Notre Dame USC Coverage Map

ESPN/ABC released the coverage map for this weekend’s game against USC and from the looks of it, a lot of Notre Dame fans are going to be watching the game online or shelling out $24 for ESPN’s Gameplan for the weekend.

Here’s the map with Notre Dame vs. USC in teal.


UPDATE (11/24/10 12:15 PM): As of Wednesday afternoon, Philadelphia, New York, and Pittsburgh ABC affiliates will be carrying the Notre Dame-USC game.  Alternatives for viewing in areas still carrying the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game outlined below are still applicable.

As you can, most of the country will be getting Oklahoma and Oklahoma State outside of the west coast and parts of the Midwest including Chicago, Indiana, and Michigan.

Luckily, the game will be available on for free for users whose internet service provider makes the service available to them.   If you are not lucky enough to have access to ESPN3, the game can be purchased as part of ESPN’s Gameplan.  The weekend pass runs $24 and is available through most cable providers.

There is also a chance that the map changes slightly by the end of the week.  In years past, some local ABC affiliates have changed their games when Notre Dame was not originally slated to be on their stations.

Never thought I’d see the day when a Notre Dame-USC game takes a backseat to Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, but this is what happens when the two teams come into the game with a combined a combined 9 losses are combining for 10 losses a season ago.

UPDATE: This coverage map is not on yet, but it was posted on the official USC website.

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  1. ND fans are all over the country wanting to see the final game of the season and OK takes priority?? What a joke.

  2. ABC/ESPN What were you thinking???? We’ve waited all week for this final ND/USC game and it’s been given over to OK. The two biggest rivalries on each coast and we can’t watch it. This SUCKS!!

  3. Brandon:

    Amen and Amen.I wish you would explain that to the revisionist history peoople and our so called leader who is apologizing around the world for the USA. ( My GOD in heaven, what have we come to?)
    Anyway Brandon, you have it down.
    You are one right on target dude.
    Refreshing–remarkable, right on target.
    ( now if nancy pelosi would not try to rewrite things and go back to palo alto for good)


  4. Speaking of Democracy, it is a common misconception that America was set up to be a Democracy. On the contrary, the founding fathers, knowing history and that history repeats itself was strongly against Democracy. They formed a government that was not based on mob rule, but rule by law, a Republic. Because they knew that thoughout history Democracies always failed because slowly a democratic government always became unsustainable, bloated, and corrupt(sound familiar). Eventually all democracies fell into either a oligarchy or a monarchy, exactly what our founding fathers fought against to obtain our freedom. This was a common misconception injected into the public in the early 1900’s so that the politicians could gain more power, because in a Republic the politicians hands where tied by the very law that they where sworn to protect.

    Go Irish!

  5. @Zemaniak

    Where did you see that Washington is getting the game? Every map I’ve seen has us getting this battle for Oklahoma.

    HEY Jason, if you don;t like democracy, go crawl back under your rock and wherever else trolls like you fester

  7. One game features two great teams with stellar offenses, which have 8 post season award finalists between them, competing for a potential conference title and a BCS bowl berth. The other features two washed up programs with craptastic teams playing out the string. Way to go NYC Irish fans for inflicting this game on us. What did real college football fans ever do to you?

  8. Bill, do you know if the whole state of new york will be getting the game? I am in buffalo and was wondering if i will get it. GO BILLS! lol

    1. Brandon, Buffalo will be getting the Notre Dame game (along with New York City). The rest of New York state does not get the ND/USC game but instead gets to watch two teams from a state which is nearly 1500 miles away.

  9. After strong feedback from Irish fans to ABC and their local ABC stations, the Notre Dame game is now being shown in 46% of the country. This is up from only 33% of the country, as per the original coverage map published a day earlier. New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Pittsburgh are now getting the game when they were originally scheduled to get the Oklahoma/OKIE State game.

    So, FEEDBACK to ABC and your local ABC station WORKS. I URGE all true IRISH fans to contact ABC and their local ABC stations during the next 2 days. Getting the major markets in the Northeast switched to ND/USC is already a huge accomplishment. We may not be able to get more stations switched, but at the very least the “powers that be” at ABC/ESPN will remember this in the future. GO IRISH!

    1. any word on wisconsin getting it Illinois gets it why do I have to watch those crappy games.I still think they should give people a choice.

      1. Unfortunately according to the current coverage map, it looks like Wisconsin is still getting the Ok/Okie State game. I’m sure as more people realize that they aren’t getting the Irish game, that the local stations will be getting more phone calls/emails.

  10. Down har in the delta we be SEC kuntry. We all is used to getting SEC gayums and every now and then a big 12 gayum or two. We be rite proud of seeing okie state and okiehomer. Dem skools make us feel right smart.

    (Unfortunately, every time ABC has an ND game I have to shell out money to the ESPN cartel…such is life. I’ll proudly pay my $24 and try to out yell my SEC/Big 12 neighbors).

  11. I live in Georgia and I cannot believe I am not getting the USC-ND game. This is a National Rivalry. Who cares about Oklahoma-Okie St ? maybe the state of Oklahoma. What if Ohio State and Michigan were playing? would I have to watch Texas and Texas Tech? Big time rivalries should never be regionalized.

    1. I live in Tennessee and was doubtful we would get it here, but it still sucks now that it’s official. I’m hoping to find a sports bar somewhere that has it, although I hate watching games of this magnitude in public for fear of embarrassing myself.

      I also know a lot of people who hate ND and USC that would be tuning into the game. No one cares about this Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game. It would almost be reasonable if it were an SEC matchup here in the south, but it isn’t.

      /end rant.

  12. so espn and abc are showing oklahoma/oklahoma st. and georgia/georgia tech instead of nd/usc?

    hands down unranked nd/usc pulls a larger audience than these two games combined…

  13. I still can’t find this anywhere on the ESPN or ABC websites. What’s the source for this map? I simply can’t believe this is real.

      1. Frank, I think the USC blog got it from the same place as Albany and just ran with it. These maps don’t usually come out until later today. I think this Ben Ford character is having a good laugh and more traffic to his site than ever before. At least I’m hoping, because I don’t want pay ESPN any money…but I know I will.

  14. i agree this is ridiculous, but i will just go to a bar and enjoy the game. i advise the rest of you to do this as well 🙂

  15. if this is what they do then everybody forced to watch the okie bowl just protest by not watching a play of that or any other abc or espn game that night .see what their ratings are

    1. what a damn shame,ABC you suck, this is thee first time in my 43 year life such sinfulness has taken place. I would be willing to bet that Mark Mays had something to do with this.I would like to go finish my xmas lights now but it’s snowing too hard in boise.Mark doesn’t like BSU and obviously hates the IRISH too

  16. I sent the following message to ABC. I know it won’t do any good but I felt better after sending it:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You’re showing Oklahoma vs OKIE State. Who gives a sh*t about this game outside of the state of Oklahoma. Notre Dame vs USC is probably the best non-conference rivalry in college football. And to make fans pay for Gameplan to see this traditional rivalry is outrageous since you aren’t showing the game on ESPN. I can assure you that this ridiculous decision of ABC & ESPN will cost your networks many $$$$ in lost advertising revenue.

    1. Caps lock and profanity…that message will go a long way with ABC…I’m guessing they’re working to change the coverage schedule right now because of your message???

      1. Patrick,

        They changed the games in New York, Philly, Boston and Pittsburgh. Yes feedback to ABC works. Thankfully, myself and other TRUE IRISH FANS contacted ABC and didn’t take a DEFEATIST ATTITUDE like yourself(how do you like those caps lock).

  17. Interesting, everyone having a mamby-pamby fit over our relevance?? How about those mighty trojans…USC?? Or the wimpy SEC this year?? Where’s is the so called golden relevance? Oh those demanding bleeding heart fans are dime a dozen caught up in their own analysis-paralysis. LOL!

    Go…………………Irish! Now is the time to kick the tar out of USC!

    1. I believe ESPN is doing this on purpose, this isn’t the first time.Why don’t they give you a choice, do you want the ND game or the Oklahoma then you click on the one you want.I live in Wisconsin and Illinios gets to watch it but I have to watch a crappy game in Oklahoma that I care nothing for.I hate ESPN and all its anti-notre dame crap.GO IRISH!

  18. Wtf, this is bullshit I don’t care about the state of Oklahoma or the big 12. No national championship implications. Figures those idiots at ESPN/abc would do this.

    1. i have a solution for everyone who can’t watch the game.
      you can watch the games there live there is about a 10 second delay between that and the abc/ espn feed.

      i suggest checking it out before hand so that you can work out any kinks before sat.

      any questions don’t hesitate to email me :

      put NOTRE DAME in the subject so i dont mistake it for spam.

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