Projecting Jimmy Clausen

Jimmy Clausen is projected as top 10 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft by draft expert Scott Wright of (Photo - Icon SMI)

With the dust settling on the hiring of Brian Kelly as the new head coach, its time to catch up on some news and events from the past couple weeks that didn’t receive too much attention with all of the hoopla surrounding the Notre Dame coaching search.

We all know that Jimmy Clausen is leaving Notre Dame early for the NFL, but outside of reporting on Clausen’s decision, where Clausen ends up in the draft hasn’t really been discussed here.

To get a good gauge as to where Clausen should end up in the draft, I asked Scott Wright from Draft Countdown what he thought of the now former Irish QB and where he saw him getting picked in April. Here’s what Scott had to say about Mr. James Clausen.

Just average height and arm strength but both are adequate. Has three years of experience in a pro-style offense, which can’t be underestimated in this day and age of the spread. Might have some minor durability concerns but has showed the toughness to play through injuries. Made major strides as a leader this year but may still have some issues with his intangibles and could rub some the wrong way. There is a fine line between being fiery and confident and overly cocky. Really reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. Barring any character red flags popping up he should fit into the Top 10 overall with a legit shot at the Top 5. Will compete with Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford to be the first quarterback selected.

Should Wright’s prediction for Clausen prove to be true, it’s easy to see why Clausen decided to forgo his final season in South Bend.

Clausen’s path to the top 10 got a little bit easier this week as well with Washington’s Jake Locker deciding to come back for his senior season. For Locker, coming back for another season made sense even though he had a good chance of being one of the first quarterbacks selected based on his potential alone. Locker has got prototypical size and excellent speed, but could use another year of seasoning in a pro style offense to better prepare himself for the NFL.

That wasn’t the case with Clausen who started the past three years for Notre Dame and really couldn’t do a whole lot to improve his draft stock or better prepare himself for the NFL.

With just three games left in the NFL season, the top of the draft order is a little clearer and there are plenty of teams currently projected to draft in the top 10 that could be in need of a quarterback. St. Louis is currently slated to draft first overall and could be in the market for a quarterback to replace the aging Marc Bulger. Early indications are that the Rams would go for Nebraska’s ridiculously dominant defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Oakland looks like it is pulling the plug on the JaMarcus Russell experiment and could be looking for a QB as well. Washington, Buffalo, Seattle,  and Denver (by virtue of getting Chicago’s draft pick in 2010) are all teams currently projected to draft in the top 10 that could be looking for a quarterback. Should Denver look to improve its quarterback position in the first round, it’s interesting to note that current Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was an offensive coordinator for the Patriots prior to coaching the Broncos and has an offense that Clausen would be very familiar with.

If Clausen falls out of the top 10, other possible destinations for him could be Jacksonville, Arizona, or even Minnesota though I doubt he’d drop that far. Jacksonville could look to upgrade from David Garrard who’s leveled off over the past few seasons. Arizona still has Matt Leinart on their roster, but the former USC star hasn’t done much to prove he can take over for Kurt Warner once he retires. Minnesota has Brett Favre for now, but who knows what Favre will do and there is a huge drop-off from him to current backup Tavarius Jackson.

Regardless of where Clausen ends up, hopefully he can avoid the same type of draft day drama that Brady Quinn experienced in 2007 when he waited backstage at the draft until pick 22 until he heard his name called.  Luckily for Clausen, there are more teams in need of a quarterback at the top of the draft this year so that shouldn’t be the case.

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    1. No and it appears that dosn’t either. Do the writers of this blog remember that they have readers?

      I’m starting to think that I should start my own ND blog due to the amount of time that I spend searching for information.

      I wonder if has passed on or may be they just don’t know what we want to read about.

      It seems that the readers are providing more infomation than this site.

  1. Interesting comments on Jimmy Clausen’s injured toe:
    Jimmy Clausen played his final 10 games at Notre Dame with torn ligaments in his right big toe and has told that he will undergo surgery Tuesday morning.

    He is expected to be sidelined for two to three months, but intends to throw for pro scouts in early April. The operation will be performed by renowned foot specialist Mark Myerson in Baltimore.

    “It’s a testament to him that he played with this type of injury,” Myerson said Monday. “How he managed is beyond me. I can only imagine what he’ll be like when he’s fixed.”

    Originally discribbed as turf-toe, the truth is, is that his toe was pretty torn up. I don’t think anyone can question this kids toughness.

    1. Shazamrock,

      Kudos, Clausen was playing under adverse conditions and did an excellent job. The naysayers would have wimplified OUT after one game.

      The naysayers on Clausen are experts in faulting finding….the most common unskilled labor.

  2. Starting Freshman right off the bat not a good idea. We have Brandon Newman, Hafis Williams, Tyler Stockton. LB’s we have Little Puz, Flemming, Carlos Cabrese, #54 forget last name, and Brian Smith. Secondary you have little McCarthy, Slaughter, Walls, Grey, Blanton. I don’t get where people think we are depleted of talent. We have talent they just need direction on the defensive side of the ball. They will get it and the defense will be improved. Offense we are fine. The new lineman will step in we are talented at wide out, TE, RB and QB. Lets give Kelly a chance and see what he can do with CW’s players. I want to see if he keeps this class together and picks up some more recruits.

    1. IT SAYS 2011………There are no freshman on the list!!!

      And you’re right…it was a HORRIBLE idea to start Teo this year…damn freshman!!

  3. C IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the new stuff???????????

    After watching the UA game on Saturday I’m conviced that we desperately need to sign Dietrich Riley! He was hitting everything HARD!!! Assuming the 3-4 defense is the system, my fantasy starting line-up for the 2011 season (the year they win the NC) would be…..

    D-Ends – Ethan Johnson, KLMoore
    Nose – Louis Nix
    Middle LB’s – Teo, Filer
    OLB’s – Flemming, Anthony Barr
    Corners – No idea….just find some!!!!!
    Safety – Dietrich Riley, Corey Cooper

    Who would you start????

  4. How about a new article….What is going on with Chuck Martin and the defense, how about these recruits or T’eo staying, I am tired of seeing “Projecting Jimmy Clausen” everyday.

  5. Frankie,

    Time for new content the gerbils are falling off the wheel! By the way, keep up the good work and happy new year!

  6. Green Banshi,

    Explain your logic to me: 1) the 2nd half of the UF-Cinci was a draw, but 2) UF ran up the score. Both can’t be true. So did UF run up the score or did Cinci match UF in the 2nd half? According to your logic, UF should’ve sat on the ball and let Cinci make it even more of a game in the 2nd half. Crazy! (BTW: The game was over by halftime.) I hope BK runs up a lot of scores. For someone complaining about the wussyfication of our society (I agree with you) it’s strange to also cry about running up of scores. Wussies cry about people running up scores.

  7. We can all sit (hide) behind our screen names and insult Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, Mike Leach, and anyone else we want. We can scream at the top of our virtual lungs about UF, Texas Tech, or any other less than model academic programs. None of that changes the sad reality that UF has won 4 national titles since ND won its last, or that Tebow is a Heisman winner (something no ND player has come close to sniffing), or that programs like Texas Tech or Cinci are today way ahead of ND. We’re all rooting for BK to return ND to glory (just like we were all rooting for Charlie Weis). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and look stupid in the process. Plus name calling like the rant above just makes us look pathetic and seem to be whiners to outsiders. When we start to win again we won’t have to worry about calling the likes of Meyer or Tebow names.

  8. Urban Meyer is a joke. Glad we did not end up with him. What a crybaby. He gets his a$$ kicked by Alabama and he’s having chest pains and quits and then reinstates himself. What a complete joke. He’s as big of a joke as Tebow – and running up the score on the upstart Cincinnati – outrageous. Reminded me of that cla$$less Jimmy Johnson at the U running up the score on Faust. That Leach guy is a real man and a great coach. James should have his pu$$y a$$ handed to him and should have been kicked off the team. James is another suckatitty baby just like Meyer. Oh my god, what kind of society have we become. Kelly will do great at ND, so get of his a$$ – I have no doubt he will make it happen. At least he can beat UConn and Syracuse and Pittsburgh and Oregon State. And no doubt he would have beaten UM and Stanford and NAVY. If he had the 2009 ND team, they might be playing FU in the Sugar Bowl. He went undefeated at Cincifrigginati with a 49th ranked recruiting class. Do you understand what I am saying you freaks???? And he won at Central Michigan!!! They were exciting to watch with Lefevre. Can you imagine what he is going to do with a 10th ranked class??? Cincifrigginati scored 24 on the Gators without Kelly coaching UC and motivating them. The 2nd half was a DRAW. URBAN MEYER YOU FRIGGIN SUCK – I hope you do not come back to FU Gator Nation – trying to run up the score on the upstart Cincinnati. And that pathetic Tebow is not fooling anyone with the biblical verses. Those kind of femmbotts (Meyer, Tebow, James and some of the Notre Dame fairweather “fans”) make me want to puke. Get a damn life.

  9. I watched it and it was a mess. I know most high school allstar games have mistakes but they couldn’t even get a punt or extra point off. The great corner that they were raving about fumbled twice. The fundamentals were horrible. I watch alot of Army All-American games and they were never as bad as this. It looked like playground football. Nix however did look good but I didn’t see any of the top lineman in the country at this game. It was mostly Florida and Alabama recruits.

  10. Poz, Jack, Chan,

    Like I said, there’s no need to panic. That would be very, very premature! 1) Cincy was without BK and 2) they were outclassed. But that’s my whole point. If we don’t continue to recruit at the UF level (and, of course, coach up that talent), Kelly’s schemes (on O or D) won’t mean a damned thing! I for one dn’t want to hear about schemes again. ND need studs and teach them the fundamentals to enhance their natural skills. Agreed?!

  11. Gentleman, we are talking about Cincy. Ten yrs ago the only time Cincy was mentioned was college basketball. They are not even the number one team in their state or area. The Big East in football is a joke and I know we lost to two Big East teams. Name the highest recruiting class Cincy had, it is like 44. They were out atheleted and also their defense lost 11 starters last year going up against Tebow who threw the ball well. I don’t look at this as a reflection of Brian Kelly but of a team that didn’t belong in a BCS game. I didn’t look at Cincy as a top ten team. I also don’t think that ND is depleted of talent either. On the O side of the ball we have chryst, Allen, Floyd, Rudolf, and a slew of young wide receivers not to mention a long line at RB. The lineman we lost were good but we have JR backing them up not FR. On the D-side of the ball we have D-line with Moore, Johnson, Stockton, Williams, LB we have Teo, Puz, Flemming, Filer, B. Smith, and a hybrid in Harrison Smith. The secondary we have McCarthy, Slaughter, Blanton, Walls, and Grey. These are all four and five star recruits with talent. Lets give Kelly a chance to see what he does with a top ten recruiting class and not a 44 ranked recruiting class.

  12. Let’s hope that the Florida vs Cinci game is a showcase of how a team that has much better athletes tends to win games with great coaching. Cinci was without their head coach, and playing in a huge game against a veteran, proven SEC team.

    The Gators have a roster full of 4-5 star athletes who have a had an oppurtunity to be coached by one of the best in the country as well. Did anyone really think Cinci was going to win this game? I would think not, just because their records are similar doesn’t mean they are as good of a football team.

    I’m not to worried, BK has a much more talented group of kids playing here at ND. BUT, we are still going to have to bring in better athetes to be able to play along side of Bama, Florida, and Texas.

  13. Guys,
    Take a chill pill and relax! Kelly was gone, all the assistants have been interviewing for jobs, the players are upset etc. etc. etc. Not to mention the greatest leader in CFB history was playing his last game. Was there ever a doubt how this one would turn out? Without Kelly, this Cincy team will be so irrelevant in 3 years it isn’t funny. I don’t think there is anything valuable to be learned from this game other than how great it is to have Kelly as our coach. How in the world did this team go 12-0.
    Also, our ND would have been ripped apart by UF too.

  14. Delta,

    You’re a voice of reason. I’m not saying it’s time to panic. That would be ridiculous! But we shouldn’t think that tonight’s game is totally meaningless to us. 1) Kelly’s O scheme was large ineffective and 2) Cincy’s D looked outclassed from the get go. Delta is right. This Sugar Bowl reminded me a lot of the one we lost in 2005. Speed kills, lads. We better recruit a ton of it!

  15. Gotta admit, Steelfan, I’m a little worried. I know its Cincy. And I know Kelly’s not coaching. But if florida was that other SEC team LSU and cincy was wearing gold helmets this would look aloþ like the 2005 sugar bowl. We gotta get some speed to compete with the elite teams like the SEC powerhouses.

  16. Right on, C-Dog!

    Changing gears to something relevant to us, anyone else seeing UF kill Cinci?! Opinions? I hope we don’t get a DC from the Cinci program!

    Clearly, it’s about athletes. We need to recruit big time! I don’t think Kelly’s O scheme alone will be enough. (Enough of schemes and schematic advantages!) UF is totally shutting the Cinci O down.

  17. The Mike Leach Story is Joy Bahar, Barbara Walters stuff. Not worth talking about in sports. Texas Tech and Mike Leach will take care of this matter. It only matters if he or someone from his staff come to Notre Dame, otherwise someone else’s soap opera. A topic meant for gossiping women or femme’s.

    Meanwhile sports in Afghanistan consist of playing polo with goat carcasses. Have efeminized our culture to the point where we are prey to more manly societies in the world?

  18. If the kid is a pain in the ass and you had to discipline him, then tell him his services are not needed and boot him off the team. You don’t lock him a closet and claim the training staff told you. If he is claiming a concussion have the training staff clear him. If he is cleared and still doesn’t want to play throw him off the team. Leach is an asshole and an idiot. Grabbing face masks is illegal in the game so a coach shouldn’t do it. If a player is not listening then get rid of him or take away his playing time. If you think you need a certain player to win and let him get away with bullshit then your team will not respect you. Playing time is the way to get a kids attention, not grabbing face masks or locking him in a closet. The comment concerning haters, well let me ask you a question, what would have happened if the kid played got hit and suffered brain damage. If you don’t think concussions are series just look at former NFL tight end John Mackey with dimensia. Leach is a asshole and I am glad he wasn’t considered to run this program.

  19. A while back there was a discussion here about how coach Holtz caught some flack for once grabbing one of his players by the mask and getting in his face for screwing up during a game. Now we hear about the Texas Tech coach comming under fire for sending one of these spoiled, it’s all about me, brat of a player, to “time out” for a few hours. While I’m not in favor of flogging, caning, or any other form of corporal punishment, the head coach has a number of things that he must control. Making sure that the inmates aren’t running the asylum is certainly one of them. Many of us have played some form of organized football at some point. We all knew that when we signed up that there were rules. The coach is in charge, and if you break rules there is a penilty. Leach states that he acted in the kids best interest by sending him to a cool, dark, secure place, that included supervision. For a 18, or 19 year old tough guy football player, that doesn’t sound so very cruel or inhumane to me. And don’t you know his dad, who happends to work for a sports reporting group that I none care all that much for, used his posisition to preach his opinion and further his own career. This prescious snowflake crap makes me sick. Remember when being a part of a college football team was a thing of pride and honor? Where young men learned to grow up and act their age and to take personal responcibility for their own actions? The bowl season should be about hard work, success, and reward. Not this soap opera BS.

    1. We don’t yet know the full story of what happened. By describing it as a “time out” for a “spoiled” player, you make it sound like the kid was misbehaving, but that’s absolutely false. I guess the news about the dangers of concussions hasn’t reached you yet.

      Here’s an account from FanNation. Sounds like this coach is a complete asshole:

      In the case of Adam James, a redshirt sophomore receiver, Leach reportedly doubted that he had suffered a concussion during a Dec. 16 practice and thought he was just another player disgruntled about playing time. Even though James had been examined a day later and told not to practice after being diagnosed with a concussion and an elevated heart rate, Leach wasn’t a caring, compassionate soul about it. Actually, he came off as a warped and sinister ogre when, according to sources who spoke to ESPN and the Associated Press, he told a university trainer to move James into a secluded room — “to the darkest place, to clean out the equipment and to make sure that he could not sit or lean. He was confined for three hours.” If James tried to leave the area, a source told the AP, he would be kicked off the team at once. The Lubbock Avalanche Journal reported that the room was a shed and that Leach forced James to stand in it for two hours during practice.

      Sick? Inhumane? We’re only beginning down this twisted trail. Two days later, Leach allegedly told a trainer to place James “in the darkest, tightest spot. It was in an electrical closet, again, with a guard posted outside.”

    1. Yet another tough midswestern D on display tonight. Nebraska’s D is dominant. When is ND going to field a D half as tough as what I saw last night with Wisconsin and tonight with Nebraska?! I’m so jealous when I see this kind of D.

  20. Merry X-mas to all! Anyone else seeing what a real, tough midwestern D looks like in U. Wisconsin against UM?! Can we get Wisconsin’s DC?

  21. The whole Urban Meyer episode is perplexing. Especially the timing of his announcement. First he says he’s retiring. This announcement would give his team great motivation heading into the Sugar Bowl. Last game. Great coach. Win one for the old man and all that. But it could be disasterous with recruiting, which is why I think he did an about face. Getting to the top of the college football world is one thing. He did it twice, and came very close agian this year. The expectations have grown in Gator Nation. Staying on top is a whole nother animal.
    I think his team will pull together and play an inspiried game agianst Cincy. After he wins the Sugar Bowl, he will sign one of the top recruiting classes of the year. Then he will go no vacation for a while. And when he returns, reality will set in, and then we all see what his true priorities really are.

  22. Well, if Meyer is now in denial about severe chest pain, flip-flopping could cost him his life. Many people have died believing it’s not going to happen to me. Superman is only in the comics. Hopefully, for his family he will see the light and officially retire for good. I’ve had one too many close friends die early with a heart attack; the obvious symtoms are nothing to mess with.

  23. I wish the best of luck for Jimmy in the NFL. I think Clausen will be one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the game. He has proved that he has a cannon by making it rain with recievers like Tate and Floyd. And, he has shown that he can throw a laser in short yardage situations to guys like Kyle Rudolph. Not to mention, the HUGE reality check when he went from hometown hero to big stage nobody in his transition from high school to Notre Dame. And, if there is one thing that putting on the golden helmet has taught Clausen, its how to deal with fans that expect nothing but the best from you every game. If you remember what tore good ol Ryan Lief down, you’ll know what I’m saying. Clausen is your man, Mr. NFL GM.

    Its sad that, as of now, when you think of Jimmy Clausen, you think of painful overtime losses to powerhouses like the 2009 Connecticut Huskies, the 2008 Navy Midshipmen, and (Who can forget?!) the 2007 Air Force… uh… “What’s-their-names.”

    No one will ever forget the era that Clausen played during. And, if you wanna smudge on his reputation, take that 16-21 record in three years that he leaves with.

    But, don’t forget the glory days of Kurt Warner in his college football career at… uh…



  24. Meyer had chest pains after the SEC championship game, however, doctors say his heart is OK (for now). But Meyer at 45 is totally stressed-out which can definately induce severe chest pain. So, a long term rest is in order. Unfortunately, Urban is at high risk for a heart attack due to self induced high stress. Clearly Urban, you have made the right decision for you and your family, happy holidays and may you live your life to the fullest.

    1. Well, after today’s change of heart, Meyer decision is in what is best for UF and not his family. Sounds to me like he just wants some time off but intends to coach next year. Probably made that clear before the school went on a coaching search.

  25. Meyer resigning due to health reasons, similar to Ara. I cannot remember if there were specific health concerns, but I do recall the stress was taking its toll. Got to respect a man (coach) that puts everything into his job. I get the feeling BK is out of the same mold.

  26. As to back-up QB concerns, it appears we are not totally out in the cold, John Goodman could see some action since he has demonstrated his rocket arm in the past. Also he is highly mobile and fast at WR! However, that could all change with BK in charge now. Just some food for thought, as I see it John Goodman is a BK…RKG!

  27. Many, including myself understand the serious nature and how flawed the USC football program under Pete Carroll has become. It surely now must be an immediate grasp of the obvious even to the most uninitiated USC fan that Carroll is off the reservation. Not to mention, in addition to Joe Knight, Anthony McCoy, Tyron Smith and Averell Spicer will not make the bowl game either due to academic reasons.

    Hmmmmmmmmm….a subpar 8-4 2001 USC season? Hey, C-Dog, do we see a level playing field on the horizon?

    Happy Holidays Domers!

    1. JC,
      You said it, brother! You had to wonder when Sarkisian left with a few coaches. You had to wonder when the allegations against Bush didn’t die. It really makes you think the NCAA is gauging USC’s marketability. When it goes below a threshhold, or other teams come up, it’s over. They’ll pull the plug and make money off of the entire story.
      And look how much less dominant USC has been this year. Quite different than other years with so called green freshmen. I think these guys aren’t allowed as much informal practice time. I find it strange that no one asked why the running back who got his larynx crushed was working out during class hours. Yes, this USC business is still murky, but quite telling. I foresee another 8-4 year for the Trojans.

  28. How much can one university sweep under the rug? McKnight has photo’s taken of him driving the SUV(which he says didn’t happen) that was given to his girlfriend by the USC Marketing Manager who also owns
    Move along now, nothing to see here!
    “No Comment” Carroll had no choice but ommit him from the bowl game as instructed by the student police. Now McKnight says that the “Media” ruined his life.
    That’s what happends when you don’t show up for your USC classes(Cover-ups,loopholes, & scams 101)
    First there was Bush, then Mayo, now McKnight. Year after Year and nothing ever hapends to them.

  29. USC Gary,

    Interestingly enough, major networks report Mcknight won’t make the bowl game vs Boston College……..concerning a Land Rover perk?? Well, you really should consider worrying about the infamous Pete Carroll program than CW or JC in the immediate future! Looks like the bought and paid for Pete Carroll solo National Championship will be his demise. Bad habits never die!

    Yeah, running a clean ND program is certainly an arduous ritual, however, we under the watchful eye of the Golden Dome sleep well at nights.

    Happy Holidays!

  30. What most people fail to realize is; Ask yourself this how many qb’s are there in college football each year that come out of college that actually make it in the pros? One? Maybe two? It’s a tough tough position.

  31. I see the usual delusional damer comments. Clausen is a me first player and it showed in about every game. He will be ANOTHER bust recent Notre Dame qb in the NFL.

    Tate on the other hand will be good in the NFL.

    Sure wish you guys would have given Charlie more time. I am going to miss Charlie.

    1. USC Gary,
      What you are going to miss is Pete Carroll and USC not getting away with blatant cheating anymore. If his players have to interact with the school, they will walk. Carroll’s program has little to do with USC as an academic institution. Run it clean and the losses are going to pile up.
      And, Jud’s right. Are you that stupid to rag on us about Brady Quinn after Leinert, Sanchez, and Booty? Even Carson Palmer has been up and down. Don’t be a stupid and useless to society as a USC alum. Other than your cheerleaders you guys are worthless. Merry Freaking Christmas!

      Oh, and for once, I’m rooting for Boston College!

  32. Clausen in the NFL scares me. I can not get the picture out of my mind of the Navy game when we were down near the goal line where Clausen was flushed out of the pocket and he tried to punch it over the goal line. A Navy linebacker came up and absolutely “cold cocked” Clausen. He was folded up like a wet paper napkin and he to be helped off the field. It was a f’ing NAVY linebacker!!! The LB probably weighed, what 195 lbs? Clausen in my opinion is way too fragile for the NFL. What’s going to happen when he scrambles and gets hit by Ray Lewis? Lights out.

  33. RKG’s are all we need to be interested in…Kelly definitely has an eye for talent and how a player fits. Stars are over rated…I hope we dont lose anyone but I aint gonna ruin a beer by crying in it if these guys go elsewhere. Love the fact Kelly cleaned house basically on both sides of the ball. That tells me he want to own every aspect of this program. The guy is definitely hitting the ground running. Looking forward to getting a glimpse of the staff he puts together. A 180 next year boys, a 180 for sure! As long as there is fire in the belly of the Irish and we start pushing people around for a change – I’m in!

    1. I like the way you’re thinking. Your comment…”As long as there is fire in the belly of the Irish and we start pushing people around for a change – I’m in!” says it all.

      I’m ready for spring ball so we can see him in action. GO IRISH!

  34. Hold onto your seats boys! I just heard a new rumor. It seems Mr Bob Stoops is talking to the Dallas Cowboys. I think you all know where this is going. He is back in play for us at Notre Dame. If we can bring him in, then I suggest we move Mr Brian Kelly over the Offense under Mr Stoops. Now that would be some coaching team. Mr Swarbrick needs to strike quick and make this happen.

  35. Just read Kelly has not even talked to Tony Hurd Jr before he made his decision to pull back his verbal. Are you kidding me? One of the five best recruits on the team and he has not even spoken to him!!!!!!!

  36. Clausen has made incredible leaps and bounds in a lot of areas this past year, especially with things he wasn’t particularly good at before 2009.

    Obviously, Clausen’s speed is a concern, but it’s tied into his footwork and pocket presence more than anything. His first two years Clausen was pretty bad in both of these areas, but the good thing is that he has improved. Although he still isn’t great in these areas he is much better.

    We also have to take into account that Clausen had the turf toe injury for most of the season and did not take many snaps under center either. With full health and more opportunities to run play action, Clausen could have been even better with footwork and pocket presence.

    As far as Clausen’s arm and passing abilities, they are hands down the best in the draft and among the best we’ve seen in the past decade. So many people (especially the scouts) say someone doesn’t have a strong arm unless they throw the ball like Brett Favre. So today someone who throws 98 mph has a “strong arm” but someone who throws 92 mph doesn’t. It’s like saying Kobe Bryant doesn’t have a strong jump shot but that its servicable enough because he doesn’t shoot like Larry Bird.

    Clausen has a bit of a long wind up, but his arm is very strong. No one should doubt his accuracy, as it is as good as I’ve seen for anyone that I’ve been able to watch close up for an entire year. Clausen had multiple games where he didn’t make ONE bad throw and ended up with a couple throw aways, drops, and smartly thrown balls that weren’t caught. That’s damn impressive. He just finished perhaps the best statistical season in ND history while playing injured and with a shaky offensive line and inconsistent running game.

    Concerning his deep ball, McShay is just looking for something to harp on. Does he remember the deep ball thrown to Tate against USC? That was one of the best throws I’ve ever seen. The reason why some question his deep ball is that he threw a ton of fade patterns, and often when someone was wide open deep down field Clausen would put a lot of air on the ball. But again, it comes back to the notion that he doesn’t throw frozen ropes like Favre so the deep ball is a concern….it’s rubbish.

    How many perfectly thrown fade patterns did we see? How many lasers did Tate catch this year with two defenders draped over him? In fact, how many lasers did Clausen put in a perfect spot down field that were dropped? If you were to ask any quarterbacks in college right now to hit a go route, Clausen would be one of the three or four top guys to do so. Maybe because he isn’t #1 someone thinks that gives him the right to say he can’t throw the deep ball??

    In summary, Clausen has a very good chance of being selected in the top 10 or higher.

  37. Since this thread got diverted to the topic of recruiting, Anyone else notice that 2 linebacker commits Shembo and Moore are now ‘Soft Verbal’ (according to

    Just thought it was interesting that both are looking at one other school. Shembo is looking at Duke, and Moore is looking at NC State.

    I just thought this was interesting; it’s almost like good education matters to these kids or something. It honestly makes me want them to come here all the much more.

    1. I recently watched an interview with Shembo, and he clearly stated that he was definatly going to ND. This interview was held after BK hiring.

      I sure hope he is not getting cold feet. He has a lot of upside to him, and could be a great LB for us.

  38. wow…douchebag! way to explode on someone for pointing out that you are wrong asshole. we are all impressed with your 3 recruiting site subscriptions, but … wait… no we’re not. shouldn’t you be in notre dame stadium telling a fan to sit down! i am going to stop there but if you want to talk shit please comment back, asshole.

    1. I’m not really interested in getting into the colorful bantar between you three, but the coment “i can not wait until someone writes a program where i can punch someone thru the internet!” is freaking funny….lol

      Are we talking about Chris Collinsworth’s kid? What’s his full name so I can look up the info on him?

      Man someone’s fixin’ to get internet punched! LOL Lovin’ it!

      1. Oh ok thanks bud…I’m only a member of three different recruiting sites…but thanks!!!! This site was better when only a few people commented

      2. this site was better when “irishfan” did not comment! see how easy that is you asshole internet tough guy! i can not wait until someone writes a program where i can punch someone thru the internet! “you’ve got…WHAM!!!”

      3. Irishfan,

        That is awesome that you are a member of those recruiting sites. That obviously made you an expert, have you thought about reading the material on those sites?

  39. Jimmy walks away with degree and maybe being drafted in 1st round. Not too shabby for 3 years. Who’s to say what the right move is.

  40. All Junior QB should stay for there senior yr. Even bradford, he was just unfortunate. Jimmy Matured tremendously this season and made some great passes but he didn’t win enough. I know the defense was horrible but The offense could have been better inspite of the D and CW.

    He was fortunate to have the two most dominant wr at the college level and a great receiving te.

    In terms of football I believe he should have stayed

    In terms of life I think he should have stayed

    As a fan He gives us a good chance to win but i am very excited for Crist. Crist holds himself in a classier way then Jimmy did. (no more F-bombs, and I am the man pose, while the oline embraces him)

    Now that Jimmy leaves ND i can’t root for that Guy.

  41. As I passed by Oaks Christian,t he high school which Jimmy Clausen attended, all’s that I could think of is what a mistake–simply put, he is not ready for the NFL.

    How so?

    For as much of a gifted arm he has, he has no ability to run in or out of the pocket. Red Zone? What Red Zone? If Clausen is capable of running, or at least getting out of the pocket, then Notre Dame would have had two loses this season and more then likely in a BCS.

  42. all you people get off of Clausen and Tate support ND.and just have a couple more things to say. 28 touchdown passes and only 4 picks.and as far as Tate 93 catches 1496yrds 15 touchdowns.and the D is what cost us

    come ON lets get real

    GO IRISH!!!!!!!

  43. where did all the jimmy love go?

    jc didn’t win enough games? i know someone that won the most games in college football history that will be selected later than jc, and someone else who won 2 national titles. it takes more than winning games in college.

    jc’s arm strength isn’t good enough? i know someone who could throw a 60 yard pass from his knees that has been a failure in the nfl, and many others that do not have cannons, yet went on to have successful careers. in any event, it always seemed like jc’s balls had plenty of zip.

    too slow? this might be the first time i have heard people legitimately argue that you need speed at qb in the nfl, it is usually a bonus to have but never a deal breaker. looking at the top 15 qbs in the league right now, only brees, romo and d-nice have wheels, the other 12 are not speedy.

    in all actuality, it is nearly impossible to predict who will be a successful nfl qb. in fact, there are probably more first round flops than there are first round success stories. jc has his share of flaws but, quoting mel kiper, what jc does have going for him is his ability to play through and rise above adversity. he, and every other nfl qb, will struggle in the nfl at some point and it is how he responds that matters.

    that being said, unless he has an amazing work-out at the combine i see him going mid to late first round. i think locker is making a mistake. if you will get drafted in the first round, you should leave college no matter what your age or potential future draft stock. it’s all about the $$$, and you got to get yours while you can…too risky

  44. I think JC and Golden should have stayed another year at ND. Jimmy is listed at 6’3″ and 225. It will be intersting to see what he weighs in at the combine. Also, his deep ball is not that good. I think Jimmy would have moved up the board if he stayed one more year. Golden will be a slot receiver. His speed will not be anything special in the NFL and Safties and d-backs will drop him. I thought he should have stuck with baseball. If he could hit he would have been an awesome outfielder. In the NFL secondary players don’t miss tackles on small wideouts. Golden was able to break a lot of tackles at the college level and I don’t see that at the pro level.

    1. why would jc stay? look at his numbers, there is no way he would replicate, let alone improve upon those with a new coach and a new system. jc going to class for another year could have cost him millions. even if he goes late first round, it was an intelligent, business decision.

      tate’s stock will, unfortunately, be dependent on his 40 time. two things points here, first, i never saw golden get caught from behind. second wes welker is 5’9″ and runs a 4.6.

      1. Wes Welker had to go through playing for the Dolphins when they sucked. He is not a number one wide receiver either and doesn’t demand number one money. Second JC will forever be linked to ND’s bad years. He needs to be in the right offense in order to be good. I don’t see him going in the top 20. He will fall like Brady which will cause him to get less money and hold out like Brady. Just didn’t agree with either move.

      2. my retort was based on your ‘he should have stuck with baseball’ comment which i think is ridiculous. this implies that he will not do shit in the nfl and will not play. i was not implying that wes or tate will be or are number 1 receivers, but you can’t argue with wes’ numbers…grain of salt as these numbers are taken from wiki…

        Only one player in NFL history, Gale Sayers, had more all-purpose yards in his first three NFL seasons than Welker did with the Dolphins; Welker holds the Dolphins’ all-time records for total kickoff returns, kickoff return yardage, and total punt returns. Welker, who tied with T.J. Houshmandzadeh for the league lead in receptions, holds the three highest single season reception totals in Patriots history, and is only the fourth receiver in NFL history (after Jerry Rice, Herman Moore, and Marvin Harrison) to record 100 receptions in three consecutive seasons.

        wes and tate have an uncanny knack to make plays. regardless of his lack of physical attributes, he has the intangibles of a winner, like wes.

  45. I’m not picking a fight but why would anyone say “If Dayne Crist plays well for 2 years I can see him being an NFL type QB”? Based on what? How many snaps has he taken? Even the guys who get paid to make these predictions get in wrong most of the time. Dayne Crist????, talk about a statement based on no evidence.

    **FYI, my nephew will be an excellent NFL linemen, he’s in the 95 percentile for his weight as a 1 year old. GO IRISH!

    1. Why so much negativity about JC. He was ridiculously accurate and could throw an out better than most current pro QBs. Fact is, we won’t know until he straps it on. I hope he does great things.

  46. I am so tired of the crap opinions of armchair fans who ignore the facts of Jimmy Clausen’s 3 year performance at N.D. But don’t take my word for it. Lou Somogyi is a better expert than any of us and this is what he says about Jimmy’s QB skills:

    Statistically, the numbers speak for themselves. As a junior this season, he eclipsed Bob Williams’ 60-year school record pass efficiency record of 161.37 set during national title year in 1949 with his 161.42 mark this year. Clausen had an eye-popping 68-percent completion percentage, a phenomenal 8.8 yards per attempt, and unbelievable 28 touchdowns compared to only four interceptions.

    Despite his obvious talents, Clausen was just 16-18 as a starter at Notre Dame.

    Those numbers would have fallen under the classification of fiction — right up with Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy — when I was growing up in the 1970s. Back then, merely throwing more touchdowns than interceptions and completing 55 percent of your passes was a Holy Grail for Irish quarterback legends such as Joe Theismann (31 touchdowns and 35 interceptions during his career), Tom Clements (whose 3,594 yards passing in three seasons as a starter was less than the 3,722 Clausen had alone this year) and Joe Montana (a modest .520 career completion percentage with 25 touchdowns and 25 interceptions).

    In 38 years of watching Notre Dame football, I have never seen a quarterback with the sheer accuracy of Clausen, be it the long ball, intermediate, crossing pattern or dump-off while under duress. When it came to having a small window where only the receiver was able to catch the ball and then putting the ball at the precise and only location it could be, Clausen had no peers.

    There were flashes of that skill displayed in his first two seasons at Notre Dame, but in the one open practice this spring, I was slack-jawed when I watched him in warm-ups throw from the opposite hash mark a 10-yard out pattern that had to travel about 25 yards through the air. Pass after pass, the ball was placed exactly where it needed to be — to the point where he could probably have done it blind-folded. My thought was when NFL scouts see him do this in a combine, they’re just going to write down in their notes “1st round.”

    Yet amidst all the remarkable individual stats, here was the ambivalence: If he’s so great, critics might say, why was Notre Dame 16-18 with him as the starter?

    Well, football is a team game — offense, defense, special teams — and an individual can never be the whole team. Just ask 1956 Notre Dame Heisman Trophy winner Paul Hornung, whose Irish were 2-8.

    Maybe the only other quarterback in Notre Dame history who started at least 10 games in his career and finished under .500 was Daryle Lamonica (1960-62) during the Joe Kuharich era.

    Every 20 or years or so since 1959, a phenomenal passer from California matriculated to Notre Dame during a down era. First it was Lamonica, then Steve Beuerlein (1983-86) and now Clausen (2007-09).

    Lamonica was on 2-8, 5-5 and 5-5 Irish teams. Beuerlein was 21-19 as a starter, and the Irish were 5-6 each of his last two seasons. Clausen, as mentioned, was 16-18.

    In the NFL, though, where he became a Pro Bowl performer and “The Mad Bomber,” Lamonica’s career winning percentage as a starter (.784, 66-16-4) for the Oakland Raiders is second all-time, behind Otto Graham (.810). It’s all about timing and the team you wind up with, college or pro.

    Beuerlein played 17 years in the NFL, the most ever by a Notre Dame quarterback in the NFL, was selected to a Pro Bowl, and even has a Super Bowl ring as a backup (Dallas).

    Similar to Clausen, Lamonica and Beuerlein were merely in the wrong football team situations at the wrong time at Notre Dame. If Lamonica could have played for Ara Parseghian in 1964, he would have been the Heisman Trophy winner. Had John Huarte not received the tutelage of Parseghian and Tom Pagna in 1964, he would have remained a nondescript backup quarterback, not a Heisman winner.

    Had Joe Montana been drafted by the hapless New Orleans Saints (or Aints as they were known back then) in 1979 instead of San Francisco, there probably never would have been a “Super Joe.” Bill Walsh was the first-year head coach at San Francisco in 1979.

    Timing is everything in a coaching search — and it’s the same for quarterbacks.
    Certainly, Clausen benefited from having exceptional quarterback counsel from Weis — and the best trio of receivers in one time in school history with Golden Tate, Michael Floyd and Kyle Rudolph, all probable future first- or second-round picks.

    Conversely, somebody such as Theismann didn’t see one of his starting offensive lineman for the 10-1 and No. 2 Irish play in the NFL, nor one of his running backs, nor his tight end, Mike Creaney. Split end Tom Gatewood was a fourth-round pick with decent but not great speed, and his pro career lasted only two years.

    Theismann, Clements and Montana also were fabulous leaders with phenomenal presence in the huddle, as was Tony Rice.

    Rice threw only two touchdowns compared to nine interceptions in his senior year, but he ran the offense that he was entrusted to with mastery, and generally performed at his optimum level when the stage was the biggest. He didn’t have the accuracy of Clausen — but Clausen didn’t have his feet and escape skills from a pass rush. Individual stats are just a minute part of the equation of judging a great quarterback.

    When the pantheon of legendary Notre Dame quarterbacks is listed, it revolves either around national champs, Heisman winners, or Super Bowl champs, if not a combination of those three.

    If Dayne Crist leads Notre Dame to a BCS victory in the coming years, people might remember him as a better quarterback or leader than Clausen, even if his stats aren’t the equal. If Clausen leads a Super Bowl victory in the future, his name will be etched among Notre Dame’s finest. It’s all subjective and incomplete until the final pass has been thrown.

    I had my own reservations about Clausen when he originally enrolled. I had a stereotype of him being a prima donna from an affluent family with a sense of entitlement, in the Jeff George genre with a million-dollar arm but a me-first attitude.

    I was also amazed at how relatively unpolished Clausen was with the media in his early years, especially compared to Cryst, who seemed like a natural, if not a pro.

    The evolution of Clausen’s maturity on and off the field became more evident this year, and I was immediately impressed with his toughness after watching the beating he took during his freshman year behind an offensive line that underwent a Chinese fire drill almost every time he went back to pass. This year, while Clausen battled turf toe and other ailments, I had nothing but immense respect for his toughness, resilience and ability to excel in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line.

    Another defining moment was after the 38-34 loss to Michigan in the second week, when Wolverine freshman Tate Forcier led the Wolverines to the game-winning touchdown with 11 seconds left, Clausen hung around on the field and waited for Forcier to complete all his interviews before congratulating him.

    Depending on what era you watched Notre Dame football, you will always have your favorites. Those who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s will speak glowingly of Angelo Bertelli, John Lujack, Williams, Ralph Guglielmi or Hornung as the best who ever played for Notre Dame.

    Others will speak of Terry Hanratty or Theismann, and my standard of excellence will always include Clements and Montana at the top with Rice — and Kevin McDougal as the most underrated.

    Today’s generation might use Brady Quinn and Clausen, especially their stats, as evidence that they were the best ever. That’s fine, and it’s subjective anyway. Greatness is greatness, no matter what the era. But just because Clausen is the most accurate passer I’ve ever seen here doesn’t mean he’s the best quarterback.

    It’s all subject to interpretation — and timing.

  47. he is no Jamarcus Russell !!

    But I honestly dont see him being anymore successful in the NFL then BQ has been thus far…. If Dayne Crist plays well for 2 years I can see him being more of an NFL type QB.

  48. Let me ask you guys this? How many deep balls, 45 yards plus, do you getting completed in the NFL? Not many at all. A QB in the NFL is successful in making the proper reads, check downs, audibles, and not only knowing his job, but everyone else’s job on the offense. Petyon Mannins runs like he has a fridge on his back, but he knows the blocking assigments of his OL better than the OL does. You have to make the 20 yard out throw, and be able to fit the ball in tight space. If Clausen gets on a team with good WR’s he will be fine. Look at Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler…The Bears WR’s are terrible, their number 1 is a converted DB from THE U (I hate Miami), and their number 2 is a rookie out of Abeliene Christian. Clausen has shown he is willing to take the underneath throw, go through the progressions and hit the open man, and he didn’t miss too many reads if any this year. 3 of his 4 INT’s were tip balls. All the deep passes he completed were backyard draw a play on your hand throws because of the crazy mismatches he had with Tate and Floyd. He won’t try to make those throws in the NFL. He will move the ball, move in the pocket, and pick people apart. Will it take time for him to learn and adjust to the speed on the NFL, sure, but what QB doesn’t? Quinn hasn’t looked good until this year, and one of those games was against the Lions…I think Rick Mirer could light up the Lions for 375 and 4TD’s.

    All I know is I look forward to 2010 and what Kelly will bring to the program.


  49. Who cares where he ends up in the draft. What round was Montana drafted in? Favre? Brees? Brady? Orton? Naming just a few. First of all if I were an NFL GM, I’d never draft a skill player in the first round but always get my hands on the right power players starting with linemen, fullbacks, and linebackers. For instance, out of any skill players available, I might go after Toby Gerhart.

    QBs who come in with high expectations have way too much put ont them. Look at Brady Quinn. He’s toast without a better coach and GM. Leinert, what a bust. And how much of a star is Reggie bush these days? Anyone remember the UCLA QB who went to the Bears? I can’t even remember his name. How about the Florida QB for the Bears?

    The draft is over hyped. wait for who shows up diring the game.

    1. Really? Fullback over QB?

      And you mention many skill position players that have been busts, but there are just as many lineman that have ended up as busts too. You also aren’t mentioning QBs like Manning, Manning, McNabb, Rivers, Roethlisberger and other first round QBs that have succeeded.

      1. Cade McNown UCLA
        Rex Grossman Florida, or
        Shane Matthews Florida (take your pick they both sucked)

        The Bears also had Rick Mirer. He SUCKED too!!!! He was a stud in college though!!!!

  50. The problem with Clausen is the lack of success. Unlike guys who found success in the NFL but played at places like Cal (Rodgers), Southern Mississippi (Favre) and Vanderbilt (Cutler), Notre Dame is a place where quarterbacks can succeed. We play a tough schedule. We typically have good offensive players and decent running backs.

    Why didn’t Jimmy win at Notre Dame? That’s what teams are going to ask. Now, I am not sure if ND’s line was as bad as it appeared in 2007. I have no idea — it sure looked that way. But why did Clausen take so many inopportune sacks? A top ten pick gets several million dollars. And, if I had the choice I would pick someone that has proven himself a bit more than Clausen (who did not lead his team to a significant win in his time in South Bend). It may not be a quarterback. It may be a lineman or a cornerback.

    But, pro franchises tend to be poorly managed and tend to believe a big-name guy can improve ticket sales. So maybe Clausen gets picked earlier than I’m projecting. But, I would have him in the second half of the first round.

    1. Teo,

      The real reason Jimmy didn’t win this year is our defense is horrible. When you score an average of 30+ points a game and lose 6 games?? I have never been a big fan of Clausen, but he was as solid as anyone could be at QB this year. I will support him through the draft because he is representing ND and what we can produce into the pros. I’ve heard enough of our lack of first round talent and NFL QB busts.

      1. I agree that our defense was horrible. Clausen played for three years. He had one very good year.

        But, he struggled against good teams. A better question: How would Tim Tebow do with our schedule? Our cumulative opponents’s record was a measley 67-60. His opponents were 84-52.

  51. Jimmy’s deep balls tend to sail a bit on him. His arm strenght is great for short to intermediate range passes. But nearly every deep ball seems to hang just a bit too long. NFL secondary’s will eat those up, they are way to fast to leave a window open.

  52. I dont think Clausen should be at the draft. There is a high possibility that he will slip towards the 20s. He just lacks the speed and mobility that are needed for an NFL QB. I wish him the best, but he needs to either get quicker or become more aware of the field (ie peyton manning).

    1. He is mobile enough to be an NFL QB. Peyton Manning isn’t too quick but he is doing fine. You don’t have to have Pat White speed

  53. Just looked over Todd McShay’s first mock draft.

    21. Miami Dolphins – Golden Tate (Notre Dame)
    23. Seattle Seahawks – Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame)

    Very unexpected fall down the board for Clausen.

    1. McShay was on SportsCenter today and he projected Clausen at 25. He then went on to say Tebow would be late first/early second. Get real McShay.

      1. I agree. McShay has to dislike ND if he thinks Tebow and Clausen will be drafted around the same time. If, and this a big IF, Clausen falls to the 20’s in the draft, then Tebow should be somewhere around the 4th round.

        Personally, I like Clausen and I hope he doesn’t get drafted by a team with little or no future. I would hate to see him go to team’s like Oakland or Washington, even Buffalo or St. Louis. I say this because of what happened to Brady Quinn. Oakland and Washington have horrendous management and would not help Clausen. Buffalo clearly does not know what to do…any team still willing to pick up Terrell Owens is clueless. And St. Louis just doesn’t have ANY talent after Steven Jackson. It will take YEARS for them to be relevant again.

        I wish Clausen the best of luck and I hope he has success at the next level.

  54. I really wouldn’t mind seeing the Niners use one of their 2 first round picks on Clausen if he is available. Alex Smith just isn’t the answer, and why not go for the local guy while you’ve got the chance?

    Though if Clausen is gone, I also wouldn’t be opposed to the Niners using a pick on Golden Tate. They could use another playmaker on offense and the sound of Crabtree/Tate/Vernon Davis/Frank Gore at their disposal sounds great.

    Hell maybe the ultimate stroke of luck would hit and they’d get them both lol…

    1. Also, Carolina doesn’t have their 1st round pick this year – because they traded it to the Niners on draft day last year.

      1. In that topic I said I wanted to see him drafted by the Niners, showing that I wasn’t biased.

        I also repeatedly expounded on what I meant by calling him that…not my fault you lack any and all form of reading comprehension.

      2. oooooooooooo expounded, that’s a very nice SAT word. I’m proud.

        True story, funny story: I don’t give a crap that you justify calling him a miserable failure by saying you’d want him on your favorite Pro team. That doesn’t make you unbiased. At best it makes you a hypocrite.

        Hold on, I’m going to borrow your word:

        I also repeatedly expounded why you’re utterly wrong calling him a miserable failure… not my fault you fail at reading, and logic.

        But do continue on that logical journey that you want ‘miserable failures’ (your words, not mine) on the 49ers.

  55. I hope Clausen drops into the second round. I’m the biggest ND fan in the world but now that he is gone I can say that I flat out don’t like him at all. Brady Quinn was an ND guy all the way. Clausen couldn’t care less about ND as a program or a school now that he is gone. He was all about being coached by Weis and that was it. They can both go onto making millions and struggling in the redone some more!

    Go Irish!!!

    1. Jimmy Clausen is too slow for the NFL and Tate drops too many perfect passes. Remember Graham Harrel etc etc. Unless you are a Manning, Brady, if your not athletic and fast you will FAIL. As far as Tate goes every DB he faces this year will be same height, faster, and will jump higher. Both needed another year and both will find out early and often why.



      1. Harrel isn’t succesful in the NFL because he came from Texas Tech’s spread offense, not because he is slow.
        Quit acting like you know everything when you clearly don’t.

      2. Assuming what you’re saying is true, what’s another year going to do for either of them? If they’re too small and slow, what’s an additional year going to do other than potentially expose those shortcomings? Golden isn’t going to magically grow, and Jimmy isn’t going to find some previously unknown athleticism. They may as well come out now while their stock is high.

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