesn’t mean we deserve to be mention in the same conversation as them. The Navy lose is proof of that. And it is not just one loss, but two in three years to school that has ZERO NFL prospects and will send there graduates to WAR!!!

      1. You foreget you were a pass in the endzone away from losing to Navy last year. Three years of tight football against 1 program, and going 1-2 in this games, means you jokers are a lot closer to the service academies than the SEC or Big 12 (funny how none of those programs ever land on your soft schedule)

      2. i didn’t mean for ‘turnovers’ to be the excuse for cw or even the loss because navy outplayed us.
        cw might already be done with this loss and everything that has happened over the last couple years, but 8-4 is inexcusable…9-3 is a joke too

  5. BCS??? what??!?!?! you guys are delusional. This team is awful and will be awful under Charlie and Company. Back to back losses to Navy at home hasn’t been done in 46 years, just the same he as he took the program to it worst years in history 2 years ago. o, he is till records, the worst one sin the book1…hahhhaahahahah this guy is awful and always will be. They will lose to Pitt, Stanford and beat Uconn. Giving them the 7-5 record they will be under Weis. 2 of the 6 wins are against teams with a winning record, that is not good. This p[program is past serous trouble and completely out of touch with college football. They need to get big time coach with a big time winning record, that is all there is to it. Charlie should have been fired 2 years ago.

  6. I like Stanford in the upset, and I also like Cinci to be looking past UCONN to WVU and UCONN getting the last second win for once.

  7. Everyone should stop speculating on bowl games and bcs positioning and worry about the remainng games we have.

    We “should” handle Navy, but remember they gave Ohio State a run for their money 31-27.

    Pitt has played better than we have this year. They will be a very tough team at home.

    While UConn’s record does not reflect it, they are a decent team. 3 of there 4 losses have come in the final minute and two to good teams in Pitt and West Virginia. And don’t think they won’t play their best game (including Frazier!) against ND, becuase just about everyone does.

    And the last game at Stanford…getting better talent every year, they squashed Washington and WSU, our common opponents.

    Lot of games left. Are all winnable, but just as easily could lose any of them if we aren’t focused on the task at hand.

    1. Yes, Oregon will let down. Come on. Just like Michigan “over-played” against us, Oregon played way beyond their ability against Southern Cal. They will have a letdown.

      But, I think the remaining games that we have — particularly against Stanford and Pittsburgh — are really important. If we play solid hard-nose football where we blow teams off the line, I think we run the table and wind up in a BCS game. But, a few things have to happen before that.

      I also read an article at Rivals that says we have a great shot at the nation’s number one recruit, Seantrell Henderson. That would be a treat.

  8. teo,
    after i looked at the bcs standings, you have a good point, but it wouldn’t be ‘crazy’ for us to crack the top 12. as a preface, this is college football and anything could happen, hell, we could lose any one of our remaining games, though i think we will run the table. assuming we do…

    there are a lot of 0 and 1 loss teams ahead of us, but solid wins over navy, pitt, stanford and uconn will probably vault us ahead of all of the teams currently with 2 losses, with the exception of USC and Ohio st.

    That leaves us at #17. But there are some key match-ups yet to be played.
    Ohio st has a tough road, and are destined to lose one of the next three to penn st, iowa, or mich.
    that moves us to #16
    Utah plays tcu and BYU. you have to think they will lose one of those, which moves us to #15
    to move the remaining 3 spots we need couple of the following teams to lose:
    penn st., LSU, georgia tech, or USC (or 2 losses from Iowa, which is far from impossible). each team has some tough games ahead that could lead to a loss. though a two loss nd team might not move ahead of these teams, you never know. a hot irish squad might impress some voters and the computers.
    finally our sos might move us ahead of a one loss team like houston or Boise St.(they will probably stay undefeated though)

  9. Remember those blog invaders from a few weeks ago? Big Blue,GOBLUE,Trojan bobc jaldana ect…?
    I wonder what ole “GoBlew yourself is up to these days? Or jaldana who says quit your bitchin and take yoour ass kicking like a man. He cried like a little girl after the Oregon beat down.
    Just a few short weeks ago Michigan was being hailed as the next great thing
    in college football. Boy did the wheels fall off that shiny wagon. Amazing what
    happends when they stopped getting the VIP treatment from the BigTen refs.
    Throw in a few dismissals, injuries, more thrown punches that go unpunished.
    Some Rules violations, investigations, and a crappy Defensive Coordinator for a heaping, steaming
    pile, of a crap filled season. Hail to the… whatever.
    . USC and their tightrope act finally hit their snag. A lot of
    us saw it coming. Starting with a former coach and the Washington Huskies.
    ND found some holes but fell just short of closing the deal. Same for Oregon St.
    Two days after getting punk’d by Oregon, Pete Carroll decided to shitcan his defensive
    Philosophy and go the more basic and simpler route. I guess they finally figured that
    they aren’t all that. All those guys who graduated or left for the NFL are gone, and
    they are not coming back. If anyone here thinks that the ND alumni are tough on a coach,
    try reading the LA TIMES this week under the Trojan section. Talk about a bunch of cry babies and poor losers. Poor Pete Carroll better win them all next year or he could be gone.JALDANA isn’t going to put up with that.
    Nevada was shut out by ND in the season opener and started out 0-3. They have won 5 in a row ever since and their QB has put up some ridicules numbers the few weeks. I’m glad we played them early.

  10. 15, you’re right. Navy had a bad game, but they have fewer injuries now and are better than both Michigan and Michigan State. As a team, they play better. We’ll see, though.

    So, who is projecting what for the Irish as far as the BCS is concerned? Assume we win out. I think we’re out of the BCS unless some crazy things happen. There are too many undefeated teams:

    Boise State

    It’s so hard to project these things, but my hunch is that Cinci stays unbeaten because their toughest matchup appears to be Pitt. From what I’ve seen, Cinci looks pretty tough. Boise can go the distance, too. I suspect that TCU will finish unbeaten, too. The winner of the Alabama/Florida matchup is likely to be unbeaten. And, Texas looks pretty tough these days and plays a fairly easy remaining schedule. So, that will make it difficult to crack the BCS top 12.

    Sure, ND brings ratings, but voters (let alone computers) are going to have a hard time putting us at number 12 (or number 8, where we receive the automatic bid) if we’re 10-2. We’ll see. I don’t feel great about it, though, especially with SC now at number 12 and Michigan struggling. Maybe Nevada takes out Boise State and we squeak in.

    It looks like a Gator Bowl year. That would be okay– but it would be disappointing. I think we’re just starting to find our groove. With Floyd coming back and a defense apparently starting to improve, it would be great to play a great team in a BCS bowl.


    1. teo,

      I’ve predicted Gator Bowl here for a while. Let’s hope it’s at least the Gator Bowl. If ND looses 2 more games, it won’t even be that. (I don’t want to spend another X-mas eve watching ND play the Rainbow Warriors again!) Is playing in the Gator Bowl a disappointment? Yes and no. Before the season we all hoped for a BCS bowl. Now, after seeing ND play, I think we’re better off playing in the Gator Bowl and beating a team ND should match up better with than one of the major powers. Let’s not give “Anus Eagle” anything to gloat about!

      1. I agree. I don’t want some bowl in Hawaii. I want to play someone good — and beat them good.

    2. Doesn’t the gator bowl have ties to the ACC? If so the likes of Miami, Va Tech, and Ga Tech all scare the crap out of me

      1. I think it’s good for the program — and necessary. That is, we’re improving, but no one knows where we are until we play a formidable opponent. So, I would take Miami, Va Tech or Ga Tech. I think they are all pretty good. I think that any BCS opponent is going to be quite good, too.

        What I don’t want is another team that is decent/okay. I want a team that has beaten some good teams.

        And, what I definitely don’t want is any level of trash talk coming from the Irish. We’ve done okay so far, but we’ve not had the toughest schedule this year. There are some real cupcakes on our schedule. We’re in no position to talk trash with respect to a bowl opponent.

    3. I am sorry to say this for the first time in 52 years I am writing in anger over ND loss.. Please get rid of Weiss.. and please find some committment to winning at the AD and at top positions there. Stop pretending we are still ND.. We are a shadow of ourselves. . for 40 years Navy could not beat us and now we have offered them two in three years. We are a joke.. and I think the top people at ND are just juicing the reputation for as much money as they can with NBC… They should be ashamed.. I know those boys gave it there all.. I see their commitment.. Im talking about the powers to be and they disgust me.. Good bye Charlie…

  11. i know oregon has looked ridiculously good the last 6 weeks, but any chance they have a let down game after usc? they do play on the road vs stanford…

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