Tate Still Debating NFL Decision

Golden Tate set Notre Dame records with 93 catches and 1,496 yards in 2009. The dynamic junior also scored a total of 18 touchdowns -15 receiving, 2 rushing, 1 punt return. (Photo - IconSMI)

Golden Tate’s NFL future could be decided as early as Friday according to the star junior wide receiver on Monday. While talking about the firing of head coach Charlie Weis, Tate said that he plans to meet with his now former head coach on Friday to discuss his decision of whether or not to return for his senior season.

“Coach Weis and I will have a meeting on Friday to talk about the possibilities, along with my family and I’m sure I’ll involve Coach (Rob) Ianello with that as well.” Tate said when asked about his NFL plans.

Heading into the season some felt Tate would potentially have a chance to leave for the NFL, but few could have predicted the record breaking season Tate ended up having. Tate set Notre Dame single season records with 93 catches and 1,496 yards in 2009 and tied Jeff Samardzija and Rhema McKnight’s single season record of 15 receiving touchdowns. Throw in another two rushing touchdowns and third via punt return and you can see why Tate has a decision to make.

Charlie Weis’s dismissal as the head coach at Notre Dame will have an impact on Tate’s decision. “It could impact it both ways. We’re are going to talk Friday, along with my family, and see what’s best for me and my family. ”

Tate also told Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune that had Charlie Weis been back in South Bend in 2010, he would have been more likely to stay for his senior year.

“I don’t know if it would have guaranteed it,” Tate said. “It wouldn’t have guaranteed it, but I think I would have been leaning more on coming back. At this point, what Jimmy (Clausen) does is very important on my decision. The coaching change is very important on my decision. So I don’t know.”

As for Jimmy Clausen’s decision, Tate said he wasn’t sure of his quarterback’s plan, but that he would discuss that with Clausen on Friday along with Weis.

Most people have felt that Clausen’s decision was made a long time ago and that he was NFL bound. Reports of Clausen handing his helmet to his brother in the tunnel of Stanford Stadium after Saturday’s loss in Palo Alto seem to back that theory up as well.

Tate’s decision, however, has been more widely debated as he hasn’t given too many clues of his intentions to this point. His draft status is a bit uncertain as well. Some scouts rated Tate very highly while others have concerns about  Tate’s size and how it could impact his success on the NFL level.

There are other areas where Tate could use improvement before reaching the NFL level as well such as route running, but if the main concerns among scouts are to his size, coming back for his senior year won’t do anything to ease those them.

Over the last three years Tate has transformed from a high school running back into one of the most explosive playmakers ever to step foot into the House that Rockne built for the Fighting Irish.  He’s become a dynamic playmaker that is a threat to take any play the distance and would certainly be a welcomed addition to the 2010 team whoever the coach ends up being.

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  1. How bout ERIC Olsen? ERIC stayed at ND while GREG transferred. The guy is sticking up for his coach, that is all. Gutless? Next time, Steel, go get the player’s name right before you decide to trash them

  2. Well said, StillFighting, well said!

    Did anyone hear OL Greg Olsen’s stupid remarks on ESPN. This tub said that the next coach better be wary because they’ll have their eyes on him. Really, Mr. Olsen? The new coach needs to worry about your eyes. This is the same tub who was outraged at the thought Weis would be fired. Perhaps if Olsen and Young and the D had shown more toughness CW would still be their coach. Gutless comments from gutless players. Stop talking and start performing!

  3. I understand the thought that hot athletes need to take advantage of a successful individual performance throughout a season, not to mention the looming threat of the dreaded injury in the following season. But neither Tate nor Clausen have accomplished what I am sure every highly recruited player in recent years has gone to Notre Dame to do, which is to re-establish the glory of the Fighting Irish. Why did Jimmy Clausen go to Notre Dame with the absence of an established receiving core, a returning defense from 2006 that was hideous and would not back up the points that he believed he could put up, and a young, inexperienced line? JC and every other player recruited believed they could contribute something, just something that could bring Notre Dame back. Although both Tate and Clausen have provided us with much entertainment through their individual play and the effort to resurface the program, I believe that they are cowards for not seeing that they gave everything they could to bring Notre Dame back. Thank you what you have done so far, but bring it back for the 4th round and fight on!

  4. Just a note: I believe it was Rhema McKnight who had 15 TDs for the record back in 2006.

    I would love to see Golden back alongside Clausen, but they are as good as gone in my opinion.

    1. Actually, Samardzija and McKnight share the record with Tate now. Samardzija had 15 in 2005 and McKnight had 15 in 2006.

      1. Oh yeah, guess he did. One thing Weis did bring was some very productive receivers, although none have contributed at the next level. Tate I think will be a different story however, unless he goes the Samardzija route (very unlikely).

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