Irish Stewed: Blood in the Water, Idiots at the Microphone

Swarbrick is on the clock, and McSweeney is on his Rosary Beads (Photo - Icon SMI)

As the curtain was drawn on the ND-UConn game—on yet another late-game collapse by a Charlie Weis-coached team—the sports media talking heads prepared to feast on some pre-Thanksgiving Irish leftovers.

“Coach Charlie Weis’ tenure is all but certain to end after five mercurial seasons of unmet expectations Weis himself was largely responsible for creating,” said Dan McGrath of Sports Illustrated. “A program steeped in lore is at a crossroads, its uncertain future again clashing with its mystical past,” waxed The New York Times. And of course, the ultimate indictment from the ultimate critic: “They are missing physical toughness, mental toughness and discipline,” said Lou Holtz.

Where to go from here? As tempting as it is to add to the emoting cesspool that ND message boards have become over the last several weeks, I’m going to bite my tongue. Weis is as good as gone, and justifiably so. Rest assured I think there are some great Tier-1 candidates, some good Tier-2 candidates, and some ridiculous reaches who would be the exclamation point on ND’s 13-year freefall towards mediocrity. (Let’s just say if Jack Swarbrick uses the phrase “a great institutional fit” in any context whatsoever when introducing Weis’ successor, we are screwed.)

Here’s something to ponder: anyone ever stop to think that, no matter what happens over the next couple weeks, Notre Dame will find a way to right the ship and the media is fundamentally full of shit? No? Okay then, explain to me the following. Notre Dame has had four head coaches in the last 13 years, five if you count O’Leary (and I don’t). The media would have you believe this turnover is a uniquely Notre Dame phenomenon—the scarlet letter we alone bear as the rest of the college football world passes us by. No offense, but people really need to shut the hell up before they hurt themselves.

From 1988 to 1999, it took Oklahoma 12 seasons and five coaches to get to Bob Stoops after its last national championship coach.

Beginning in 1982, Southern Cal burned through six coaches in 20 seasons before an interview process in which they settled for Pete Carroll after their first five or six candidates turned them down.

From 1996 to 2007, it took Alabama 12 seasons and five coaches to get to Nick Saban.

Show of hands: who here can recall editorial-after-editorial about the irrelevance of OU, USC or Bama? Who here can recall every jackass with an opinion grabbing a microphone and screaming to the rooftops that the Sooners, Trojans or Crimson Tide “will never be back again”? Nebraska has had four coaches since 1997. LSU has had seven coaches since 1983. Good programs make bad administrative decisions: IT HAPPENS.

Make no mistake, the current state of Notre Dame football sucks. I wish I had an ounce of confidence in the Administration to get this next hire right. Coach Holtz was absolutely right to call out this year’s team (and by extension all ND teams in the Weis Era) for being soft and undisciplined. But the next time someone seeks to write Notre Dame’s obituary, pat that person on the back, smile, and say, “If that ever happened, my friend, you’d have nothing to write about.”

The irony with all the legion of so-called “haters” is they’ll do whatever they can to knock Notre Dame off its pedestal, but when no one’s looking they’re the first ones to put the Irish right back on that shelf. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men, “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want us on that wall, you need us on that wall.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go light a candle, say a few Hail Mary’s and pray Swarbrick does his best Hesburgh impersonation.

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  1. This isn’t even a valid point.. Watching Notre Dame the past yrs u learn a few things. That a lot of these commentators don’t really know what they are talking about because they watch 1 or 2 ND games a season and think they have a valid opinion, then you hear your co-worker repeat the same nonsense… When you watch the games you know which games we are just physically overmatched and others that we are just OUTCOACHED. which was the problem this yr..
    The past 5 coaches were all thought of as decent coaches but proven not to get the job done. (period) If Notre Dame gets a great coach they will be a great team because they are capable of recruiting top notch talent….EG: Clausen, Floyd, Teo, Tate, Rudolph, Evans and hopefully more to come….

    1. I don’t know that this is true. That is, I don’t know that Notre Dame just lacks the coaching. I mean, clearly that is part of it. But, when I see an offensive line as big as ours gets outplayed week after week by Navy, Connecticut, Purdue (yes, Purdue), Michigan — nearly every opponent — it’s discouraging. I just don’t believe it’s only coaching.

      We have talent at so-called skilled positions, but we have an awful defensive front and a bad offensive front, too.

      The NFL is filled with players who did not compete for national titles. They were great players on weak teams. I think Clausen is in that category. I think Tate is, too. And, Rudolph is just plain overrated right now.

      1. O-line is massive but they never run power running plays.. their running offense consist of sprint draws, counter and a toss. When 300lb linemen are taking there first steps backwards for run plays that eliminates there advantage. Another thing to look at is the RB’s Hughes is a decent power runner but with no speed. allen hits the hole with speed but can’t break a tackle. Jonas I believe would be the best but plays with no confidence. And all because CW doesn’t believe in the run. He things a swing pass to rudolph or kumara is the same as a smash mouth run. I believe rudolph has phenominal ball skills when the ball is in the air and has great atheleticsm for a big guy. I not sure about his blocking but he is still only a soph where he will get stronger and better at with age.

        ND never tried running the ball against Navy which is why i think they lost…

      2. about the talent..
        Remember u may not like the talent but they are nationally the top ranked players, and they are comming to notre dame.. so it is not like we can’t get the best of the best. Ur issue might be scouting not recruiting..

      3. defensive front– is pretty weak and I am hopeful some young talent matures into better players..

        It is easy to coach defense with a dominant Defensive line which ND doesn’t have.

        But a coach has a job and that is to stop the other team and nd tenuta hasn’t done that at all this yr..

  2. That should be the last words said before the hiring of the new coach………but there will be trillions of bytes about the subject, likely none necessary or enlightening.

    It has become evident that CW cannot bring ND to a level of play needed to satisfy the masses…..and there may be no one. Identifying one man that can do it under existing parameters may well be a fruitless undertaking. For sure, there are some bright and determined people stepping to plate to try….but they will likely welcome all the candles, prayer, and Fr. Ted advice they can get. Hope the Lord has has the time and interest to give the Irish a break. If not, I will still enjoy ND football and pull for the success of whomever is chosen to undergo the next 5 years in the ND form of purgatory.

  3. I am watching the end of Alabama/Auburn. It seems that a coach from the SEC or the Big Ten or the ACC has experienced a lot more pressure in their job than a coach from the Big East. There is much more pressure on a coach in one of these conferences than there is on a coach in a primary basketball conference. Look at these Auburn and Alabama fans. Lots of electricity.

    Having said that, I am also watching the UConn/Duke hoops game and recall when Connecticut hired Calhoun from Northeastern. NU had become a bit of a regular in the NCAA when Jimmy joined Connecticut. And, he’s won two titles and has been there for 23 seasons.

    So, I am not sure if there is a way to ensure that the next coach — whether it’s Kelly or Ferentz or Tuberville or someone else — is THE coach. It’s difficult to predict. One thing that is irrelevant, though, is whether someone is Irish Catholic. I want the best coach available, not the best Irish Catholic coach available. And, I would observe one more thng: ESPN and ABC have an interest in our picking an inferior coach, as their main competitor is Notre Dame on NBC.

  4. So im watching the Cincinnati and Illinois game… Im watching one of our former 4 star players in Demetruis Jones playing LB??? He fits the part from playing qb… We need to make an offer to Brian Kelley today and he’s a in your face guy.. I love that… Or hire him right after the game on Saturday. Im sold he is also the offesive coordinator by the way… I love is fire from the coaching perspective.

    1. We’ll see how this game ends up. I don’t think that Cinci is that nasty. I mean, they score a lot of points, but they gave up 29 points to Illinois.

  5. It seems more and more likely that this is Jimmy’s last game at ND. If he does indeed leave, I think he will be remembered as the biggest bust in ND history replacing his current QB coach.

    It all started with the announcement at the College Football Hall of Fame where he said he was going to help ND win 4 championships. Instead, he helped them win 16 games, while they lost 21. His signature moment was a 2nd Tier Bowl win and a comeback victory over Purdue. He will be remembered more for his failed attempts against USC and his fumble at the 1 yard line against Navy, which was the play that turned this season into a bust. If he scores, the season maybe totally different right now.

    Now, I understand that Jimmy is not totally responsible, but when you are the QB at ND, it does fall on your shoulders. When ND went to the BCS in 2005 and 2006, it wasn’t Charlie that took them there, it was Brady Quinn. If Jimmy leaves, he will be viewed as a failure and he will be viewed as the reason Charlie got fired.

    Now, if he came back and played one more year, he would have the opportunity to change everything. If he could lead this team to a BCS win and a Top 10 ranking, he would leave ND as one of the best and he would emerge out of Brady Quinn’s shadow. Also, he would do it without Charlie. Again, if he does leave with Charlie getting fired, the two will be linked together forever as underachievers.

    I know there are millions in his future at the NFL, but there is going to be millions next year as well. He could stay and be the face of College Football, possibly win a Heisman, and possibly win a BCS game. He could leave ND as the best to play QB and be a legend in ND History forever.

    His decision will shape his legecy forever, will he be a hero or a bust…we will find out in the next few weeks.

    1. Charlie Weis is the reason Charlie Weis got fired, not Jimmy Clausen. Clausen is on track to leave ND with the highest completion percentage and QB rating of any QB in ND history. He’s widely regarded to be the most accurate passer to ever suti up for the Irish. It’s an indictment of Weis, not Jimmy, that he’ll leave with a sub-.500 record.

    2. Scav

      Absolutely. Jimmy Clausen will be remembered as the biggest bust in ND QB history.

      However, the pros are filled with QBs who did not have great college careers. Again, so often an offensive line in college is weaker than necessary to protect a quarterback. Who can forget Jimmy’s freshman season, when he literally ran for his life from the moment he took a snap? Of course, the flip side to that is Weis’ unwillingness to allow Clausen to hand off to decent running backs.

      1. With NO offensive line for two years Jimmy could have handed off to Jim Brown and it would not have made a difference. For the last two years a hand full of players have kept this team above .500, JC is one of them. His leadership, competiveness, arm strength and accuracy are excellent. Bust does not even enter the conversation. He has shown he is exactly what CW predicted he would be: a great talent.

        I hate to even talk busts at the college level but two Irish QBs come to mind: Blair Kiel and Ron Powlus. Both were huge under achievers with talented teams.

  6. Cliff,

    I agree that the coaches you just named would be defensive minded, but Kelly’s defense is not bad and he has had a lot of turnaround on that side of the ball.

    Elroy to review the talent right now at ND I would say it is not top 5 but can be top 10. There defense is young and makes stupid mistakes. Their defensive line stunts out of plays and the tackling is horrible. I was watching Texas play and these players need to learn how to wrap. They want to go for the kill shot everytime and the ball carrier just bounces of and goes for another 15 yds. I also see no one breaking down before the hit to make sure they have perfect position. Again this is fundamentals which this team on defense has not shown. Also stupid bullshit penalties on offense which kill drives. Discipline is the key to winning championships. Players need to know their assignments and execute them. The defense and offense at times, but are like an ADD child and don’t focus the entire time.

  7. check this out via football scoop

    The Tribune, citing a person close to the core of Notre Dame’s decision makers, reports that Notre Dame wants its next coach to have a defensive background and that Stoops, TCU head coach Gary Patterson and Texas defensive coordinator — and head coach-designate — Will Muschamp are at the top of the list.

  8. I wrote there is not much “honesty” in your posts. Not that you are “dishonest.” I think you write as a fan, which is fine, this is a blog, but you’re not an analyst. An analyst would work through, wrestle with, all of the shortcomings in the program, the schemes, the talent, the coaching, etc. I think Blue-Gray Sky does a great job with this.

    Complaining about the media is a convenient shortcut to stir up fellow fans, but it adds absolutely nothing to the fan’s knowledge of the program, or what the future holds. This is, after all, why the fan turns to your site. To learn something.

    1. What? I’m a blogger telling a story. If I educate someone along the way, great. And if I’m not personally dishonest, then tell me which one of my statements is dishonest. Is it accurate to call out journalists for their ND-centric venom? Yep. Is putting the ND coaching carousel in its proper historical context in respect to other traditional programs a teaching moment? Yep.

      In previous columns I’ve done my fair share of statistical analysis. This column went in a slightly different, though still very much educational direction. The last column by Blue-Gray Sky was a lame rainbows-and-lollipops post about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. That’s some Pulitzer-winning stuff right there.

  9. ND needs a coach that loves the tradition of the school, understands the academic standard and can recruit. The more I read about Kelly the more he seems like the right choice to coach this team. He already recruits against ND in Ohio and has pulled three star players because Ohio State and ND take all the 4 and 5 star players. Kelly can turn the program around and have them playing good ball. The administration needs to meet with Weis after the game on Sat, make a decision, inform the team and begin the hiring process. If Jimmy and Golden leave than that is fine. You should have loyalty to your coach, but ultimately you should have loyalty to ND. You will always be associated with this program and this school. Players need to come to ND because they love the school and not the coach. If we get back to that we will start winning. You play for your school and the pride of your school. The coach is associated with the school. I think either Kelly, Patterson or Stoops. Lets begin the process and not screw it up.

  10. Shoot the messenger – this is basically the crux of your post. Face reality — ND players and Weis are to blame for the current state of the program. Reporters and pundits who are writing or talking about it, they’re just riffing off the state of affairs. Not all of them are secretly pleased that we’re playing like crap and losing to no-name teams that just went D1 seven or eight years ago. That’s on us.

    I like your blog, but there is rarely, if ever, much honesty reflected in the posts. I love ND, the school and the football program, but it’s obvious to everyone that Holtz is right. Especially about mental toughness and discipline. Time to hit the reset button.

    1. No offense, Elroy, but…HUH?

      Please cite anywhere in my article where I’m being “dishonest”. I don’t want to shoot all the messengers–just the stupid ones. It is a fact that sportswriters spend a disproportionate amount of their time musing about ND’s irrelevance. I got no beef with the talking heads talking about how badly we suck, but that’s not what they’re talking about.

      1. But you seem to believe that the stupid ones are those who have the “courage” to criticize Notre Dame. The administration has made some incredibly foolish mistakes in the last ten years. That is where your focus should be. Was it a good idea to hire O’Leary without checking his resume? Was it a good idea to give the job to Weis, who’d never had a head coaching job anywhere? What about the time when Notre Dame decided to negotiate his contract extension after six games (or was it seven)? Was that a good idea?

        I could go on.

  11. Guys. Both would be good choices but I have to agree with Steel Fan Rob and the Bammer. I would love Stoops but I have to think he would play us like Urban did a few years back. If you look back at the great ND coaches, they all had one thing in common and that was that they had not proven themselves with a big time program yet. They were successful at the Northwestern’s or Arkansas’ and not the Oklahoma’s or Alabama’s. I think a guy from a lower tier program is key because he will recruit nationwide and have the patience to deal with the media. Stoops and Meyer already in their young careers do not like being second guessed by the media and they only recruit locally. Stoops only knows recruiting in FU and OU which are two schools that have a gold mine of talent in the backyard and do not have the demands that ND does on doing this nationally. Stoops and Meyer are a recipe for disaster at ND and in Indiana. Kelly would be a young Lou Holtz. He would be motivated, ready to make a name for himself and not afraid to travel to recruit nationally. I can not say that about the other two. Kelly being an offensive genius might be a guy who would entice Clausen and Tate to stay. If Clausen leaves, I am confident Dayne would blossom under kelly who has done it this year with starters and backups. Imagine what he could do with Dayne, Hendrix and Rees.

    1. Mr Brad
      I think you provide some insightful points. As far as the next coach is concerned, I had a bit of an epiphany last night watching the great Dancing with the Stars. I watched Mr Donald Osmond win the dance battle against two young upstarts. It occurred to me at that moment that we need seasoned blood like Mr Osmond. Why did Mr Osmond win? Because he had the history of the dance in his blood. We need a football version of Donald Osmond. I am thinking Mr Joseph Theisman or Mr Paul Horning fits that bill. Yep. Mr Horning or Mr Theisman. Both have never been strangers to doing a samba in the pocket to avoid a pass rusher or two in their day. Let’s give a legend a chance and give them the reigns. How do we make it happen? No. Let’s make it happen. Let’s bring our Osmond home in the form of Mr Horning or Mr Theisman.

      1. A Dancing with the Stars analogy? Really?

        Hiring a former player with no head coaching experience would be the most insanely stupid thing ND has done…ever.

      2. Oh Joe it is a most glorious idea. Imagine Mr. Horning and Mr. Theismann together Joe. “A return to Glory!!” We can finally meet Joe at the Golden Dome. I will surprise you with no knickers.

    2. The one thing that we NEED is a seasoned coach who has proven he can recruit and win at the national level. Anyone less will be another Bob Davie.

      Think about a trial lawyer. Do you want a fresh face for a jury or do you want someone like F Lee Bailey? You want somoene that remembers a particular situation and applies it to the situation at hand. Weis couldn’t do that — especially defensively.

      Having said that, I think Brian Kelly is plenty experienced. He’s won everywhere he’s gone and that is a great sign. But, I think Ferentz, Stoops, Meyer and Tuberville would be good, too. The idea, though, is to make sure that whoever we get, they have shown an ability to win big games in division one (or FBS) football. Otherwise, we wind up with another Weis/Davie/Willingham.

  12. I’m not hearing much about the Boise State coach. what is the thinking on him.
    Mr. Bammer, you are acting crass and obnoxious…tell me more about yourself big fella.

  13. Hope you’re right. I agree that Kelly is the guy. Let’s look at Cincinnati’s recruiting rankings the last few years (according to Rivals):

    2007 — tied for 89th (ND was 8th)

    2008 — 67th (ND was 2nd)

    2009 — 60th (ND was 21st)

    Weis can recruit talent but can’t coach. A guy like Kelly will maintain the recruiting momentum at ND and what Cincinnati has done with this supposedly inferior talent is simply awesome.

  14. Can we please drop insults against mothers? I’m all for some humor and sarcasm, but certain things are just out of bounds! BTW: Bammer, you’re not nearly as funny or clever as you think you are. Frankly, at times you just come across as obnoxious! (Please don’t be predictable and reply by stringing together a bunch of insults and rants.)

    However, Bammer (note I’m using his screen name and not some personal name-calling) makes a good point about how motivated Stoops will be. He’s already won his national championship. We need the next coach to be hungry for victory, whoever that is.

    1. Bammer,

      Personally, I’d prefer we’d stick to debating ND football and leave all extra-curricular name-calling (not just yo’ momma ones) out totally. Joey D has his opinions like I have mine and you have yours. If we agree or disagree with an opinion, we should discuss it sanely. A little humor is OK, but name calling usually degenerates the dialogue.

      As for Stoops, I would’ve loved him 6-7 years ago. Not so sure now. Kelly is my X-mas wish, too!

    1. Robert Anthony Stoops (born September 9, 1960)

      Brian Kelly (born October 25, 1961)

      I didn’t say:
      Paterno>>>>>>>>>>BOOK IT!!

  15. I think a long, hard look at Gary Patterson is in order. Resume is superior to Brian Kelley’s.

    I hope that Harbaugh drop above was a slip of the fingers ….. No Way on that guy !!

    1. I’ve taken some ribbing from other ND fans for this, but I like Harbaugh. He has local Indiana ties, knows how to get his team up for big games, publically gave his alma mater UM the metaphorical finger, and from the cointoss to when the gun sounds to end the 4th quarter he is a total asshole. LOVE the attitude!

      1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? He is a Michigan guy. Choosing him is like taking your sister to the prom. Nothing good comes out of that. Get out of here with that brain fart, McSweeney!!!! Kelly is the man. He wants and we want him.

        He McSweeney – I love your stupidity on this one!!! Harbaugh is a palooka. Kelly is the next Holtz.

    2. So… Here’s the thing about recruiting for TCU. If they can pass second grade, they’re good enough (Probably smarter than most of their professors). If not, they can find a tutor smart enough to pass the test for them.

      Interesting note about TCU academics: LT went to TCU because he wasn’t smart enough to get into UT. (let’s let that one sink in for a little while)

      (For purposes of full disclosure I must admit I’m an SMU alum and do in fact despise TCU).

      1. I did hear her complaining about some little prick…didn’t know she was talking about you little man!!!

      2. Bill,

        I hope this was an attempt at humor? If not, you’re making serious allegations against another Christian institution and I hope you have some kind of facts to back you up. If not, then please do not bear false witness against your brother. If this was a bit of sarcastic humor, then funny stuff!

  16. McSweeny
    The Holtz reference says it all. Can’t win upfront can’t win period. Weis might be ‘brutally honest’ but he also pussily girl treats these players. You notice it with every so called double cadence time out. As the players walk over you can hear him, “come one robbie..stop playin grab ass on the sideline and get your head in the game”..You think Lou would ever say that. Let me paraphrase, “get you lazy ass on the bench…Don’t ever bring me a player who plays grad ass on the sideline”. That’s what’s missin here. So with that said…I’ve been saying this now since the Navy game…Can’t Hire a west coast offense guy again.(ie ty) so Gruden’s out. Beano and Herb say Fitzgerald not interest. Iowa coach just signed a long extension. Jim fossel has shown interest..why? Meyer??Crack dream.. So like Meehan’s comment..It’s Kelly, harbaugh, stoops…In that order. I’m pullin for Harbaugh cause He’s 2-1 AGAINST SC!!!! Hello…

    1. Coz,

      Bottom line is you can have a slow suck back but if you open wholes and push the other line back 5 yds you wil gain a first down every 2 plays. As far as a coach I wouldn’t mind seeing Patterson who can also recruit in Texas. He has a stingy defense with 3 stars.

    2. Let’s not get all gooey eyed on Harbaugh because he has beaten SC twice. Weis has never lost to Stanford and who knows, they might send him out on a winning note. For as much pub as Stanford has gotten for beating SC and Oregon in back to back weeks they are only 7-4. He also is a Michigan guy and has his eyes on that job should Rich Rod fall on his face again.


  17. McSweeny,

    That post was very well written, and I think you have some excellent points. That said, I had to go back and look at your post entitled “Irish Stewed: Fun with numbers” ( You spent the first 3 points demonstrating how Brian Kelly would be the best institutional fit of all time! ALL TIME!!! (thanks to kanye I can no longer say those two words just once in a sentence)

    I’m just curious if this post reflects a change in attitude away from finding a guy who’d be a cookie cutter, and towards a guy who can help us win? I’m not saying BK shouldn’t be our next coach. I just think the top 3 reasons for going after him shouldn’t all be about how he’s a great institutional fit. Though I am a fan of him graduating players.

    I don’t think we should sell our soul for a guy because he’s an ‘institutional fit’ or just because he wins. To be frank, I don’t want Meyer, almost as much as I don’t want Saban. I just don’t like them. Meyer had his chance, chasing him makes ND look bad. And Saban lacks character. Remember, Saban’s not just the guy who lies to teams about his future with them. He’s also the same guy who took on 32 recruits with only 25 scholarships so that he could put up the #1 recruiting class his first year.

    I am looking forward to the future. I think we have a better chance at Stoops than many think. But if Swarbrick decides to go after Brian Kelly, or Harbaugh or whoever, I’m sure he can get a top tier candidate.

    1. Listing Kelly’s academic credentials was more just icing on the cake on top of his coaching acumen. More importantly, it was an explicit repudiation of the idiot Kelly-haters who claim he wins at Cincy with JUCOs (he’s recruited a whopping three in three years) and marginal students.

      1. Gotcha. I don’t want to be mistaken as a Kelly hater, and I’m definitely not saying being a good fit is a reason not to hire him. I’m just advocating a balanced decision, just as I’m absolutely sure you are. That said, Kelly sure appears to have winning and academics in order at Cincinnati.

        Either way, I’m trying to keep an open mind and not hinge my hopes and dreams on any one candidate.

  18. Amen. Off to the grotto! ND has other challenges, early admission was addressed and solved by Charlie. The quality of the ND player as a person is something those other schools do not concern themselves with and this article does not address. No excuses, we shall overcome. Go Irish! Thanks Charlie, if it comes to that. Jack dont screw this up!

  19. McSweeney, outstanding and spot on.

    Let’s all keep a couple of other things in mind:
    #1) ND fans expectations are too high because we always expect to win.
    (1 win, we talk BCS. 1 loss, we talk, “fire his ass”)
    Most programs are competitive on occasion.
    ND fans want to be competitive every year.
    Case in Point: the Pitt Panthers are currently 10-1.
    I believe, in his first 4 years, Wanndstadt only made it to 1 bowl game which he lost.
    Boy, he would have been in the hot seat if he were at ND.
    This year is the most success the University of Cincinnati has EVER had.
    Late in the season, being in the top 5?
    Let’s KEEP our expectations HIGH, that is why WE ARE ND!

    #2) ND has more NC’s & Heisman’s than most conferences.
    Most schools have zero NC’s or Heisman Trophy Winners…
    Florida only has 3 NC’s.
    Tennessee only has 1 NC?
    UCLA has zero NC’s?
    Alabama doesn’t have any Heisman winners?
    ND has 13+ NC’s and 8 Heisman Trophy Winners? Compare that to other conferences.

    I too am off to light a candle and say a few prayers.
    Let’s all say a prayer for the Weis family as well.
    He gave it his all, he just didn’t have “it”.
    Let’s hope he kicks Stanfords ass this Saturday.
    Let’s hope the admin. gets it right this time and we hit a Notre Dame home run.
    I am hoping for Urban Meyer or Brian Kelly.


  20. JDH – Syracuse’s qb is much more likely to be punched in the face for being a duke basketball player than the syracuse quarterback, so I think your point is taken.

    1. Maybe so. But those were the other guy’s words I was quoting, not my own…

      Either way, an absolutely asinine comment.

      1. Here in sh*tcago the am sports talk radio was having a field day with this. Particulary the Yurko and Harry show where they questioned how JC could be with “family” at 2am. They claimed the University was putting a spin on it. I remember a caller demanding a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) for the police report to get to the “real” truth as if ND was hiding something. They also called into question the supposed fact that the kitchen closes early there and that no one eats with their “family” at that restaurant at that time of night. Surprising to see so many haters so close to ND country

  21. I think we will get it right (at least more right than the past few hires) because even the most incompetent admin must now realize that there is only one criteria that matters – recent, successful college head coaching experience.

    I stand by many posts I’ve made on this site that successful coaching somewhere else can translate into greater success at Notre Dame because of the built-in advantages here. Take a guy with an upward career trajectory, like Kelly (or even Patterson, to whom I’ve warmed) or take a guy like Stoops or Meyer (if you can get them, which is doubtful in my opinion) – all of whom have recently been successful elsewhere – and move them to ND and they will flourish.

    Our recent unsuccessful hires have had the same problem coming in – either no college head coaching experience (Davie/Weis) or no meaningful head coaching success (Ty). These guys were all underprepared, and Notre Dame is no place to learn on the job, as we well know.

    We can’t and won’t make that same mistake. The candidates are well-documented and we will succeed with any of them. (Now, if they go off the reservation and pick a pro coordinator or someone else in the mold of Ty who’s been less successful than portrayed in the media, then all bets are off).

  22. When I was at the gym yesterday there was a sports show on that I caught for minute. I don’t know what channel or who the guy was but it was his show. He was commenting on the Clausen situation and here was hit take:

    “So, a ND fan gets into a fight with the team’s qb. Syracuse is also a terrible football team, but I’m pretty sure that ________ (whoever ‘Cuse’s qb is) doesn’t have to worry about getting punced by a fan! ND loves to talk about their higher standards. Don’t make me laugh.”

    I was not suprised by this ridiculous commentary. It’s just another example of irrational hatred for ND. But I think it serves as an important example of the kind of propagandizing that goes on out there. This knuckle-dragging idiot actually tried to turn this into a slur against the university and the team! Not the random townie drunk who committed the assault! Amazing…

    1. That sounds like some BS Jim Rome would throw out there. I don’t know if that’s who you saw, but it sounds like him.

  23. One more thing Bob Davie, Ty Willingham, and Charlie have in common is they were all not the first choice coaches. Now that none of them have got through 5 years lets get our first choice this time. No excuses this time we must get it right.

  24. Outstanding post!!!
    I’ve been saying this for weeks to anyone who will listen. College football ebbs and flows, things are cyclical. Let’s not forget, before Spurrier arrived Florida football was irrelevant. We just need the right coach. We have to get this right this time!!!!

    Swarbrick needs a big splash so we can get some positive media attention.
    The first call has to be to Urban. Make him say no. Heck make him say no 5 times. Then I would go to Stoops and then Gruden. Those 3 may be a reach, but Kelly or Patterson will surely come.

    Who knows, but soon the echoes will be awakened!!!

    1. Exactly…we need to annoy the coaches so much that we want, eventually they’ll have to say yes. IS money an issue for ND…i think not. Throw the everything at our top candidates and make an offer they can’t refuse (lame Godfather reference)…

  25. Why do you see the media as the problem? Are we tough? Do we have discipline? I am still steaming over that stupid roughing the kicker penalty against Pitt. And, it was like this all season long.

    These are 18, 19 and 20 year old kids. If our next coach cannot figure out that college kids need discipline — they need to be removed from a game when they screw the team with a roughing the kicker or other personal foul — we are screwed.

    The media, though, are merely pointing out what we’ve been observing here for some time. Notre Dame has much better players than our current record shows. We’re in a better place than we were in 2005 when Weis arrived, but we have a way to go — and it will start, likely, with the successor.

    Why didn’t the media talk about Southern Cal or Alabama when they struggled? For one, they don’t have exclusive contracts with one television network. For another, they don’t have the fan base that the Irish have. Sure, Alabama has won a lot of titles and SC has had some great teams, too, but all of college football benefits — greatly — when Notre Dame is good because we watch the games, we listen to the games, we buy advertisers’ products, and etc.

    There are some risks associated with firing Weis. The administration could give us another great “institutional fit” like Ty Willingham. But, my hunch is that after 15 years of weakness — save for a few BCS appearances in which we were utterly destroyed against much stronger teams — the administration will find a good head coach. We may not win national titles immediately, but we will return to prominance.

    1. I think the administration gets it too, at least they should by now. I’m confident that we’ll get a better coach and, in turn, a better product to be put on the field on Saturdays. I’m reluctant to say they’ll hire the “right” coach because I think there are several options out there that will benefit Notre Dame. Sure they are all similar, but yet they are different. Either way, the names being tossed around are certainly an upgrade and I will take it with a big ass smile. Any of these coaches (Stoops, Kelly, Meyer, Gruden) will flourish with the resouces available at the University of Notre Dame.

  26. Your best effort to date. Hopefully, the administration has/is doing its homework and makes choice soon, so we don’t lose step with this recruiting class.

  27. I posted something pretty similar to this on the boards (regarding National Championships since the 1950s), I think this is an excellent article and underscores the fact that (a) the media knows that anything ND sells well, and (b) the media knows that bashing ND sells just about as well, if not better, than saying anything nice or even accurate about ND. Cross your fingers, if we get a good coach we’ll be just fine, winning will cure all ills.

    In the meanwhile, good luck to Swarbrick in his search and Go Irish, Beat Cardinal!

  28. You bet your fat irish ass Notre Dame will return to the top!!!! Every top coach in the land wants this job except the pussy fart Urban Meyer. Who needs him anyway. Go IRISH!!!!! Bammer Time!!!!

    1. I like the name Bammer, does it mean what I think it means? Bam, bam Millie!!

      ND needs to go get Stoops and cut out the pussy footing BS.

  29. First question to the new coach………..Do you play the best players, or do you play who you have a man-crush on??

    Maybe they’ll find someone who will sideline the Smiths (Harrison and Brian), Roby Toma, and all of the other Weiss favorites and finally put the talented players in the game like STEVEN FILER!!!!!!!

  30. jack-for the love of j.c. and his holy 12,fire him sunday.if you dont and talk about this evaluation process early next week you will look like a complete idiot.its also time for a comment on the ncaa president job you have been linked to.

  31. Thank you for providing a refuge for frustrated fans. This last article summed the situation up very nicely. ND WILL be back. Now to the beads…

  32. Well said. I spent ten years in Los Angeles hearing how USC could never return to its glory years, because who wants to attend school in South Central LA? You hear it repeated so much, it starts to become the truth. As a Notre Dame fan, the excuses have become tiring.

    I firmly believe Notre Dame can return to the college elite. They have to decide if that’s what they want. After the previous two coaches searches, I have a hard time getting my hopes up. It’s wait and see at this point.

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